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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Through : Creative Writing

Cosmétique Simplex

from Anthony - Thursday, August 08, 2002
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Well, I don't know if I should claim this one, even though I hold the copyright.

Cosmétique Simplex

Every time my lady
Tries to kill her self
She looks so very sexy
Like she’s in perfect health

When she slits her wrists
Or she hangs from a noose
Acrobatically kissed
Our passions running loose

This is how her tears are mine
This is how her tears are mine
This is how her tears are mine
Suicide and her mind

Every week my lady
Threatens suicide
Meticulous crybaby
It’s always do or die

When she gets depressed
Or in her notorious mood
She starts to get undressed
But needles don’t obtrude

This is how her tears are mine
This is how her tears are mine
This is how her tears are mine
Suicide and her mind

We could take our own lives
But we’re too curious
But I won’t close my bold eye
‘Cause she may be serious

This is how her tears are mine
This is how she bleeds in mine
When I’m drunk I’m so kind
Red for blood and red for wine

Copyright © 2000,Anthony Rugely. All rights reserved.

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from Anthony
Sunday, November 03, 2002 - 19:32

If we were to rate those who commit suicide and those they leave behind, on a selfishness scale, who would have the highest score? I’ve often asked myself this question. If people who are suffering great pain desire to kill themselves, isn’t rather selfish to try and keep them here? I think the most unselfish thing I’ve ever done in my whole miserable life is remained alive for the sake of my family. My siblings that is, as opposed to my parents who are not blameless for my biological proclivities. I simply have a hard time trivializing what I assume would be their reaction to my final act of self-will beyond good and evil, above morality. I should receive an award or something. There comes a time when life just quits offering, and starts taking more than one is willing or capable of giving. This is sort of a morbid subject, very sensitive and personal for many people. But it seems to come up perpetuum in our circle.

(reply to this comment)
from dave
Thursday, August 08, 2002 - 22:28

I'd love to hear your guitar rifts to this one. I bet it kicks ass like your "Belinda Needs Love". BTW, you ought to post that one here too. I know you said you 'moved on' to German Post-Industrial/Industrial Techno music, but let's not forget that you've written some awesome rock and metal songs good enough to be on the repertoires of any one of the Seattle bands. One day we'll get in the studio and finish what we started.

Yeah I know… I’m a grunge junkie. It ain’t dead! Call me a freak, but here’s an excerpt from a science-fiction story I’m slowly writing, where of all things, I had to make reference to PJ:

“The Sol Sat Skymer region is considered the nether lands of the galaxy. Most outcasts, traders and citizen loafers oft gather in these parts to disperse secret knowledge and info. Merchandise is usually tax-free and accommodation is cheap. Bands of rogues and thugs stand by for action. Hackers galore adore this place, for obvious reasons. Immigrants from Lunar Position 3 find it an adequate place to start over. The word ‘immigrant’ is one word that a person could use here without reprisals. Pearl Jam dirges aren’t frowned upon here. They are considered positive inward reflections. Perhaps what the ancient Greeks would call a ‘cleansing’.” LOL!

I heard a cool techno song the other day called “Boomerang” from the electronic band named Cirrus. It was pretty provocative and catchy. But still, I have to say I’m “stuck” in the early and mid ‘90s rock scene. The good old days before all the fakers and wannabes hit the scene.

Later bro.

(reply to this comment)
From JoeH
Friday, December 27, 2002, 13:56

"it's a boomerang, it's a boomerang, flying back to you" thanks a lot, now I'm going to have that crappy song completely with Jeremy Spencer's dorky face stuck in my head all day!!(reply to this comment
From Dani
Friday, December 20, 2002, 20:15

Why do men love see women in a weak state of mind. Some people never change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(reply to this comment
From JoeH
Friday, December 27, 2002, 13:54

I despise women in weak states of mind. Only strong women for me thanks!(reply to this comment
From Auty
Saturday, December 28, 2002, 22:31

I have a hard time seeing you with any women, considering some of your comments on this board I can't seem to find anything attractive about you at all. But then again, that's just my opinion.(reply to this comment
From Dani
Thursday, December 26, 2002, 22:16

Comment was meant for -DAVE-!!!(reply to this comment
From Anthony
Friday, December 20, 2002, 20:44

On the contrary; this girl demonstrates one the strongest minds I've "known"!!!

How have I not changed? Eagerly awaiting your reply.(reply to this comment
From Dani
Thursday, December 26, 2002, 22:18

Not pointed at you, but at your brother.(reply to this comment
From Anthony
Friday, August 09, 2002, 13:49

Thanks. Grunge is good,and when it's fused with synth sounds and Hip-Hop grooves, I love it even more.
Pearl Jam's first 4 albums will always have a place in music library. Your story sounds great and I 'd like to hear more, soon!
Anthony(reply to this comment

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