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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Through : Creative Writing

room service

from dan - Thursday, April 14, 2005
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“excuse me” we all look up, “ there is something wrong with my door,

So there I was; four in the morning, walking back from the scene of an accident. Not mine “A” some guy out here missed his garage and ran a truck right into the wall of his house. Funny as hell. So I’m walking back and me girls leaving the evening’s festivities holler at me. “what are you doing wandering the streets? Don’t you have a home?” he, he. Only one answer for that. “no , I’m homeless and tired and all alone” “oh you poor dear why don’t you come home with me?” so after an appropriate pause and ponder I acquiesce. I get to her place (she was with a friend so this was to be a night with two women.) and first thing I see is a photo of a friend of mine in a mirror. I know right off I am so busted. This is the house of a girl that works with a girl I am sleeping with. So when I do get up (after only sleeping) I am confronted by two girls I know at the breakfast table.

That afternoon when I walked by the restaurant I heard all these cat calls and whistles. All the waitress were out calling me all the normal names and having a great old time. “SAFADO” and rooster and I like to think I heard stallion in there too. Dog was present in the heckling as well.

All would have been forgiven but on coming back to the hotel and changing from my run I was spotted by a pretty girl just in from Rio. She was being chatted up by a mate of mine (the owner of the hotel)I was introduced but had my back to her when I was so just raised a hand in a backwards wave and went off to use the internet. She went over the receptionist to tell me that she wanted to sleep with me. Well I am all spent these days. I can hardly get it up for repeat gigs and for the most part am not all that interested as I am just plain ol’ tired. I asked if I could go to dinner first or if I needed to go now.

So I wander out there and she is totally cool. A “hi” names and such. “where you coming from” and other preliminaries. She says she is tired form the long buss ride and going to bed for a nap before going out for the evening. I ask if she wants company and she laughs as if as indulging a child and says she is not that kind of girl. I tell her that she would sleep much better if not alone and it would help her relax after the long day. She goes up alone and the girl behind the bar is telling me she’s an idiot because we all know she wants it but won’t take it.

“excuse me” we all look up, “ there is something wrong with my door, I can’t lock it, will someone…… anyone come up and look at it” the place turns and looks at me…. “I got it.” so I fix the door (nothing wrong with it) and then step inside and lock it. I tell her it seems to be working now and start kissing her. She is saying “what is this? What are you doing? Stop. What is this?” as she is kissing back and pulling. Then the obligatory “ no I’m tired, I can’t, I have a dog, the moon is up” etc. so after all is done and said and she has been giving the house special she is saying I am so bad. I tell here that she started it and she says she had no idea etc.. “by the way tell reception to not wake me up to go out tonight, and why don’t you come by after you come back.”

So it is off to dinner and when I get there the restaurant is already laughing. It is a small town and everybody knows everything. They are asking if they check in can they call reception and get me sent to their room too. The story they got was some girl checked in , saw me and had reception send me to her room. So I am now officially one of the beach town sluts too. Not a bad place to be. Got to go run so I can get the body of a playboy not just the life style.

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