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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Web Site User Directory: Netiquette Nazi


Where I live:

I vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Will be back in the USA soon.

My age:


What I do:

I am a leading expert on netiquette.

I registered on:

May 8, 2007

More about me:

I like long walks on the beach, mixed drinks, dry humping with hot bartenders, and dancing at the clubs. I also like to rollerskate through shopping malls when security isn't paying attention. I make every aim to adhere to the rules of netiquette, and point out bad netiquette when I see it. The netiquette rules are as follows. 1. When you post on a website, such as this one, be respectful toward members of that community. This website is set up for former members of The Family, particularly those who were born into it with no choice in the matter. We didn't choose to be born into a sex cult, you know. So if you're a stranger and you have something to say, say it respectfully, and don't let it get to you if a member of our community asks you not to post on our website. I will be very grateful to you for using good netiquette. 2. No personal attacks. Maybe you think the person who posted the last comment is a complete idiot. Maybe he is. The point is, whether or not you think the person is an idiot, dweeb, loser, wanker, dimwit, fuckwad, cumstain, devoid of any and all logical thought processes, or any other insult that you can come up with, really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Furthermore, when you use personal attacks against someone, you are distracting others from the real discussion that was taking place, and putting the spotlight on yourself. Not only is that rude and selfish, it is also poor netiquette. If you have something to add to the discussion, we'd all love to hear it! Just so long as you attack the issues, not the poster. Face it, no one wants to see you and this other person go at it (unless by "going at it" you mean jello wrestling in bikinis) So, what can you do if someone says something that you completely disagree with? Well, you can start by reading the comment a couple times to make sure you're not missing something. You may also need to read the comments around it to get a full context of what is being said. If you are discussing a hot button topic such as politics, sex, religion, or the mating habits of zebras, you should first make sure you know both sides of your subject. Don't post a comment about global warming, and then look all shocked when someone mentions "An Inconvenient Book". If nothing else, at least run a Google search! Now you can type your comment. The Nazi recommends re-reading your comment before you post it, to make sure you are attacking the topic from a logical standpoint, and not just typing jibberish. Trust me, no one wants to read jibberish. Even if people find it generally agreeable, it doesn't do anybody any good because we don't learn anything from reading your comment. Get it? Good! 3. Don't preach to us. It's one thing if someone asks you who Jesus' cousin was, or you have to settle a dispute about whether it was King Asa or King Jeroboam that sacrificed his son to Baal. But to preach for the sole purpose of being heard is rude. By the same token, no one wants to hear about how Christians are stupid, or how religion is a "mind virus" or a "myth". Let people decide these things for themselves. In fact, why don't you start by deciding for yourself instead of regurgitating what you read in the latest Atheist best seller? 4. No flamebaiting! Flamebaiting is drawing attention to yourself by attacking someone else's integrity, intelligence, or character. Flamebait often has absolutely nothing to do with the topic being discussed, or the comment that it is under. This is rude, and it doesn't do anybody any good. It certainly won't help you get laid.

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