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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Through : Creative Writing


from roxal - Tuesday, August 09, 2005
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Yesterdayís come and gone
Still my life has not begun
My childhood snatched from me
My innocence misplaced
By the ones I trusted most
By the ones whoís job was to protect

Although Iím still young
Itís been a long and hard road
Not many would relate
How it was to live like me
And learn to love to hate

Iíve tried to rewrite history
To forgive, to forget
Iíve tried to run from it all
But the faster I run, the deeper I seem to fall
Iíve tried so hard to believe my dreams
To live with meaning through it all
Even though it may not seem it
I feel Iíve failed myself

Iíve tried so much
And still feel lost
Why canít I just find a way?
Arenít I eager and intelligent?
Strong enough to endure it
Smart enough to break away
Not clever enough to find a new way?

The only way has to be
To face my fears

Today I want to live
Iím not sure why
But since I was always taught
To hang on no matter what
Iím going to have to try

I want to prove them wrong
I want to set things right
I donít want anymore reasons to cry
I want to improve despite their hate
I want to show them who was right
I canít stand seeing them smile
I canít stand seeing them breathe
Life is so unfair
I am going to change destiny

Tomorrow and when I die
I want it said that I tried
That I didnít give up hope
That I didnít let them stop me
From doing what I want
In the manner that I like

No one will control me
So donít even try
You abused what you were given
You threw it out to die
Now donít complain when we discard you
Disrespect or even hate
Just take it like it is
And donít forget to thanks us

If it werenít for us
You wouldnít be where you are
You wouldnít have what you have
All the good along with the bad
You forget who stood by you
Stuck with you
Played your sick games

We were the ones who empowered you
We were the ones who loved
We were the ones you disgraced
We were the ones you abused, beat and raped
But at the same time, we were the ones who obeyed
Who were always honest and still are

Youíll end up in hell for what youíve done
And I refuse to even care
In the end, weíll see who wins
Weíll be witnesses to your crimes
Weíll make sure you go down for what you are
What youíve done goes unforgiven
No lies are needed
The truth is more than enough to incriminate

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from faith
Monday, October 17, 2005 - 17:05

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well said i get all of it they rasied us to love them through there sickness to forgive their abuse and then thank them for it after. fuck that shit.

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