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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Through : Creative Writing


from fragiletiger - Sunday, October 31, 2004
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In Truth

I love you with a love like the clouds
Ever changing, never still always different

I love you with a love like the sun
Ever perpetual never changing always constant

I love you with a love like a rose bud washed with dew
Fragile delicate transept

I love you with a love like a crag crashed by the sea
Strong solid unmoving

I love you with a love like a dancer
Wild free passionate intense sensual and direct

I love you with a love like a child
Dependant innocent chaste forgiving pure and total

I love you with a love like a mother
Caring unconditional in spite of

I love you with a love like a mistress
Selfish conditional because of

I love you with a perfect love

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from Kelly
Sunday, May 06, 2007 - 15:44


(I only know that I want to know....) Fragiletiger, I like your poem it is kinda how I am finding love to be. In moonlight of the century’s 2:03 am and 4 seconds on 5/6/07 ……

For my Dearest Love:

Who are you moon’s eye? Whose pupil’s gaze stars at me so brightly?

Oh Dearest Awe…
Who are you moons eye?
Sometimes high in the ever-changing substance of colorful sky
You, in night’s blackness such far a force yet level with mine eyes
Why does your light shine down so bright on me now?

I do not know you.
I know only that I do not know because, you make me want:
To know
To understand
To learn and unlearn
To remember that I forget, that I remember.
To wonder

Such Energy….

Who are you moon’s eye?
Why do you remind me that I am and am not?
Why am I happy?
Is it me? Is it you? Is it us?
Is your eye’s light only a reflection?
Do you see my eye’s light?
Do the stars make us one in clear reflection?
Speak to me oh silent moon’s eye—Speak Dear speak –Because you already have.

Dearest Love,
In the moon I see your minds eye
A curve of red is forming round you with blue and white fluffing colors
Ever changing form and meaning
Beautifully moving, disappearing quietly,
Quickly reappearing brightly


(Mimicking, mocking, madly laughing—Fear--est?)
Maybe baby,
May be the month we marry again,
Melting us as one
Unifying our minds eye we see and saw a reflection of each other.
And maybe you’ll mention it to me again on Monday
Or Tuesday)

In our forever changing moments...
The Beauty
Of the moon’s eye’s eye light beams catches our tongues
Which are now breathing, love after screaming, after laughing
As we dance with awe
In the ever-changing omni--preset eye of our souls.
And now we know that what we knew and wanted of each other together secretly in our silence.
Before was old and new, now and later: true—an illusion.
And it makes us who we are now—changed,
Moving, growing, understanding, that we want to know the unfathomable unknown.

In this Blinding Wonder Babe,
I find my
(My Work,
My Happiness,
My Life,
My Death,
My Love,
My Pain,
My Bliss,
My Dreams,
My Realities,
My Color.)

Wanting to know
The "it" of it all --which we are part of.

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from xolox
Wednesday, January 05, 2005 - 10:28


Really? you guys thought all that?

What I like about the author, is the fact that he/she didn't see the need to force a rhyme. other than that... not much there.
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From geo
Wednesday, January 05, 2005, 12:04

I have to agree with you. (reply to this comment
From ack
Wednesday, January 05, 2005, 10:31

study some prose.(reply to this comment
from live_fast-die_young
Friday, December 17, 2004 - 03:30

Crazy how similar this poem is to one that I wrote when I was 16. Similar images & words usage. I'll have to rummage about at home to find & post it here.
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from moon beam
Wednesday, November 03, 2004 - 11:12

I like how the verses contradict each other on the nature and type of love, and the confusion and complexity of what is meant as "perfect love"
ever changing/never changing,
always different/constant,

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From banal_commentator
Friday, December 17, 2004, 07:54

...........much like the author's perception of herself; hence the name 'fragiletiger'(reply to this comment

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