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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Holon, August 13, 2001, 12:49
YAHOO!!!!!!! Back to school!!!!!!!
Today is the first day of school here in my neck of the woods.My son was not too happy,but this is his 3rd year so he knows what it's all about. But my daughter just started kindergarden so she was all excited, but as I was leaving she looked like she was about to cry.

Now it's just me and the twins all day. I'm so excited that I can clean my house and there is no one behind me to mess it up again!  (reply to this post)


Holon, July 28, 2001, 19:29
Tommorow is my 6th year wedding Anniversary!
I cant believe how time flys! I wrote the story of how we met on "The ex COG and Friends, For The young crowd" Board. If anyone is interested. There's a link to it on the left in the Link section. I'd type it again but I'm just to tired.We were instaling new fans all over the house today and my arms are about ready to fall off. LOL!

Link to story here:">>
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re.gifAlf, July 29, 2001, 10:15
RE: Tommorow is my 6th year wedding Anniversary!
wow.. lets have a party!
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re.gifHolon, July 29, 2001, 13:09
RE: Tommorow is my 6th year wedding Anniversary!
Ok,Alf. My post was probably lame. But I'm so happy and I love my husband and I just wanted everyone to know it.Out of all the people who get divorced it happens in the first 2 years and I'm so happy we have made it to 6 so far.
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re.gifJules, July 29, 2001, 13:47
RE: Tommorow is my 6th year wedding Anniversary!
Congratulations Holon. Glad to hear you are happy.
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re.gifHolon, July 29, 2001, 20:54
RE: Tommorow is my 6th year wedding Anniversary!
Thank you Jules!
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re.gifJules, July 29, 2001, 21:39
RE: Tommorow is my 6th year wedding Anniversary!
By some strange twist of fate, today is my parent's anniversary also, (my Mom just reminded me) though perhaps you may not appreciate that connection... :-)
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re.gifHolon, July 30, 2001, 09:21
RE: Tommorow is my 6th year wedding Anniversary!
LOL!That's great.How long have they been married?
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re.gifjules, July 30, 2001, 18:02
RE: Tommorow is my 6th year wedding Anniversary!
I think it is 27 years! (Oh the horror!!) :-)
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re.gifsara7777, August 15, 2001, 21:12
RE: Tommorow is my 6th year wedding Anniversary!
Jules,I read your article ,jumbo story.Who is Marc that you talk about?I left the group with my mom when I was 6 years old.My dad is still in it. Can you describe "marc" it may be the wrong person.Thanks sara
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Jules, July 17, 2001, 00:33
Pregnancy and alternatives
A lot of people here seem to have families and children. Is this something that was planned or just happened?

Personally I am pro-choice. I think it's an important part of freedom for women to be able to choose whether to bear a child or not. This is a very difficult and painful decision to make, but I strongly believe women should have the right to make it. I do not want children myself for at least 10 years from now.

This is a pretty controversial issue in any setting, and I am wondering what your opinion is on this?  (reply to this post)

re.gifDeb, September 11, 2001, 09:29
RE: Pregnancy and alternatives
All I can say is that I wish I had a choice when I got PG (first time 18, second, 20) because I'm now a 25-year-old single parent and as much as I LOVE my kids, I wasn't ready in the least. I never even wanted children to begin with, but growing up in the F. you learn that children are the "best thing that could happen to you", etc., etc., blah, blah, blah. But personally I feel that if someone is not going to be a good mom, or just doesn't have that motherly instinct (like me), it's better for them not to have kids. Of course, I'm very much to blame for both situations, and again, my kids are fantastic, but I REALLY wasn't ready. Thank God my parents are so cool and help me out or I don't know how I would cope.
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re.gifangel, October 28, 2001, 13:29
RE: Pregnancy and alternatives
i dont find that a very good argument, because if you didnt have your kid, you would never know it, so its not like you would miss him/her because you woulnt know them. i have a kid too, and i love her to death, but im still pro choice, and yeah, somtimes i think i should have waited. im glad that women throughout the ages have fought for this freedom and we as women have to make sure that we never lose it.just because we may or may not agree with it for us, dosent mean that it shoulnt be an option to somone who really might need it.but i do think that people really need to take all the precautions necessary to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. these people who have unprotected sex in this day and age , i just dont understand it.
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re.gifHolon, November 30, 2001, 10:45
RE: Pregnancy and alternatives
What do you mean "you dont understand people who have unprotected sex"? You have?
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re.gifAuty, August 19, 2001, 01:16
RE: Pregnancy and alternatives
My younger sister asked me a question when I got pregnant "So Aut, now that you're pg are you pro-life or pro-choice?" to this day I still can not clearly answer that question. Before I was pg and didn't have to think about starting any type of life inside of me I was definately pro-choice . . .now that I have met my daughter and have seen her smile at me and laugh and play and cry and . . . .geezus, I just couldn't imagine not having her.

