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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Through : In Remembrance

The Littlest Vandari

from thixotropic - Tuesday, May 04, 2004
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Who has no church and no place of worship, but speaks to his followers through newsletters and videotapes and said "multitudes are going to hell. God doesn't give a hoot about your little selfish affluent self-oriented world"? Guess again.

In remembrance of Noah, 7, John, 5, Paul, 3, Luke, 2, and Mary, 6 months.

This article broke my heart. Whenever I have read an article about Andrea Yates' children and their tragic ends, I have been shaken. I had heard that the parents had some strong religious influence going on in their lives, but I had no idea it was something that would seem like a page out of the "Recipes for Homemade Apocalypse" (by Berg, Zerby and Kelly, et. al) until I read the March 26, 2002 article at this link:

The article says: "The Yates family followed Woroniecki's teachings and patterned their lives after his. The preacher had six children with biblical names and lived on a bus. The Yateses had five children with biblical names, and lived for a while on a bus they bought from Woroniecki...[a]t the time Andrea Yates drowned her children, she and Rusty were still devoted followers. [...]De La Isla [who followed Woroniecki for 12 years] says Woroniecki was a powerful influence on the vulnerable mind of Andrea Yates. "In her thinking she was doomed to hell, her kids were going to go to hell, and that the only way she could save them was by killing them."

Hopefully my parents will stick to their *praying* to implement Zerby's admonishments about praying for me to be "taken out of the way" before doing "more damage to the Lord's work"!

The article says that after 12 years De La Isla "broke away from Woroniecki when he finally realized that no matter what he did, the preacher still told him he was going to hell."

I guess the guy is getting some of the same prophecies as Zerby, as she puts The Family through endless tests for her restructuring and purgings!

The article ends by saying "Woroniecki ignored ABCNEWS' repeated request for a response, but he did write a letter to the Dallas Morning News in which he said: "We enjoyed our relationship with Rusty and Andrea for many years as they tried to learn from our ways of following Jesus … they obviously 'fell short' of salvation.""

In a different article (see, Woroniecki gives this assessment of Andrea Yates' -- I guess you'd call it her "sheepiness"? “When we met Andrea, she seemed more willing and we sat down and talked. Although Rusty ended up being a hypocrite, Andrea wanted to follow the Lord.” Michael said the Yates and Woroniecki families were close. “We knew the first three children. My kids baby-sat them, and we all played together. We tried to help them learn how to raise children, but you can’t take Christian principles and apply them in a secular way.”

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