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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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editorial committee

This web site is managed by an editorial committee. The committee is made of participants who wish to manage a category of the site. Editors are responsible for maintaining their own categories, and are identified on the main page of each category. Editors spell check and post articles and links submitted to their sections and are responsible for decisions regarding the policies and administration of this web site.

All editors are required to sign the following code of conduct agreement.

Code of Conduct

1. Confidentiality and Privacy

a. Editors agree to protect the privacy of users. Personally identifiable information regarding users will never be disclosed by an editor.
Personally identifiable information is defined as:

i. Full name of a user.
ii. Address (City, town, street or house).
iii. The full names of parents or family members of a user.
iv. Medical history or medical information regarding a user.
v. Financial information (credit card, bank account number, etc.)
vi. Personal details that would associate a user’s site nick name with their real life identity.

b. Editors agree to keep confidential all correspondence with individual site users and other editors.

i. Personal emails, phone calls, faxes and transcripts of private messaging applications will never be reproduced, forwarded or published.
ii. If information regarding personal correspondence with users is discussed, no personally identifiable information will be disclosed, and information will be discussed only with the consent of a user.

d. Editors agree to address inappropriate disclosure of personal information within their own sections on the web site, and may contact the author/s, edit and/or remove material that violates the privacy of another participant if they deem appropriate.

2. Non-censorship

a. Editors are committed to upholding the principle of free speech on this web site. Only in the most extreme circumstances will anything be deleted from this site.
Extreme circumstances include:

i. Information that may cause danger to another user (this may include disclosure of personally identifiable information without their consent, information that may do harm to minors, information that is illegal or forbidden by the terms of service of the web hosting company—warez, hacks, pornography, etc.)
ii. Contributions that contain data that is harmful to the computers of other participants (containing viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.).
iii. Contributions from participants that have been completely and permanently blocked from this site after the ban has been placed.

b. People who persist in flaming on this site may be restricted to a specific section of the site (i.e.: the “Trailer Park”). A user with their participation restricted can only interact within this one section.

i. Restriction to the trailer park is initially for the term of one week. If a user persists in their disruptive behaviour, they may be restricted for longer.
ii. Restriction of a user to the trailer park must be agreed upon by a majority of editors.

c. Editors (as with all users) have the right to interact without harassment by participants. If a user is harassing another individual, they may be restricted to the trailer park.
Harassment is defined as:

i. Consistent provocation or flaming of one user by another one.
ii. Continually posting negative responses to a specific user regardless of the content of their posts or opinion.
iii. Consistently disclosing personal information about another user.

3. Responsiveness and Availability

a. Editors will be clearly identified (through their site nickname) as an editor, and may be contacted through the email forms in their profile on the site by any user.
b. Editors agree to address concerns, questions and disagreements raised by users within their own sections of the web site within a reasonable amount of time. This will generally be between 2 weeks to a month. If you do not receive a response from the editor in question after this time, please contact

4. Non-intrusiveness

a. No editor will ever participate in mass mailings, spam or solicitation of web site users for any purposes.
b. Any unsolicited contact with non-editors must be limited to issues regarding the administration of this site.

5. Non-discrimination

a. Editors will never discriminate against another site participant or editor on the basis of their religion, beliefs, opinions, race or gender.
b. Editors are committed to upholding the policy of equality of all site participants who were born into the Family.

6. Editorial Responsibilities

a. Articles submitted to an editor’s section will, if at all possible, be reviewed and posted within 24 hours.
b. If an editor plans to be absent from the site, arrangements with another editor should be made to take over their responsibilities.
c. All articles should be spell-checked, and when necessary, grammar corrected, before they are published to the web site.

7. Site Representation

a. No editor will at any time speak privately or publicly on behalf of this site without prior agreement from a majority of the editorial committee

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