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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Florida, US

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judicial administration

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December 5, 2007

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I am not an ex CoG, but was a Moonie (Unification Church) from when I was 18 in 1977 to about 1985. Ironically I left because, among other reasons, the Moonies were TOO repressive on sexuality, although there was a lot of hypocricy and many members and leaders "fell," including it appears Moon himself. When I was on MFT (Mobile Fundraising Teams) in the church mostly in the US West and Midwest, I occasionally ran into CoG members on the streets. So we -- my generation of Moonies and your parents' generation in TF -- were contemporaries and competitors and on a few occassions we talked some, comparing notes and trying to convert each other. Seems silly now but not then. At the time I thought the sex stories were just persecution, like I thought the attacks on Rev. Moon and other groups (Scientology, Hari Krishna, etc.) were untrue. All I can say is that I was wrong. Anyway I don't know how it started -- Anderson Cooper I suppose -- but I have spent much the last several days today reading this and related websites and wanted to post about a specific issue. Before doing so I thought it would only be fair to introduce myself. Last thing: I am so very sorry for all of the mistreatment inflicted on you as children, and for the injustice that continues to be perpetrated. I support you in your quest for justice and will do anything I can to help. I am going to bring your plight to the attention of some people that may be able to help. I wish you the best in dealing with the harm that has been done to you and finding health and happiness. Its a fucked up world sometimes, but there is a lot of good, and I think you have found a lot of that good in each other. I have enormous admiration for the community you are building to support each other and I am very impressed with the intelligence, strength, creativity, resourcefulness and humor I see in many of you as individuals as evidenced by your posts and actions. You seem like very cool people and the world needs you. With regard to your parents' generation it is a sad tragedy that young people looking for love and God would end up being so badly misused by a community that went so wrong. I hope that many of you and them can find healing and forgiveness, but I can understand why that may be unlikely in many cases. Best wishes. -Steve

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