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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Anthony, February 16, 2003, 21:47
Wireless ISPs
I’ve been wondering why wireless ISPs aren’t more prevalent, anybody have any ideas on this? I think it advantageous connecting to the Internet without the need of a phone line and modem, especially for someone like me who only uses a cell phone, as opposed to land lines. But, of course, there are many issues with this kind of set up , I'm guessing.
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re.gifActually, February 17, 2003, 00:49
it's pretty obvious
Security! how do you keep other people from seeing the traffic you're sending? you could use encryption but that would really slow you down
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re.gifPrisma, February 17, 2003, 00:57
Your Right
Yes, that is the more serious issue -- data interception in transit. Along with that is easy DoS attacks, identity theft(which is the security issue) and virus propagation.
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re.gifPrisma, February 17, 2003, 00:36
I believe there are several problems that have yet to be fully resolved with wireless networks. They tend to have a lower bandwidth, higher delay and higher error rates than IP networks. Apparently, most of these problems can be resolved by using something called “radio spectrum” differently however, it can get a bit pricey to implement this. So, they are not yet as reliable and cost-effective as current IP Networks. I think they will get there shortly due to the high demand for this type of service so long as it is comparable in price to our current high-speed access choices.
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re.gifmikio, July 28, 2003, 15:49
802.11 std -- where do U need wireless?
My question here is, where do U need this high-bandwidth wireless network that U are afraid of people snooping? The areas I can see wireless might be PLCs (programmable logic controllers) in a factory sending info to a database when a machine process starts/stops/messes up, or barcode readers sending inventory info to an inventory management app., besides not needing high bandwidth, those are hardly high-security traffic. The scanner is prob just going to get a UPC code, EIA code for a PLC, and a timestamp or something.

I mean, are we talking about running laptops on a wireless network? Or is this some company where everybody is uploading technical drawings from one PDA to another, it'd take alot of scrolling on "PDA AutoCAD" to see the entire drawing. What business environments need to be sending/recieving high-bandwith high-security traffic while moving constantly? Does it take that long to plug in a cable? For the things mentioned, I think the 802.11 wireless standard works fine, and yeah I know some Rice University students spoofed a couple IP packets on an 802.11 network for their thesis, but how much higher wireless bandwidth do U need?
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re.gifAnthony, February 16, 2003, 21:50
Wireless ISP In Action
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Anthony, February 6, 2003, 17:38
Apple Computers
Are there any other ardent Apple computer users on this site? I have a G3 and an iMac, running OS 9.2.1 and OS X, which I loved dearly. But I also love regular PCs equally as both platforms have their unique features and nuances.  (reply to this post)

re.gifsarafina, February 8, 2003, 04:54
I have one too
Ok..I want to know more about this. I have another computer in the closet that is a Apple. I never use it cause I'm not familiar with them. I just use Dell and Gateway. Should I keep it or sell it? It is just sitting there.
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re.gifAnthony, February 8, 2003, 14:26
I have one too
Well, I guess I should ask you what kind you have and how old it is, it may not be worth very much to sell. You could always use it for it's storage space like I'm doing with me G3, due to my numerous MP3 collection.
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re.gifPeter, February 7, 2003, 12:18
I love Apple and especially OSX but even at Apple (at least at the Austin and Cupertino campuses) they use PCs/x86 for many functions that could be considered mission critical. If you wander around the campus, you will find both a Compaq PC and a Mac on almost every desk in the payroll department. Badge access, HVAC settings, fire and security alarm monitoring are all controlled or monitored from PC systems running DOS and Windows98. I'm sure a lot of this has to do with third-party vendors imposing their own solutions but it is also about cost control. It is somewhat sad but they are gradually losing some of the corporate religious enthusiasm and evangelism that was the foundation of their success.

To answer your question though, I would strongly reccomend Apple kit to anyone who can afford it. It is certainly very tempting and tasty. I would gladly sell my soul for an Xserve 42U rack with the 630 gigaflops of combined processing power, 20 terabytes of combined storage, dual gigabit ethernet on every one of the 42 boxes, and of course 2GB of SDRAM per box as well. I have no idea what I would use it for but I'm sure it would come in handy for something.
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re.gifAnthony, February 8, 2003, 14:28
Yeah, I guess it's fait to say that the company kinda missed the mark or opportunity for platform domination, too bad. Then again, Windows is cool too, although I don't really like the XP version.
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Auty, November 11, 2002, 16:41
Putting a Cap on it
Jules, I love the homepage feature! It's great! Just one small suggestions, can we put a cap on how many photos per user can be displayed on the page . . .say five? Not to say someone can't upload as much as they want, but only several can be displayed on the homepage. Can you tell I'm getting really tired of sunny?   (reply to this post)


LOL, November 9, 2002, 17:08
New MovingOn forum?
I was thinking, you should add a new section for the discusion of women's issues. It could be called "" ;-)  (reply to this post)

re.gifJules, November 9, 2002, 18:09
Heads up to Joe H.
Sweetie, since I'm a proud and out feminist and I built this freakin' site, every section here is open for the discussion of "women's issues". ;-)
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re.gifJoeH, November 9, 2002, 19:58
I'm confused
You want me to moderate a new section on Women's Issues? I appreciate be labeled as a feminist though, it's something important to me.
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Anaik, November 7, 2002, 18:38
I like It
Personally, I think the scrolling pictures is a great idea. It's nice to see the scenery change. Plus its great for people, like me, who are not on the site all the time and don't know which photos are new.  (reply to this post)

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