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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Real : Speak your peace

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1_kat, May 11, 2008, 23:07
Thank-you for your reality. Your anger and your love. Your laughter and your pain. I am NOT a survivor of this cult. Only a survivor. I watched the MSNBC show on Rick. I grieve for his loss and his inability to find another way out. I am hurt that death for two people was a road only found in the dark. I bleed for your loss in your inability to find justice and relief. The tapes running, always running in his head. Running always in yours. I have my own tapes. I have my own shelves of horror. In some of the posts that I have read are powerful. You teach me to laugh. Thank you. I am thankful for this site for more ways then you will ever know. The banter is honest and raw. The truth is blinding and hot. The laughter is spellbounding. I speak of my own faith yet I reguard the hatred found here to be justified and oh so painful. I find myself being held to a higher standard a higher form of integrity....
btw...I am a bit of a dork and a brat so if I step on toes I am SURE you will tell me. LOL  (reply to this post)


AndyH, March 29, 2008, 11:55
DOWn she comes!
Is anyone else getting a really sadistic kick out of watching the DOW plummet? I love how the FED is losing it's grip. Burn, empire, BURN!   (reply to this post)


The Devil ®, February 15, 2008, 02:17
I am that I am with green eggs and ham
Hear ye hear ye.

Verily in the morn when the cock crows(or perhaps after thine wife has taken care of that), thou shalt all join me in thine chat room lest I tear ye asunder.

I would give me great pleasure in my horns to talk to the one you call Vixen as she has perplexed, vexed, and possibly even hexed me.

Go now and sin some more.  (reply to this post)

re.gifLOL! , February 16, 2008, 18:36
speaking of vix
where is she? I miss her!
(reply to this post)

re.gifvix, February 17, 2008, 07:08
I'm right here
Where are you? And more importantly, *who*??

(reply to this post)


Kayleigh18, February 7, 2008, 07:47
I have so much respect for you all
I have just finished reading "not without my sister"

What an amazing book. I felt compelled to find out more, not because I believe in what The Family believe in but because I think that you all are truly survivors. I cant begin to imagin what you went through and you just cant imagine that things like that go on in todays world!!!

Im absolutely intrigued to find out more and just wondered if you could tell me if anyone else has written any books on their experiences in The Children Of God or The Family

  (reply to this post)

re.gifJoshdargatz, April 30, 2008, 21:24
Jesus Freaks
If you want to read an unbiased in depth,accurate truthful and insightful book about the family than "JESUS FREAKS", found at any Barns & Nobel's is your book.
(reply to this post)


neez, January 23, 2008, 03:39
Heath Ledger

1979 - 2008  (reply to this post)

re.gifSeanSwede, March 19, 2008, 10:17
Heath Ledger
I was shocked and saddend at hearing of his passing.

(reply to this post)

re.gifvix, January 23, 2008, 07:40
The clouds have been out today :-(

(reply to this post)

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