When I told one of my friend when I was pg she immediately said "well you're not keeping it are you?" and I just about had to hit her.

But in all honestly, I agree with both of you . . .I believe that a women has a right to choose what is done to her body, whether to have a child or to not. I don't agree with some of these stupid little girls getting knocked up or crack heads having children or people coming across the border and dropping a couple of babies. I don't agree with women bending over and dropping litters and are not able to take care of them properly. . .such as was with most of the family women . . .and guess who ended up taking care of them . . .the children.

Anyway, enough on that subject.
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re.gifporceleindoll, July 20, 2001, 18:57
RE: Pregnancy and alternatives
I believe in pro-choice as well, to a degree. I don't believe in abortion. Whether I was indoctrinated with it, or not, I must say I don't support abortion.

I could make enemies saying that, but I want to clarify that I'm not in any place to condemn or put down someone who has had an abortion, that's not my place or job, and I consider my view of abortion my own opinion. Of course, Biblically speaking, I haven't found anything to support abortion.

But I do believe in contraceptives, I use them. I have 3 kids and am not planning more. When I left to join the F. with my Dad at the age of 15, my Mom's parting words were, "Remember, you don't have to only have kids with your life." I didn't understand it until I was pregnant with #3 and decided that 3 was enough, I wanted my own life. If I hadn't been in the F, I probably wouldn't have had kids when I did, but would have been establishing my career first.

So, have them when you feel it's time and when you're ready, and when you've taken in all the results of having one, cause they are a big job.
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re.gifBrokenhearted, October 6, 2001, 09:25
RE: Pregnancy and alternatives
To anyone considering an abortion:
I had one at the age of 20. I wasn't ready to have a child and the father wasn't either.
We did use birth control, but accidents happen.

Anyway, I was fine at first. I was on antidepressants. After a month I started having horrible nightmares. I didn't sleep for almost 3 months. I went into a deep depression and lost my job because I couldn't cope.

After the worst time in my life, I went back to Jesus for comfort and forgiveness. that was the only thing that pulled me through it.

I am a high advocate of the morning after pill. Anything except abortion. It almost ruined my life. I still think about it everyday of my life.
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re.gifangel, October 28, 2001, 13:22
RE: Pregnancy and alternatives
i think the problem is with the attitude, though, its peoples attitude towards abortion that make the women who do it so depressed and guilt ridden.i am 100% pro choice.
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re.gifIn Denial, May 21, 2002, 09:47
RE: Pregnancy and alternatives
I used to be extremely anti abortion, I just couldn't understand how someone could so something like that...until I got pg w/ my 2nd. I was in a real bad situation at the time, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to support myself, my 1st and now a new baby. I think it was the hardest decision I ever had to make and even now a few months later I still get depressed but I believe that I truly made the right decision. I think most of my beliefs came only from what I was taught to believe, that if I did this 'horrible crime' then God would punish me severely. I went through a month of nightmares before I even had my abortion of what would happen when I did...would God punish me by killing my 1st son, since I didn't care about the new life he was giving me? What was going to happen to me? So many crazy thoughts went through my head that I was barely able to think straight half the time, I was scared to death of what punishment I was going to get, but also scared of being alone in this world with 2 kids and not many people being understanding of any decision I would have made.
It's a very hard decision to make to say the least but you know, a baby is for life, I know that, I have one. But does God give us these children because he knows we can take care of them? Because we need them? Or does God give us these children just to see what kind of decision we will make, to give us a choice, and teach us a lesson? Is it a test of our faith that no matter what we do God will love us? Never forsake us? I think I'm still in denial that I ever did it...but whatever I did, I'm at peace.

(I hope that all made sense, I'm not too good a writer)

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re.gifJules, July 23, 2001, 22:51
A question
Interested in your take on this. Biblically speaking, have you found anything to support contraceptives?
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re.gifHolon, July 31, 2001, 09:28
RE: A question
Very good question Jules!
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re.gifporceleindoll, August 6, 2001, 03:36
RE: A question
I haven't found anything so far to say birth control was fine, or that it wasn't. The most I can think of is the situation with Onan, from where we get the term Onanism, but I'm sure that some sort of birth control was practiced. There are herbs that can be taken to prevent pregnancy and to abort fetuses, but aren't 100% reliable, and can have bad side effects if not done correctly (I am studying herbology and alternative healing). So probably the midwives of those days knew of ways to prevent childbirth.

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re.gifJules, July 23, 2001, 22:12
RE: Pregnancy and alternatives
I don't think you'll make enemies with your opinion, PD--not me anyway. For me, pro-choice means that a woman has the right to choose what is right for her.

What your mother told you is interesting, and tragic really. I wonder how many of our mothers realised too late that they were more than sex objects and baby factories.
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