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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting On : The Trailer Park

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My 2 cents worth!

from Tazy - April 8, 2003
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from pharmaboy..
April 9, 2003 -

Welcome to Movingon! Sarcasm and merciless replys are the name of the game..

Don't take anything posted too personally,  it's usually intended to be as mean and personal as possible anyways. :)

JoeH relieves sexual frustration on this site, so the more saucy he is the more he's been wankin'..

There are two major schools of thought here, chemically charged anti-US foreign policy right-winger nationalists(no names given), and the let's-feel-sorry-for-the-oppresed-minorities-and-gays-patriotic-american-fuckups (no names given either)

Welcome once again to the happy Family of lov..uhh, sarcasm!!

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from Polly
April 9, 2003 -
This comment is in the main site 

from Tazy
April 9, 2003 -
This comment is in the main site 

from mex
April 8, 2003 -
I sure hope you are not planing to retire on the procedes of this book, specially if "This book is not for everyone, and very few will actually understand anything that I'm writing about." It did however leave me with the profound feeling of WTF?
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from Joe H
April 8, 2003 -

Wow Tazy!! You truly have an original and brilliant mind.  These are some of the topics you really opened my eyes about:

War is bad

Life is unfair

Love is complicated

Religion is a load of hooey

I never knew or thought about any of these things until you came along.  How you manage to think such deep thoughts at such a young age, and yet remain so unconceited about it is truly amazing.  I hope you write more of your weird, rambling, tracts, so we can all become more philosophical and enlightened.

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From Jerseygirl
Thursday, April 10, 2003, 16:33

At least someone is trying (in whatever banal way) to have an original thought. Unlike some people this site who feel it is necessary to continually post only recycled thoughts and links to the thoughts of others.BTW maybe you should explore further your original thought of velcro bra straps Joe, who knows, you may be the next John Nash. (reply to this comment
From Joe H
Thursday, April 10, 2003, 16:50

You were one of the last people I would have expected sarchasm to be wasted on Jerz.  I made it very clear that Tazy's thoughts were NOT ORIGINAL!  They are the kind of self-important, philosophical ramblings that a drunken teenager will regale you with.  I haven't heard many original thoughts from you lately, maybe you should take your own advice.  And who the hell is John Nash?  (reply to this comment
From Tazy
Friday, April 11, 2003, 03:56

Joe H, were you one of those teenagers in 'The Family' who was abused? cuz it sounds like you haven't taken a chill pill in a while or would even know how to! and by the way I've been sober now for 11 months ;) what wrong with realising your own importance, no body else will, and as for being philosophical, it's a damn sight better than being a moron! (reply to this comment
From Jerseygirl
Thursday, April 10, 2003, 17:18


You were the last person I would have expected to completely misunderstand my point. Confirming why I usually reserve the sharing of my original thoughts for select people of the same understanding as myself. John Nash was famous for a lot of things including his "search for an original idea" line. In any case ,I really did like the velcro idea. Actually I did come up with an original thought the other day on bisexuality in women.But see? --You wouldn't be interested in that either, would you now?

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From TimR (Joes brother)
Wednesday, April 09, 2003, 02:15


Joe, he's new here. Be nice.

(Or else I'll post that photo I have of you dressed up as Pandita Ramabi)

(reply to this comment
From pharmaboy.
Wednesday, April 09, 2003, 07:33

Pleeze post that pic, I have a feeling it will be JoeH's best pic here yet.. (reply to this comment

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