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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Anthony, February 24, 2004, 17:35
Is It Ketchup Or Is It Blood?
Whatever that red paste is on my plate.  (reply to this post)


Jerseygirl, February 23, 2004, 16:55
Happy Family Birthday!!!!
Wednesday left a few of us in very bad spirits and our luck going down the drain. Then the realisation hit that it was February 18th! What a shitty day. We promptly decided to eat unclean things and get wasted as an antidote to being spiritual and fasting.May Berg rot in hell! (or heaven for all I care)  (reply to this post)

re.gifRot On (Mo), February 23, 2004, 17:08
And I am Most Thankful for...
February 18th came and went and I did not even realize what the date used to be. Sometimes I have remembered, but it was nice to know this year (after just being reminded by your post) how irrelevant it has become! It gives me hope for more of the same in other areas of my memory.
(reply to this post)

re.gifJoe H, February 23, 2004, 18:40
I'm thankful too
I also went through Wednesday blissfully oblivious to its erstwhile significance, but I ended up celebrating unintentionally (or perhaps subconsciously?) by getting stoned and doing some other fun, naughty things that I'm not going to go into detail about. (I ate a ton of junk food too!)
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Identity Crisis, January 28, 2004, 19:47
Afflick's Poll
Afflick, I wanted to respond to your poll, but there was no option for the reason I had to change my name. It would be something like "as a child my parent and their new mate made me change it for "security" reasons related to the letter "Guard Your Children"."  (reply to this post)

re.gifBanshee, January 29, 2004, 07:40
Name change
Yes, same here. Both my husband and I changed our names for the same reasons: we were made to. He was very young when they made him change his name, like 9 or something. I was a teen, about 16, and they made me change my name because they said it was too original, it made me feel too independent.
(reply to this post)

re.gifafflick, February 23, 2004, 13:15
I meant to post more...
...but I pressed the wrong button and the poll posted before I finished it. I was going to include more categories like the ones you mentioned.
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banal_commentator, January 18, 2004, 14:23
Siolo Overload
OK, let's all stop talking about Siolo.   (reply to this post)

re.gifbanal_commentator, January 28, 2004, 20:35
Siolo's insipid tatoo
I thought I'd bring this up again...There is nothing beautiful, perverse or not, about TF. Why would anyone want that to define them, to be a part of their psychological make-up? Some pain you can be proud of, like if you're irish, but who would want to flaunt something like say being molested as a child. I'd rather be in denial. Her tatoo is just sick, not morbid or fascinating, just banal and insipid. You ruin your pretty self Siolo. As a control freak, I command you to get it removed. nenneehhehee
(reply to this post)

re.gifneez, January 18, 2004, 18:23
You seem to like telling people when to stop talking about something.

Just for that, I'm going to bring up Siolo again even though I have nothing new to add.

I think the tatt's a bit much..(I would've gone with a decapitated Berg maybe) But there's nothing wrong with a bit of muscle on a girl. It generaly shows she doesn't take any shit.
(reply to this post)

re.gifbanal_commentator, January 26, 2004, 10:16
banal vs. neez
Do you have something against me neez? You seem to have something to say on all of my comments. And yes, Siolo's tatoo is so my 2003.
(reply to this post)

re.gifneez, January 26, 2004, 18:33
come again?
It speaks..!

I can't recall commenting on more then 2 or 3. But I'm not keeping a diary.

But since you asked, I'll try & think of something. You do sound like a bit of a control freak(can be a good thing). & while I'm at it. Your sense of humour seems to be fading rapidly.

