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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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More Questions

from jpmagero - Wednesday, September 25, 2002
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1. Why is an orange is orange and a lemon is not called green?
2. Why do 24 hour stores have locks?
3. What do sheep think of to fall asleep? Men jumping over a fence?
4. Why is “separate” written all together and “all together” written separately?
5. Why did Kamikazis use a helmet?
6. Why do they use a sterilized needle to give a lethal injection?
7. How do blind people know when they are finished cleaning themselves in the bathroom?
8. Why do pajamas have pockets?
9. Why aren’t airplanes made out of the same material as the black boxes?
10. Did Adam have a belly button?
11. When looking for a house number on a street, why do we turn the radio down?
12. If god made man in his own image, who does he look more like: Brad Pitt or Gene Hackman?
13. Why did the Fllintstones celebrate Christmas if they lived before Christ was born?
14. How do you write zero in roman numerals?
15. Why do people press the remote control harder when the batteries are weak?
16. The institutes that issue the ISO 9000 certifications are certified by whom?
17. When they invented the watch, how did they know the right time to start it with?
18. If scientist have figured out the mysteries of DNA, why has nobody figured out the formula for Coca-Cola?
19. Why do porn flicks come with subtitles, when the only words are “Oh”, “Yes” and “Please”?
20. If after taking a bath we are clean, why do we wash our towels?
21. When someone asks us to find a lost object, why is the first question always “where did you lose it?”
22. Why do we wake someone up to ask them if they were sleeping?

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from Craven thinks web gems are usually daft
Wednesday, September 25, 2002 - 20:40

Because many are not green.

Because they do close sometimes.

No, they think of retaining their warm coat.

Because English wasn't planned.

Because it hursts the other guy even more than a bare skull does.


Taste test.

For condoms.

He didn't have anything other than a few passages in a fairy tale.

Who's we? In any case concentration doesn't just invole one sense.

You start with a bad conditional here.

Because they were created after Chirstmas.

You don't (they didn't have a way).

Because they are stupid.

Sigh, this one would take a simple search, but yes it's the stupid who polices the police problem.

There is no such thing as the "right time".

The Coca Cola formula is not at all a big secret, it's just illegal to post it anywhere. PS they haven't decoded the genome yet. Give it a few years.

What's a porn flick? ;-)

1) we are not "clean" and 2) the bathroom's air isn't

Because there are 2 types of losing, one in which the loss was not percieved and one in which it was. The latter justifies the question.

Because we are rude and wanted to wake them up anyway.

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From bladerunner
Tuesday, November 05, 2002, 09:06

Umm, in reference to number 17, there is a right time. We kinda happen to measure time by the sun... remember sundials? Although time always differentiates according to the time zones, there is a right time for one's exact location.
And the answer to number 21 would be that when we dry ourselves with towels, the towels get wet (or at least damp), an issue which causes mould.(reply to this comment
From Andrew J.
Thursday, September 26, 2002, 05:57

This thread is in The Trailer Park 
From Craven yawns
Thursday, September 26, 2002, 04:32

PS I LIKE these so please don't interpret my remarks as caustic.(reply to this comment

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