In Loving Memory of Ricky Rodriguez (1975-2005)
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Ricky Rodriguez (1975-2005)

Ricky's Life

The timeline below gives an overview of some events in Ricky's life:


January 25 - Ricky is born on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain


March - Leaves Tenerife with his mother and David Berg. Berg fleeing possible legal charges for scandalous conduct related to FFing. Spends the next several months in Madeira and Estoril, Portugal, and Madrid, Spain.


Lives for short periods in Switzerland and Malta.


Berg and Zerby move to the French Riviera, near Nice. Rick lives in southern France in several different locales until mid-1980.


June - Zerby and Berg move to Cape Town South Africa for six months.


Rick spends a few months in Estoril, Portugal, Sri Lanka, and Singapore before Berg and Zerby settle in Metro Manila, Phillipines.

June 1981 November 1987- Berg and Zerby live in the Metro Manila area five different locations.


November 1987 late 1988 - Zerby and Berg live in the Tokyo Japan area, as well as Tateyama, Chiba prefecture. (HCS. Rick attends HCS.) Short visit to Korea.

1988 - 1993

September 1988 1993 - Zerby and Berg move to the Vancouver area on Canada's west coast. They remain there until mid 1993, when they are forced to flee due to a revived police investigation about their illegal attempts to obtain Canadian passports. During this time Rick visits Family communities in the U.S. and Australia with Steve Kelly.

Undergoes a psychological evaluation with Dr. Lawrence Lilliston to "prove" that childhood abuse had no negative effect on him which is used extensively by The Family.

1993 - 1994

May 1993 mid 1994 - Travels with Berg and Zerby in Europe. Settles in Portugal, near Lisboa.

1995 - 1996

Spent some time in Russia.

1997 - 1999

Spends three years at his mothers secret leadership compound in Portugal.


Decides to leave mother and exit the group. Spends some time in California, Venezuala, England. Decides to temporarily remain in The Family.


January - Officially leaves The Family. Works on fishing boats from Seattle for three months. Marries Elixcia, settles in Tacoma. Works as an electrician.


Early 2004 moves to southern Calif works as electrician.
September - moves to Tucson, AZ. Works as electrician.


January 8 - Ricky kills Angela Smith, a close associate of his mother. Hours later, he takes his own life.

March 26 - A memorial for Ricky Rodriguez is held at the Paradise Point resort in San Diego.