But yeah, thats basically it.. You can't take a joke.
(reply to this post)

re.gifbanal_commentator, January 27, 2004, 14:21
banal vs. neez
Sense of humour??? What are you talking about? I'm a laugh a minute. Almost everything I say is a joke. I guess you can't see it in writing And control freak?? Have you felt threatened by my attempts at "controlling" you even though I couldn't point you out in a crowd and have no influence in your life other than providing you with banal comments which your concious mind probably can't remember. "Can't take a joke"??? I think you're getting me mixed up with someone else cause I really dont think we've ever chatted or debated etc.
(reply to this post)

re.gifneez, January 27, 2004, 19:13
I don't fight chicks
Yep.. I'm laughing already. :)

Seriously though, I am finding out more about ppls perception of humour on a global level. Humour is entirely a matter of personal definition & location, & I guess we no speeka da same engleesh.

& btw being a control freak really isn't as bad as it sounds. There are definately worse things.

& now to go completely off subject again. I would like to hope that most of the ppl here would be able to clearly spot a cult member/spy a mile away. I mean they might as well have a fucken neon above their head really. (note: the recent contributions by such cult geniuses like Nancy_ )

Besides, Sonderval dun look like no spy.
Of course that photo could've been taken just before he started on his 12 month elite-cult-ops(5th column division)training & diet regime. (btw Sonderval I'm actually trying to help u out here dude. :P) Brits have a knack for 'just saying it'. & you'll generally find that most of them can take it as good as they give it.

neway, you're alright banal. But who doesn't like a good fight-scene?
Swing away grrl.. I'll just stand here doing some fancy blocking moves. :)
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re.gifbanal_commentator, January 28, 2004, 09:09
I am a spy for pitbulls
What can a little idiot "spy" from TF do? Go tell on us to Jesus? Everyone relax, there is no mother-ship, JFKs assasin is not looking for you, there is no boogie man in your closet.
(reply to this post)

re.gifiamspy, January 28, 2004, 18:38
foolish childs of satan
You are all dumb, we have spies all around you because God is spy. Hahaha PTL

When the God wants to know your names he just describes it to one of our copy-propheciserers & then they copy-prophecise to our talented copy-artists who close their eye & write what God is give to them.

So it just that easy you evil-doers you. PTL

& we try to get this Sonderval to be spy for us, but he knock out 5 adults & about 10 snot-nosed teens so we ask Jesus to please make him leave, & it work..! right after he finished knocking out the rest of the adults, trashing the house, stealing 3 large boxes of GN's, & 1 life-sized blow up Jesus doll(& all while screaming something about 'just wanting it for research').

But at least he didn't get a chance to vandar-morph & devour our children. PTL
(reply to this post)

re.gifJoe H, January 27, 2004, 20:27
Can we add the thumbs up feature to the posts as well?
(reply to this post)

re.gifbanal_commentator, January 29, 2004, 09:04
thumbs up feature
Yes please; it's always flattering to see my comments and posts received with so much popularity.
(reply to this post)


Jerseygirl, January 16, 2004, 07:52
Thanks for sharing dude.
Is anyone else amazed at the volumnous amount of commenting by Sonderval? I think we may need to revive the old silent Bob article. Not that there is a lack of intelligence in the things being said, but man!There's got to be an award here for that.  (reply to this post)

re.gifSonderval, January 20, 2004, 06:45
woot, I'm famous
Where's this Silent Bob article? I don't think I've posted in it, can't have that. >:-O

But don't worry, I've only just discovered the board so I'm rooting around finding loads of stuff of interest, when I've read everything and plastered up my thoughts in reply I'll slow down, probably, maybe, you never know, it's always possible I'll finally get motivated writing one of my book projects and abandon the board altogether for a while.

And thanks for the intelligence qualifier, I try. ;-)
(reply to this post)

re.gifJoe H, January 16, 2004, 15:30
"Most Prolific Commenter"?
Or how about "Most time spent goofing off at work"?

(PS It's spelled "voluminous")
(reply to this post)

re.gifSonderval, January 20, 2004, 06:39
*takes a bow*
Considering I'm currently putting in about 2 hours unpaid overtime per day I don't feel too bad about the time I spend typing these comments, particulary as I can type faster than I talk and it usually takes me all of five minutes to post something. ;-)
(reply to this post)

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