In Loving Memory of Ricky Rodriguez (1975-2005)
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The documents collected here are Ricky's writings. These include articles he wrote for web sites, personal correspondence with his mother and other individuals and comments posted online.

"I believe that any religion that is not used as a tool to enrich and empower oneself, instead becomes an anchor; a ball and chain; or worse yet, a cage of fear, that stunts, hinders and entraps the poor soul who originally thought to use it as some kind of life-saver.

I’m learning that the destination is not nearly as important as the journey, but the "truth", as I see it, is important to me. Even though I may never completely find it, I will probably always be searching for it. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. In fact, I think if more people were "searching for the truth" instead of "proclaiming it", I think the world would be a much nicer, friendlier, and safer place to live."

—Ricky, 2002

Ricky's Writings

Personal accounts and articles written by Ricky Rodriguez.

Still Around
August 14, 2004
Ricky talks about his difficulties transitioning to life outside of The Family and his anger towards abusers in The Family.

Life With Grandpa : The Mene Story
June 04, 2002
"Life with Grandpa" is a series of internal publications for children in The Family. This series consists of comic style books featuring David "Mo" Berg (called Grandpa by children in the Family), Karen "Maria" Zerby, Angela "Sue" Smith, Ricky (Davidito), Techi (Ricky's younger sister) and other children and adults who lived with the Family's leaders. In this article, Ricky tells what life growing up with Berg and Zerby was actually like for him. Mene (Merry Berg) is David Berg's grandaughter.

The Gospel of Rebellion
May 25, 2002
An analysis of David Berg's rejection of the Bible.

Letters and Correspondence from Ricky
The following documents are personal correspondences from Ricky to various people. These letters were forwarded by Ricky to various people, who have given their permission to post the contents online.

From Ricky to Johnny
May 2002 (PDF - 126Kb)
“I never want to have to see or hear of another child having to grow up with the same kind of Family shit that I did. It’s cruel and ungodly to put an innocent child through that kind of fucking evil weirdness!”
—Rick Rodriguez in an email to Family Member Johnny. May 2002

Letter from Ricky to His Mother
16 January, 2001 (PDF - 55Kb)
"We cannot continue to condone or be party to what we feel is an abusive, manipulative organization that teaches false doctrine.”
—Ricky to his mother, Karen "Maria" Zerby. January 16th 2001

From Ricky to James Penn
22 December, 2000 (PDF - 75Kb)
“I didn't appreciate being treated like a commodity by my mother or having to swallow Peter's bullshit.”
—Ricky in an email letter to James Penn, 22 December 2000

From Ricky to Gabe
26 November, 2000 (PDF - 114Kb)
“I had to act different parts and play different roles all my life, and I was just plain tired of it!”
—Letter from Ricky to Gabe, 26 November, 2000

Correspondence Between Ricky and His Mother
May 29, 2000 (PDF - 160Kb)
"Just forget all that crap about me writing some kind of sniveling back-pedaling “explanation” to the Family about how committed I am now/again to your BS, because it's not going to happen.”
—Ricky to his mother, Karen "Maria" Zerby. May 29th 2000

Discussion Board Posts
The following are posts from Ricky to various web sites.

Grant Can Go Fuck Himself
25 March, 2002
Grant Montgomery is the former "prime minister" of The Family. Together with other Family members he currently runs the Family Care Foundation. This is a non-profit charity registered in California that allows Family Members to issues tax receipts for their projects that their donors contribute to.

I love you Mom!
27 March, 2002
A letter from Ricky's mother to him and his wife. Techi is his younger sister and Trevor is her son, who was born when she was 16.

Mama's Moron Missives
28 March, 2002
Ricky's opinion of his mother and his upbringing in her care.

Anger Management Issues
June 09, 2002
"I think I’ve done very well in managing and controlling my anger. I’m able to manage it in part by talking about it, and also putting it to constructive use."