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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Through : Creative Writing

Kids Story Only

from JoeBlo - Friday, August 16, 2002
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Just A Story I Wrote For My Kids Last Christmas


It was Christmas time again
But I was feeling rather blue
I was sitting there missing my best friend Maggoo
He was a collector of rare things you see
And he’d gone far away to get one or three
I was sitting there wishing he wasn’t so far
When in blew a letter with his postmark
It said, “Dear Horatio things are quite fine
Why I have collected amazing finds
But now it is Christmas and I’m feeling so blue
You see friend Horatio I am missing you”
I said there and then
“I am seeing my friend”
“Although it’s quite far I don’t need a reason
Christmas days coming it’s visiting season’
I put on my hat and I put on my boots
But I had no presents for my friend Maggoo
What was I to do?
This was most unpleasant
Go all the way there without Maggoo-presents?
But I had to get started
It was quite a distance
On my way I’ll find something
Yes I’ll look and I’ll listen
So right from the start I was searching
For Maggoo-presents that just might be lurking
And then I saw, some blue-feathered gizzards
Playing guitar with drum playing lizards
I decided to take notes and even get pictures
To collect all I could from my grand adventures
Yes a picture would do of this great sight
Yes a picture or two will do quite nice
I’ll get some later there’s much more to see
Then I felt something very sticky
I was standing inside a bubble gum sea
And now I was stuck
Right up to my knee
Oh a piece of this stuff
I will certainly take
A piece of this stuff will a great present make
And then I smelled something that was stinkier than
A skunk or a heaped-high garbage can
I knew what it was the moment I smelled it
It was Goblin socks
How can I forget it?
But even those are useful you know
For if your nose was blocked so
You couldn’t smell anything even your toes
Just get near those socks and you’ll soon see
Instant improvement in your smelling
How can that help you might ask, and why?
Well don’t you like smelling your Mom’s apple pie?

I decided to get one and then…oh my
I saw flying fish jump one mile high
I barely got used to the flying fish fountains
When I glanced up and saw the Rainbow Mountains
The colors were changing
Red-blue-green then yellow
They changed so fast they confuse a fellow
A house made from that rock
Is just the thing
If you want to save time redecorating
A little farther I came to some woods
They seemed quite normal and that felt good
Then I heard whistling that seemed to surround me
But I couldn’t see anything though I looked all around me
Then suddenly it came to me
This was a forest of whistling trees
I planned to take a branch or three
My friend Maggoo would be most pleased
The sun it was shinning
But to my surprise
I fell in some snow right up to my eyes
It’s never-melt snow I said with surprise
I heard of the stuff
This is a prize
You can squeeze it and squish it
Or even bake it
But no one has ever figured out how to make it.
Then I came across a squiggly skiddzo
Which always makes me think of food
For he looks quite like a plate of spaghetti
With marshmallow eyes that make him look silly
I was having such fun on my little adventure
I was quite surprised when I discovered
I had at last made it to
The house of my friend Mr. Maggoo
Then suddenly it came to me
I had nothing from all I’d seen
I didn’t collect even one speck
To give to my friend from my great trek
I didn’t take notes
Or even get pictures
Of the flock of blue-feathered gizzards
And none either of drum playing lizards
I didn’t get gum from the bubble gum sea
-The one I got stuck in up to my knee
I hadn’t a pair of goblin socks
The one that would fix if your nose were blocked
I didn’t have fish from the flying fish fountains
Or get my rock samples
From rainbow light mountains
I hadn’t a branch from a whistling tree
I hadn’t brought one or even brought three
And the never melt snow from the
Icicle peak
I realized now I’d forgotten to sneak
I hadn’t captured, one squiggly skiddzo
And that wasn’t all I’d forgotten to do
“What went wrong?”
I sat there saying
“I was going to get them
I was just waiting”
What was the harm in just waiting or something?
Well, I waited some more
And now I have nothing
I wailed and I moaned
“O what shall I do?”
Now I have nothing for my friend Maggoo
I guess I must go back
It’s the only thing decent
I just couldn’t go visit with no Maggoo-present
Then I heard a little voice that sounded very quiet
If you’ve come so far to see him
I think Magoo would like it
For his letter did say he was feeling quite blue
And what he was missing was really just…
I looked all around me for the one who had said it
But he must have been smaller than a speck of a midget
Then I thought what he said really seemed right
So I knocked on his door
And to my delight
My friend Magoo
Opened it wide.
He said, “You’re the very best present I hoped for
And that’s saying a lot for I’ve got a store full
Of presents like
Lizards playing the drum
Blue gizzards
And oceans of bubble gum.
From rainbow light mountains I got some rocks
And even a goblins smelly socks.
Oh and a branch from a whistling tree
-Well what do you know I’ve even got three
Some never melt snow and a squiggly skiddzo
-There’s more that I’ve gotten
It’s filled the whole room.
My friends don’t forget me they sent me a lot
But the very best present for Christmas I got
Wasn’t one of those things
-Though they’re coolest of cool
My very best present was seeing YOU!”

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from Mercy
Sunday, August 18, 2002 - 01:30

I didn't read the whole article cuz...well it's a little long. But I was wondering: Did you wrote this story? You might have copyright problems with this:

Well maybe you won't have copyright problems but is it just coincidence? Just curious.
(reply to this comment)
From Mercy
Sunday, August 18, 2002, 01:31

um write, not wrote.(reply to this comment

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