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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Through : Creative Writing


from SylviaPoe - Monday, December 09, 2002
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My husband took off his wedding ring last nite
"weve" been ending for awhile yet that cut me as a knife
Confusion and dread filled my heart and I tried to cry
"it means nothing to you" he said " so to me it should? why?"

I dug at my hands, I silently wanted to scream
but everyone kept playing and smoking, to them I was left unseen
I wanted to beg and plead for a chance, it seemed the thing to do
but every word each accusation were irretrievably true.

where do you go when there is nowhere to go?
what can you hide if theres nothing left inside?

driving back home alone in my car,
trying to focus but home seems very far
I stumble through the door and first thing I see
the poem he has written, that I wish were written for me

I'm flying so high now I know I won't care
yet I wonder if he'll fuck me, if he would dare
he does and it hurts and I want it to hurt
but after I get up and on my way to work
I realise I'm still me nothing has changed
I'm still trapped in a play that someone else has staged
When I get home tonite I'll stare at the phone and wonder
why there is no one to call that will care when I go under.

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from MGP
Tuesday, December 10, 2002 - 14:18

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From somone
Tuesday, December 10, 2002, 15:51

WFT kinda comment is that?(reply to this comment
from Someone
Tuesday, December 10, 2002 - 11:57

Wow, that’s a very sad! I don't know what to say really except to say that I empathize.

In the begging of the poem you say "it means nothing to you" he said " so to me it should? why?" Is this true? Does it mean as little to you as is does to him? Reading the rest of the poem I don’t get that vibe, but I may be wrong.

One thing I have learned in life is that I can usually “fix” most problems that are thrown at me. There is always a way out of financial problems or work related etc. But when it comes to love there is just no fixing. You are helpless and no amount of trying can fix something that just isn’t meant to be. It’s a horrible, horrible feeling.

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