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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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The Observer International,UK News

from sarafina - January 23, 2005
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from Ex-member
January 27, 2005 -
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From Ex-member
Thursday, January 27, 2005, 14:25

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From gwailo
Sunday, March 13, 2005, 15:27

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Whoa nelly? What kind of person are you, little lady? Why I oughtta.....

Hey, if you had a son and the same had happened to you, don't you think you would appreciate some sympathy? I sure would be hurting a lot if my son did this. I have kids, some teens and some grown. I was a teen too. Do you think I didn't take drugs because my folks wouldn't have liked it? Sorry, I wasn't as obedient as that. With my kids, I can only hope that they do their discovering and experimenting and see the light and come out the other side. So far, they all have, and I'm incredibly grateful for that.

What impresses me about people is the spirit they carry or transmit. I love to watch Bush, for example, especially when he has the grim reaper behind him, his boss. Some people come across as open, some ice cold, some devious and like they are hiding something, some people you just wonder what the hell is going on in there. Know what I mean?

What has always impressed me about the Family, and any true Christian for that matter, is the general spirit of life, light, caring and acceptance. Sure, I've seen creeps, and some I've downright hated, I mean real assholes. Ha. Most have been really cool with me, I mean real friends. They really had a sincere love for God and not only those they lived with, but for outsiders and to spread the gospel.

I was in the Family for 22 years and never had any sexual experiences with minors. I never saw or heard of any in any of the places I have lived in. In recent years, I have heard of some, mostly from people who were excommunicated for having sex with minors themselves. I wasn't everywhere, and I am sure many things happened that were hurtful. Any time you get a group of people together for whatever purpose, right from the start, it's gonna be fucked up. God knows that, and yet He made us, and encouraged us to live in groups and work in groups. He knows we're fucked up and that's why Jesus died to save us.

The bad teachings which lead to sex with minors has long since been completely erradicated. Whatever happened, it sure as hell didn't happen where I was, or I would have known about it. Even before it was outright banned, I remember looking at some teen girls and thinking...hmmmmm. I got set straight by a couple of really good brothers, and they pointed out how bad that can be for a young girl.

I've known underage teens who snuck out of one home I lived in and had unprotected sex with some guys they knew, who were adults. We didn't know about it, as they were really good at sneeking out. A neighbor who owned a restaurant asked us why these girls were catching a bus into town so late. When we found out, that stopped their self-sexual-abuse right in it's tracks. They were always good at accusing me personally of being a "dirty old man". I never even looked at those girls and didn't have any sex at all. They did, I didn't, and they were accusing me, just for fun.

As a kid I was always interested in seeing what girls looked like. I can't imagine ever complaining if a girl wanted to do something with me. My problem was the opposite, like most people. Ha. I have no idea what Ricky went through as a child, but I doubt it was sodomy. Even the poor boys who were raped and abused by their parish priests, which is really traumatizing, don't come out and kill the priests.

No, the Family is a safe place and from what I can see, is doing a damn good job of raising their kids, although lots of mistakes, and some of them serious, have been made. It's hard to make it in the Family. There is so much expected of someone. I couldn't do it any more. I still love the Lord and others and try my best to share that love, promote peace, expose big time thugs and terrorists like the ones with all the weapons, try to groove and enjoy life, get funky every once in a while, and keep on keepin' on.

Sorry, but maybe it's that you are just seeing one angle, and that's whats making you so lacking in compassion, so dead wrong in your analasis about people, and so repulsive in the way you express yourself.

If I was back in my teen years, didn't know the Lord, and met you, shit, I'd excuse myself pretty quick and toke on something to clear my head of all that venom. Babe,,,,,I'm sorry,,,,,,,you sick. I hope you get better. Love always turns me on, the kind you can see in all kinds of people from all kinds of background, religions, cultures, and makeups. Love isn't exclusive to any group.

Then, there's the religious fanatics. You've seen them, the crowds in the streets calling for blood, the casual crowds gathering at a lynching, the extreem Jewish crazies who threaten everyone, including Sharon. That's the feeling I get from you. Sorry. It's not an insult. Just the facts, ma'm. Just the facts.

I hope you don't burst a blood vessel when reading this. If so, please feel free to blame me for causing it to burst. Don't take any responsability for your own actions. That's so, like, out. (reply to this comment

Sunday, March 13, 2005, 19:35

Pull your pants back up and walk off, come back when you can sound like less of a rambling pervert apologist. (reply to this comment
From afflick
Sunday, March 13, 2005, 18:03

I wouldn't worry about this post, I am pretty sure it is a joke posting by someone already on the site. (reply to this comment
From Shaka
Sunday, March 13, 2005, 18:37

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From Shaka
Sunday, March 13, 2005, 16:14


Sic em Joe. (reply to this comment

From Joe H
Sunday, March 13, 2005, 16:46

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From vixen
Sunday, March 13, 2005, 15:39


I'd usually be inclined to reply specifically to each of your pathetic statements, but frankly you're not worth the time or effort, so I'm just going to say:


You're an ignorant, deluded and completely fucked up individual and we don't have time for your rubbish. (reply to this comment

From Freud
Sunday, March 13, 2005, 15:43

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