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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Out : Creeps


The Family earnestly denies any wrong doing in regards to the welfare of the children raised in their ranks. They have assured us that anything we may have experienced was an isolated incident and the responsiblity of individuals alone. This section is to identify those individuals who were responsible.

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from lucidchick - January 21, 2009
[read article]
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In a remote part of Chile,

from geo - November 7, 2008
In a remote part of Chile, [br]an evil German evangelist [br]built a utopia whose members helped [br]the Pinochet regime perform [br]its foulest deeds [read article]
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David and Cherish (Archie Macarthur and ?)

from deana - August 10, 2008
Did anyone here know David and Cherish (Family names) while doing time in TF? I think that David's legal name is Archie Macarthur and I have no idea what his wife's legal name is. They lived in Japan for a short while but mainly traveled in their trashy trailer all over the states. They lived in San Antonio for awhile. [read article]
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from NoPhuchinWhey - August 1, 2008
Anyone realize THE FAMILY is posting a lot of CRAP ON YOUTUBE.COM?? [read article]
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Ohh Dad we are gonna carry it on........YouTube...Gotta find Jonas

from GreenDopeDoorDeala - July 26, 2008
Look up "cult teens" on Youtube...Funny shit.....Jonas deserves to die! [read article]
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Child Abuse Lawsuit -- A $400 Million Lawsuit was Filed by Former SGAs Against ISKCON (Hare Krishna) For Child Abuse on June 12, 2000.

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In the Shadow of the Moons : My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Family -- Book, written by a young woman who grew up in the Moonies and became a 15-year-old bride handpicked by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon for his son. Link is to

Information on the cult of Maharaj Ji -- site for people recovering from being involved in the cult of Guru Maharaj Ji/Prem Pal/Rawatt. Followers and their children have suffered abuse and deception, many are still recovering, some have committed suicide, and it's all been ignored or hushed up by the organisation (Divine Light Mission/DUO/Elan Vital/Enjoying Life.)

Signs and symptoms of potential child maltreatment -- Signs of maltreatment

Silent Lambs -- Children abused in the Jehovah Witnesses

Tax-Exempt child abuse -- Accounts (mostly from former FGA) of child mistreatment in Scientology

The cult next door: Teen shares chilling tale of alleged abuse inside the Twelve Tribes sect -- From the Boston Herald, Sep. 4, 2001


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