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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Through : Creative Writing

English paper

from DarkBeatsMoveMe - Friday, December 02, 2005
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I'm wrighting a paper for my college English class and just needed some first hand info on life in and after TF. I have included my own life exprience being born into the group but another point of view would be great. I will just need your name for my work sited page. If not, dont worry, I know all to well how hard it is to talk about this for alot of us. Thanks


1) Give a brief discerption on your life in TF.

2) Have you ever been physically, mentally or sexually abused at ANY time in this group?

3) How has life in TF affected you in the REAL world?

4) Have you ever attempted suicide in or after leaving the group?

5) Do you think that there were some positive lessons you learned in TF?

6) What course of action do you think is apropriate as far as getting friends and family out safely (legally)?

If you have any futher questions or comments that you would like to share with me let me know k?


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from Wait a minute!
Tuesday, January 10, 2006 - 13:35

You wouldn't be asking people to do your homework, would you?
(reply to this comment)
From DarkBeatsMoveMe
Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 16:01

(Agree/Disagree?) another point of view I think would add more insight on the subject. While I want to expose this group for who they are, my experiences are not nessasaraly everyone elses.(reply to this comment
From I was just kidding.
Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 16:11

Are you still working on your paper? Whats your deadline? Are you looking for something based on a timeline or just direct answers to the questions? I know this makes a diffrence sometimes.(reply to this comment
From DarkBeatsMoveMe
Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 18:34

Nope! I finished it but thanks for reading!(reply to this comment

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