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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Sharon, July 18, 2005, 13:45
Technical Help
Out of curiosity,does anyone know how to post an article without using your name? I can remove my name from the discussion board but haven't been able to remove it from an actual article.  (reply to this post)


monger., October 10, 2002, 13:36
re: articles removed by their authors
Jules, with Jerseygirl now being the latest to remove the content of her articles from the Dealing and Leaving sections, I thought it would be nice to maybe move all the "removed" & "." articles littered across the site to some kind of grouped out-of-the-way section, or something like that -- as that'd still preserve the comments in them but keep things a bit cleaner. I dunno, maybe this one's not such a great idea though.  (reply to this post)

re.gifJules, October 10, 2002, 23:37
Trying to pawn this one off
I've fixed the archive display now, so hopefully the editors of the sections where content has been removed will archive these articles themselves.
(reply to this post)

re.gifmonger, October 11, 2002, 12:52
for Jules
I gotta say, the new archive feature (especially if I helped influence it) was a great idea -- if editors will use it right. Good stuff Jules.
Since you haven't seemed to mind me pestering you about your site up till now, here're 2 more things...
Looking around for the last few minutes I opened 4 sections where editors had moved articles to the Archives page; 3 of those 4 still include (right now anyway) 1 or more articles that are also listed under Archives in the main menu of that section. (There may be more, but those 3 sections were Seeking justice, Speak your peace, and Lighten up.) Since I'm not a section editor I don't know how you set it up, but could ya maybe enforce keeping an article only in one place or the other?
... Here's the 2nd thing: articles in archives don't include your new 'Email to a friend' link. :p

Hey if nothing else maybe I've now made these bugs "random features," like you've called them, by documenting them here for everyone.
(reply to this post)

re.gifmonger, October 11, 2002, 12:59
Programming is the shit, dude!
program   n. 1. A magic spell cast over a computer allowing it to turn one's input into error messages. 2. An exercise in experimental epistemology. 3. A form of art, ostensibly intended for the instruction of computers, which is nevertheless almost inevitably a failure if other programmers can't understand it.

programming   n. 1. The art of debugging an empty file. 2. A pastime similar to banging one's head against a wall, but with fewer opportunities for reward. 3. The most fun you can have with your clothes on. 4. The least fun you can have with your clothes off.

-- From the new hacker's dictionary.

Your site kicks, like, so much ass Jules. :)
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re.gifAuty, October 11, 2002, 00:07
I got the hint
I guess I should do that . . .okay, I just wanted to hear the clear sound of the trumphet before I went ahead and cleared those files.
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