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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Through : Music and Songs

Olvidar (translated)

from Joe H - Wednesday, August 07, 2002
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This is a song by Fernando Delgadillo that I really like, so I decided to translate it from Spanish. Enjoy

I feel so cold today, from the length of these days
From the width of the path, that I've lost and I don't know
From the hours I haven't seen, from your absence and mine
From the rain of this October, from the cold that covers it between
The sighs that the wind has taken away with my faith

Your distance is the shipwreck that crashed onto my life
The most tired auroras, the saddest goodbyes,
The most solitary nights, about which I was right,
For though I clamor at good sense
For liberation from this angst
I'm still a victim of the impulses of my own heart

Oh, if I told you about pain and the reasons
Why my songs are filled with distances!
But let time tell the tale, 'cause today I make you this promise, love
I'm going to forget you, with all the consequences therof
And liberate this past, that I keep dragging around

I'm going to forget your name, be it the last thing I do
Be it the very last thing hidden in the background
And I hope that on my way, your absence won't fog me up
'Cause even if I die trying, I'm going to forget you

And may the night trap me, may the storms carry me away
If I ever again encourage the sense that remembers you
And repeats you, and repeats you until it becomes a proclamation
Of your name, of the light that burned in my room
How you loved me, how you needed me,
How did everything disappear?
Suddenly one morning I woke up, far away, from you,
From everything I was

I'm going to forget you every night
That I walked down the edge of your street
By the light of those streetlamps that never should have been
The light guiding my steps, with these memories as my compass
They inflame my blood, and make among fever and flight
The fire my soul burns in when it dreams of your skin

If I ever once told you that my hands wouldn't forget
The caress of your hands, your burning gaze
I'm going to really forget you, and forget that I've forgotten
I'm going to tear down my dreams, scatter the ruins
Let you go, and let nothing remain in your place
Because if I don't, if I start to remember
With the light of your miracle
I won't be able to love again

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