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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Real : Faith No More

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me., September 4, 2007, 21:55
Thought this link might give insight into the "James Chancellor" types:  (reply to this post)


Rest in Peace Rick, January 29, 2005, 16:57
A continuation of Einstein's theme
A knowledge of the existence of something we cannot penetrate, of the manifestations of the profoundest reason and the most radiant beauty - it is this knowledge and this emotion that constitute the truly religious attitude;
in this sense, and in this alone, I am a deeply religious man.
The World as I See It

Albert Einstein-  (reply to this post)


Anthony, January 8, 2003, 13:53
Sheepy "Oxyies" & Morons
Speaking of Christianity, or more specifically, the “Virgin birth”, screenwriter Doug Wright, in his play Quills writes,

“Yours is an entire religion built on an oxymoron.”  (reply to this post)

re.gifJoeH, January 10, 2003, 00:19
what a great movie!
I also loved the line, "He [God] strung up his own son like a common criminal, I shudder to think what He'd do to me!"
(reply to this post)


Tiger, January 8, 2003, 04:32
Ricky tell everyone
I have lived with you on several occasions. After reading your article on Mene (nice to know it can be told now, at least by someone) I wonder if you are planning to talk a bit about yourself? I have questions for you but I won't begin now for the obvious reason that perhaps you're working on a complete "Dito the real story" or something to that effect ;-)? Like someone said you have effected the lives of us EAs/YAs/SGAs & whatever else we were "affectionately" called in TF....and it seems to me that you unlike us were very much in the know. It's good to know you have left and are on your way. It's not easy but it's certainly worth is. Double talk and continual calculated compromising gets a bit exhausting after years of keeping up appearances. At least it did for me.
One other question, does your Elixir/Nicole use this site, I have some things to talk with the lovely lady about...if she is around. Okay take care and keep wearing those mountain boots....=).  (reply to this post)


MeccaM74, January 5, 2003, 01:45
About Ricky.
This is for all those who have never met Ricky. I first him in 1996 in Hungary when he had returned from Russia and had left his mom's place not long before that, then I bumped into him again in 2000 in Cali and he was the same guy I had gotten to know years before. To make a long story short Ricky is one awesome dude!! A great friend to have! (Unless he's changed since then.) Oh, "that girl Nicole" as someone said, is a very beautiful woman and always seemed like an awesome person to have as a friend, sadly I didn't get to know her as well as I did Ricky. So all those "daydreaming" of Ricky, cool it because the man is spoken for, (unless, again, if things have changed in the last couple months or they have an "open marriage." Haha.)  (reply to this post)

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