In Loving Memory of Ricky Rodriguez (1975-2005)
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Ricky Rodriguez (1975-2005)

Memories of Ricky

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To love
By Elixcia - Jan 15, 2009
A love that never dies. You are always in my heart, I know you are by my side. Read more...
By Amber - Jan 04, 2009
I was 14 (now 17) when i heard your story it had touched me ever since. I cried for hours, never in a millon years would i ever imagine the things you had to go through. Read more...
being a mum
By natasha makepeace - Jan 04, 2009
as a mum i am appaled to read about "the children of god/the family" did to all these poor innocent children in the end being a contributing factor to the suicide of ricky rodrigez. i have just finished reading the book "not without my sisters" about 3 sisters who left the cult and can only imagine what life was like for not only them but for all the people that were abused and it not being their faults. Read more...
lost angel
By eileen - Dec 10, 2008
I am so sorry for all the pain that you have gone through. Since i live in Costa Rica i never knew your story, but today i saw a tv documental on cults and have been crying for almost 4 hours now. Read more...
good men die young
By kiki-TRINIDAD - Nov 18, 2008
i always sympathised wit those who took their lives and always wondered how they got the courage, i don't believe in suicide anymore but seeing what you went through----'Jesus I beg that you have MERCY' i pray that you have finally find peace, it's almost lkie words cannot express what i want to say because I'm sooooooo overwhelmed with emotion. that's inhumane to the core. Read more...
what a waste
By stoic_dre@mer - Nov 18, 2008
it's sooooo messed up what they did to you!!! but inspired in your footsteps, we'll march ahead not just for the cause of living but for the cause of justice. Pray that God understands and accepts you WITH OPEN ARMS. Read more...
By PG - Oct 07, 2008
You, my friend, showed the world what many of us long to show.
All of us, the ones in similar situations that you were, that have been through the same as you have.
By N A C - Sep 15, 2008
Another song for you friend.
Ricky, You Are Loved!
By N A C - Sep 09, 2008
Hi Ricky,

We never met & I was never a member of "Children of God."

However, your life-story has touched my heart forever! I hope to meet you in heaven! I will be most honored.
True colors
By lee - Aug 31, 2008
You were the brave one. To quote a previous message, you never had a chance. Read more...