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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Real : Faith No More

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Curioustoknow, December 1, 2002, 01:23
A question for Ricky...
Ricky, thanks for posting the very interesting article on the whole Mene situation.
I had one question regarding Maria's eyesight. My parents are still in TF, and they say that Maria's eyes are getting much better (all glory to the power of prayer), but then I also heard rumors that she had laser surgery to correct her eyesight. Do you know anything about this?  (reply to this post)

re.gifJoeH, December 1, 2002, 20:34
don't know, but...
I thought laser surgery was for stuff like myopia (near-sightedness) and that she had something completely different.
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re.gifCherishL (A.K.A. Cherish Ety), January 5, 2003, 03:17
the blind cunt
yeah, blindness due to STD's (sexually transmitted diseases), is something that one is informed about being admitted into one of the 'Big Ten' schools!
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kreed, November 2, 2002, 23:14
You're HOT!!
Ricky you're hot hun! all the girls at work (all ex-members)are like "oh mi gawd.....that's Davidito???" So are you still with that Nicole girl they talked about in the Gn's? ;)
I'm curious to know about those Gn's they came out with about you being in Russia......and being a bad example to the young ppl....and being a drunk. What really went down there?? Cuz my sister met you briefly in Russia...and she said you were really nice.  (reply to this post)

re.gifCultinvator, January 6, 2003, 03:53
You girls reek pitiful, what are you gonna do suck his big spanish cock! The guy, stinks b.o. everytime I saw him, has a slight stutter, a goofly smile and the biggest fucking chip ears I've ever seen.... U dumb bitches on crack or what? I'm sure he did ask his mom for 36 thousand bucks, "Mom, I'm gonna want 3 for each month of the year", "Do it or I'm going to tell them all that you liked anal sex with that old terd after breakfast"! All those nights with Sarah, gosh he loved those, see they weren't in his confession..."

Gotcha there for a second, Naaa.... I was there when he left.... I probably helped him, if he still remembers, gosh I still have his copy with his handwrittnig in it of the book, "How to get what you want"! L.O.L. I could probably get it notarized as the dito handwritting DNA...ha! I'm just messin' with you, he's the coolest guy! I hope he gets the time of his life. Don't forget your old friends' gosh that's the least you could do, we had to friekin memorize all your dumb quotes and dito verses! Shit, you had a whole audience or we got! Take care man, it's all good, Hope you and your girl are happy! Any kidz anything? Stay in touch, check my profile for my email. Jon. (david's best gay friend... It's in the bible... no. Sorry girls and boys, sorry to dissapoint you I'm very hetero at the moment bro. .... Happy 2003! Thought I'd ad this note to get your attention! SUCKERS! We're all part of a dead xcult culture! OMG what are we gonna do?.... We're just gonna play life, enjoy it and maybe we'll get together sometime. There's a lot of you I'd like to see again. ....anyhow. I'm stoned as fuck. Maybe I'll finish the note tomorow! fuck I'll just submit it I don't think I can say anymore at this ;)
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re.gifCultinvator, January 6, 2003, 03:57
Peace bros and girls, Not A piece of Jesus frieks!
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