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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Anthony, March 16, 2005, 06:55
Japanese Translator Needed In San Diego  (reply to this post)


Sandra, August 14, 2002, 07:39
10 year background check?
I want to apply for my "dream job", but it requires a 10 year background employment check (no blank periods allowed), and I know I can't very well say, "I was in the Family for the past quarter of a century." I wonder if I can get someone (overseas)to be my reference, and say that I did work at whatever job...or is that a bad idea? I'm just running out of ideas, and I need help!  (reply to this post)

re.gifIan, August 18, 2002, 15:44
email me about this
I passed a complete FBI and NSA checkup of my entire background not just 10 years. If its a job, lie or embelish what you did. If its the government just be honest without telling them to much. They will find out, but you are not responsible for decisions your parents made when you were young. I was being trained to guard the president at Camp David and I came out and told them that my parents were in a cult and that the cult had anti US beliefs, the leader had visited Libya, etc. The thing was...they already knew. They just wanted to see if I was honest about it. (I didn't tell them about the LSD). Good Luck
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re.gifjr308, August 15, 2002, 10:30
Just my 2 cents
Depending on how old you are you might not need ten years of work history, taking into consideration school etc. One thing that I did was to use the addresses of the homes that I used to live in and use them as center locations for “volunteer youth work” most employees in the States will not look twice at “religious” related activities due to EOE guidelines. I know that this works as I used it to help get me into my first Police Department, as a Patrol Officer, and I would imagine that the airline industry is not as thorough in there background checks. If they are also out of the US there is less chance for verification, so just use that in combination with a real bang up resume and you shouldn’t have any problems

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re.gifSandra, August 14, 2002, 21:17
This is my "dream job"
Thanks for the replies. I know I can "translate" alot of my experience, that's not really my problem. My problem is the employment reference, address, phone number, and name of boss or contact. A lot of people laugh when I tell them what my "dream job" is, but it's with the airlines...Does that fall under the goverment/federal inlight of the 9/11 and all? Also, the reason I have to say overseas is I'm not a US citizen, my husband is, I've been here a year or so. So I'm still in the process of getting my GC, though I did receive an working permit.
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re.gifTea, August 14, 2002, 12:27
Be honest!
The Feds are good. They'll find out in short order anyway. They probably already know. Between them and military intelligence they've got you covered. Between legal records and lie detector tests you're covered twice! Okay, so now you're gonna tell me that it's not a military/government "dream" job. Still. All background checks are performed by the Federal agencies, and all federal agencies are staffed by military intelligence personnel and are governed by national security mandates. Okay, so I realize you may not be in the U.S. Still. All Federal agencies run pretty much the same. This is my field. Contact me for more info.
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re.gifJerseygirl, August 14, 2002, 12:56
Deceivers yet true
Many people I know including my husband(who incidentally works for the military) have been able to "translate" their experience/jobs in the family, into the right terminology to make a resume. Don't let paranoia get too major.While Tea makes a good point there are always ways around things.Actually using referances from other countries has worked. Of course it does depend on the nature of the job--are you signing up for a high security military operation?? Anyways, hope you can get the job.
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re.gifVWBabe, August 14, 2002, 13:19
Show'm what you got
I know how you feel - I too had the same probelm going into the work force. What I did however is what Jersey suggests: simply use your F experience and translate it into language that the business world can appreciate. If you need any help on this, please email me for the terminology I have found the most helpful.
Good luck in your endeavours.
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