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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Through : In Remembrance

To my big brothers and sisters

from AndyH - Friday, August 25, 2006
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From a little boy that owes you everything, just in case it isn't said enough.

I never really say anything relevant on this site. I got here kind of late, and there were more than enough accounts to empower the case. I just observe, and only comment when I think I have something clever to say, or to harass people that bug me. Basically, a weak resemblance of Joe (which I never intended, I guess we just have that in common.) This is something that I believe is relevant from me, even though I'm sure it been said over and over, I'm sorry old-school members, I'm gonna beat this dead horse.

The documentary was very powerful, very fair to Rick, which is important, to much bad has been said about him, he deserves to be remembered, and fondly. However, what I felt was the most powerful thing about this documentary, was the way those that represented us expressed themselves, the pain was brutal to behold, even though they tried to hide it so hard. Daniel, vocalizing the injustice that has so affected his life, and being so disciplined as to plainly say "It bothers me". I think this is especially important, as no one will truly listen to a rant from a person unloading his rage, even if his rage is completely justified. Daniel showed the world that we are the rational ones, the sane ones, with no agenda except to put things the way the should be.

It broke my heart the way that Davida, during the most explicit explanations of the most horrible private moments of her childhood, could only laugh aloud, the kind of laughter that stands in for crying, that protects you from sinking in to the horrible reality of the thing. It is a disgusting, shocking, horrible thing, and she volunteers to relive it, in case it does some good. Her part was crucial, because a little girl carries a great deal more sensationalism, than a little boy. I would never undermine the damaging effects of sexual abuse of young boys, but for sensationalism, a girl will get to the public more. That is, sadly, one of the main things that attracts the attention of the public, that strange curiosity for the very things that at the same time are shocking to your consciousness. Same concept as horror movies.

Celeste and Christina, showing the kiddie porn to the journalist, sitting right there watching it with him. What a painful task that must have been, virtually saying "Yes, that's child pornography, of me. I was used and abused, and it hurt me." I know I could never do that, except maybe to a professional, in confidentiality. These women abandoned their privacy, they exposed their worst memories, to get the truth out there. Incredible self-less behaviour, incredible sacrifice, incredible courage.

Between all of them, they give the press more than enough to work with, leaving the rest of us the freedom to choose our level of involvement, as is only fair. I may be wrong, but I believe there is enough physical evidence, and affidavits, to really inflict some damage, if ever they could be made to stand trial.

In conclusion, the first of the second generation, the guinea pigs for all of their horrible experience, have not only survived it (for the most part, may the dead rest in peace) but they have also taken on the seemingly lost cause, of bringing a hope of justice to so many overlooked victims. They have sacrificed their time, energy, money (in many cases), their privacy, their safety (potentially) and suffered the emotional exhaustion of fighting this battle, one I'm sure they wish they could lay to rest, and live a life of their own, a life of peace.

So I'd would like to say this to all of you. Any of you that this applies to, you know who you are, take the credit you deserve, don't sell yourself short out of modesty. Better yet, we would like to say this to you, as I'm sure many will completely concur. Thank you so so much, we could never thank you enough, you are our heroes, our champions, you brought about a change, you are revolutionaries, it takes no real courage to have a popular opinion, real courage is saying what no one else is saying, what no one wants to believe. You showed TF that now matter how hard they fought to keep the human mind in a cage, that a determined individual can open their mind, and that no amount of lies and deceit could stop the truth from surfacing. We don't get many victories in this conflict, but we have our freedom, and you got the truth out there, and in that sense, we've won.

Whenever you feel like you are beating you heads against a invincible wall, wasting your time, wasting your life, words falling on deaf ears, remind yourself of the progress that has been made. The family is still led by a group of criminals, fugitives from the law, and they uphold the horrible legacy that has affected so many lives, but it is a MUCH safer place for children. Their only real danger is of assimilating their beliefs, never seeing everything that life has to show them, and the sad waste of so much time, and so much good they may have done elsewhere. But at least they are safe, you broke the cycle, you made so much noise and brought so much heat on them, they had no choice but to conform to granting basic human rights. Every child in the family owes their well being to you.

I had it fairly rough, but I experienced a lighter version of what you all went through. Moving on has been hard for me, and at times, it seems I barely survived, if I had it any worse, I may very well not have made it. You made my childhood a little more humane, you protected me from harm. You took the bullet. That is why I look at you all as my big brother and sisters. Strangers don't do so much for each other. You mean the world to me. Please, PLEASE consider this when you are in despair: You have made a difference, you have done great things, your life is priceless.

Now I'm going on...

A special thanks to Jules: Your creation changed everything, it drew the pattern, it made it undeniable. It showed us all that we were not alone. It It brought lost friends and family together, and brought help to people that desperately needed to reach out to someone. Thank you so much for giving us a voice.

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from Ex-member
Tuesday, September 05, 2006 - 11:26


Just wanted to add my name to this very heartfelt and well expressed letter...I thank God every day that I was not a first child.

My younger sister is living with our Aunt while going to highschool (she's very popular and never bullied...guess they lied about that too.) and I visit every weekend trying to help her with school and any other way I can. My aunt says I and my siblings in NJ spoil her, buying her too much etc. but she doesn't understand that it's almost therapeudic for me...She knows what it's like do without and always have to fight and do everything for herself. We want her to experience the other side, the easy life where she doesn't have to support herself before she's old enough, or take on adult responsibilities or feel, in any way, guilty for asking for things she doesn't "need" but simply would like. I had people do that for me and now I can help her.

I know it's not the same as going on TV and baring your soul to the media but I would like to thank my older siblings for doing all those things, little and big, for me.
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from Rain Child
Saturday, September 02, 2006 - 02:27

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Andy, the reason I haven't commented on this yet is because I have not yet had the opportunity to watch this documentary. I wanted to fully understand what you are describing before venturing to comment.

But in the meantime I want to add my agreement to your statement. Before I found this site, I had pretty much never heard any real stories of abuse about The Family. When I wrote, "Thank you, older children", it was the first time those thoughts had ever occured to me. The first time I actually realised that the reason my experiences and the ones I was reading about on Moving On were so different was not because the people telling their stories were exaggerating or inventing dramatic pasts for themselves, but because they'd had the courage to tell their stories and expose the perpetrators, thereby protecting me from experiencing what they went through.

So, just add my name to this, Andy. We all owe them so much.
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from Samuel
Sunday, August 27, 2006 - 12:05

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Very well said, Andy H. I was thinking the same thing, but I just couldn't put it in words. Celeste, Daniel, Elixcia, Sara, and Davida especially, you're all heroes as far as I'm concerned. As a guy, I can only imagine how tough that must have been for you.

Samuel Mercuri
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from tuneman7
Saturday, August 26, 2006 - 21:36

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I appreciate this. It's been difficult to get the truth out, and it's taken its toll on all of my friends and I. This type of gratitude makes it worth it all. If one person doesn't have to go through what we did, and has oppotunities that we didn't have, its worth it to me.

Thanks to Celeste, Daniel, Sara, Davida, Elixcia and everyone who stood up for the truth. Otheres have done likewise last year and some years before. Truth is freedom. You are my heros.


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From Haunted
Tuesday, August 29, 2006, 21:33


There's always the friends standing behind holding the hands of those who stand. I think those people deserve special recognition as well.

Thank you for supporting your friends. (reply to this comment

from vix
Saturday, August 26, 2006 - 03:33


I agree with everything you wrote, Andy.

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