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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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What do you think about the decision to drop the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima?

It was the best decision we ever made! It won the war, saved American lives, and cemented our position as the most powerful nation in the world.


It was a tough decision, but it had to be made. Japan wouldn't have surrendered any other way and it would have costed us much more time and countless Americans would have died.


The Japanese committed horrible atrocities all over the Pacific. Don't forget, they deliberately and sneakily attacked Pearl Harbor. They deserved everything they had coming to them.


Undecided. It may have yielded good results for America, but at what cost? We unleashed the most terrible force on the world. It's a terrible cross to bear, whether it was necessary or not.


It was a deliberate attack on civilians. Whether the Japanese deserved it or not, this was a war crime. It should not have happened.


The Japanese were on the verge of surrender, the Americans just wanted to show off to the world their new toy. There were other measures we could have taken, we could have at least waited longer.


It was a despicable atrocity and I'm ashamed to call myself an American.


It was an act of pure racism and bloody revenge on innocent civilians. American should be held responsible for this war crime.


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