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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Jules, July 23, 2001, 23:23
Choose your poison
Some of the people I know feel quite strongly that certain drugs are just wrong, whereas others are okay. The chemical vs. herb group for example, or house vs. trance. My Baby Boomer friends, (and I do have some) think that what they do is so much more benign then what their kids are into, (like that's a surprise)

Is there a difference, (though obviously certain things nowadays are just stupid,) or is a drug a drug?   (reply to this post)

re.gifporceleindoll, August 6, 2001, 03:58
RE: Choose your poison
Medically speaking, herbal drugs are definitely better for you. Man-made ones are full of chemicals which are very harmful to your body.

My husband and I were discussing marijuana, the issues in the States about it being legal for medical uses, etc. Our country doesn't allow drugs of any kind, (not Thailand), and so when my husband was a youth he and his friends would get high sniffing strong glues, which destroys your brain cells (maybe that explains some things).

Anyway, his opinion is that the main reason some drugs, such as marijuana, are banned is due to the pharmaceutical companies who would lose a lot of money if people suddenly started using it to relieve their pains. I personally believe that some marijuana isn't going to be harmful to you, and like everything else, you have to be able to control it and it's use. I don't know much about hash, which is also natural, or opium. But I would definitely stand against cocaine, crack, ecstasy, anything manufactured, not caring who agrees or not.

From our former point of view though the F.), drugs render you open to the spirit world, and some have had incredibly great and bad "trips", I think from what I've heard the worst trips are from manufactured drugs.

But I really don't see much difference between, for instance, marijuana or mushrooms and liquor, you can be just as or more dangerous when you drink, more "flipped out", and there doesn't seem to be so much difference. Health wise as well, alcohol is so bad for your body, your liver, your kidneys, your whole system. About the only alcohol that gives you some good effects is wine, taken daily in moderation. Otherwise hard liquor really wreaks havoc on your system, worse than what marijuana would do.
(reply to this post)

re.gifJoe, January 12, 2002, 12:52
RE: Choose your poison
Alcohol, tobacco, opiates, barbituates, THC(marijuana), cocaine, amphetamines, hallucigens -- Whatever. One ingests, inhales, snorts their choice in the above products for 2 main reasons: 1)Medical purposes. Many excellent medicines are opiates, barbituates or 2) To alter one's mind/body/perception etc.
You can take xanax to calm down if you suffer from anxiety or to be able to sleep after a coke binge. Just one example.
Some drugs are definately more dangerous physiologically than others, but I believe it depends on your motive for use & how far you plan to go with it. I personally have tried just about everything & if I hear of something new I will probably try that as well. But my motives are purely experimental & I want to know what the ingredients are. Ecstacy became dangerous because it was banned by the DEA in the 80's, therefore people were pressing hybrid pills with shit in them to supply the demand. Pure MDMA used with caution is just plain fun. If you have any questions just ask.
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re.gifangel, October 29, 2001, 20:18
RE: Choose your poison
cocaine is also from a natural plant.
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