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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Through : Lighten Up

Secrets from the horny he-man, sarong-wearing Jeebus!

from Falcon - Monday, April 16, 2007
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Alright, this is veeery long, but man, is it a piece of comic relief! This is a LJ "home activity", very recently published! TF's own spin off on the Song of Solomon!
This is meaty stuff people! Our incredible lover Jeebus is revealing many exciting "secrets"!
Warning: Erotic content may be disturbing to some readers. Not for the faint hearted.


(Channel: The sound of wind is in the background.)

9. (Bride:) I hear the sound of wind, and I can feel it against my face. Sometimes it gently strokes me, other times I feel the full strength and force of the wind blowing against me. Now I can feel my body being lifted up and down and rocked from side to side, carried by currents of air.

10. I realize that I’ve taken the form of a bird, flying high in the sky. It’s thrilling, but I can feel my heart beating so fast, it’s almost scary. It beats even more wildly as I find myself making the effort to fly into a current of wind coming against me, then that same current is suddenly behind me, carrying and lifting my body this way and that way, up and down. I’m also feeling a heaviness or weariness within me—a feeling that I must rest, because I feel the strength in my wings beginning to fail....

11. Then I see the beautiful and perfect face of our dearest Love beginning to form in the clouds in front of me. On His face is the most beautiful smile; there is no smile like His. I can lose myself in His smile....

12. (Jesus:) My little ones, My darling brides—My doves, My strong eagles, My carrier pigeons, My songbirds, My larks, My sparrows, My swallows: You have ridden the currents of My Spirit well. At times you have been buffeted or tossed this way and that. You have felt the force of My currents of change and strengthening, and yet your desire has remained upward, your wings surrendered to the call of My Spirit.

13. At times it’s been a struggle, and it’s taken every ounce of strength and determination you possess, but you’ve flown high in the uppermost currents which test every sinew in you—for their force and power are strong, even unpredictable at times.

14. Now it is time to come aside with Me, My darlings ...

15. (Bride:) Before He has finished His sentence and before I could catch His last words, I feel myself being whisked away into another dimension. All I feel is warmth—incredible warmth—all around me, and softness, as if I’m lying on the softest, smoothest, most welcoming surface imaginable.

16. I slowly open my eyes, and find myself back in human form. I’m in some sort of quiet bedchamber, on the most comfortable and luxurious bed I could ever imagine.


17. I close my eyes again and breathe deeply, wanting to savor every part of this moment. Already I’m feeling refreshed, strengthened, and a feeling of anticipation is welling up within me. As I’m lying there with my eyes closed, anticipating what might be coming next, something soft and delightful meets my lips. It’s a kiss—yes, a kiss—a kiss that leaves me wanting more. I catch my breath in anticipation....

18. (Jesus:) It’s been a while since we had a good, hot, steamy love session. You’ve been very busy, I know, and we have had times of love together—it’s not as if you’ve neglected Me. Yet often our times together have been quickies, somewhat on the go, or wedged in between other engagements and obligations. Sometimes there wasn’t even time for Me to remove all your clothes.

19. But tonight, I want to tenderly and completely disrobe you. I want to see all of you. I want to take in your beauty, your nakedness, and enjoy it to the full. Let’s start now. I can hardly wait to look upon you—and though I desire to do far more than merely look, I like to start that way because your beauty is thrilling to Me.

20. My, my, so many wrappings and layers on you—so many concerns, burdens, fears, battles, feelings of discouragement with yourself, even feelings of condemnation or guilt. Oh, I’m definitely taking all of those off. I do not want them to have any place here in our time of love.

21. Let My deft and gentle hands remove each layer, peeling them away, freeing you from all weights, cares, worries, burdens, thoughts of self, negative or discouraging thoughts.

22. Help Me a little here. Step down from the bed and stand in front of Me, and let Me watch you while you remove the last layers. Take a few moments now to quietly reflect, to mentally disrobe for Me, letting Me free you from whatever cares, concerns, and anxieties have been on your mind. I don’t want any of that to stand in the way of our loving. I want you, and I want all of you, and I want absolutely nothing between us, not even the least little tiny thought of anything or anyone else.

23. Let it all go now, My darling—take off those last layers and let them fly to the wind of My Spirit that blows upon you now, assisting you in removing all that could come between us.

(Pause here to relax and be still in spirit; imagine the sound of gentle wind.)

24. (Bride:) I want to love You fully and love You well, and I am more than willing to disrobe and to expose myself to You. I don’t want to hide or keep back anything from You. It makes me happy to show You how I love You by letting Your eyes feast on the sight of me, by taking off every last garment, right down to the flimsiest undergarments.

25. I’m tossing them aside, one by one—from the fears to the concerns to the burdens that weigh on me to the things that I feel bad or guilty about. I’m shedding them all, so that You can see the real me—what’s behind and inside all that—the real me that I know You love and want now.

26. (Jesus:) Yes, My love, that’s beautiful! Show Me how you love Me by taking everything off and tossing it aside. Take a moment to express to Me via your thoughts whatever weighs on you, and tell Me you will let go of it because you trust Me to take care of it.

(Pause to “let go” and “undress” in mind and spirit of all thoughts and cares and commit them to the Lord.)

27. (Jesus:) The same warm wind of My Spirit that has blown away all of the coverings now also blows in your hair, and its warmth caresses your naked skin, freeing you, releasing you, bringing you into another dimension.

28. This supernatural wind gives a beautiful and sensual red and golden glow to your skin. It’s as if I’m looking at you in the light of a blazing fire—the fire of My love and passion for you. This is a fire hotter than any other, and yet you need not fear coming close to it, or even walking right into its midst. It does not singe or destroy, but it does consume and possess—so only walk into it when you’re ready to fully consummate the passion of our love.

29. Are you ready for that, My love? Can you see that blazing fire that is behind Me and all around Me, even within Me? It is a part of Me and I am a part of it.

30. Come, take My hand, and walk into this fire with Me. Ah, I see there’s a little something you forgot to take off when you were undressing ... well, no worries, because the heat of My love for you will vaporize it. It won’t just be tossed aside, but will be gone forever, never to be seen again. 31. (Bride:) I love the golden lighting in which I’m seeing You now—it’s so sensual. I remember in Revelation it says that Your eyes were like a flame of fire, and they certainly are! It’s almost overwhelming at first to look into them and see all that power, but once I do, I can’t turn away. I’m captivated, hypnotized, entranced, and filled with such a longing to join You, to become part of that incredible flame myself. I’ve never wanted anything more.

32. And it’s not only Your eyes that burn like fire, but it’s all of You. Your hair looks like it has become part of the flames themselves, glowing, flowing, blowing, dancing. As does Your skin, every beautiful, gorgeous, naked part of it. Every sculpted part of Your incredibly powerful body is enhanced by this fire’s glow. You are my flame, and You are the hottest thing that ever has been!

33. I reach out and take hold of Your hand, which is outstretched toward me. With a little tiny hint of apprehension, but a much greater consuming sense of longing, I step toward You, entering into that very flame. Now I not only see it but feel it—the heat of Your body pressed against mine, that fire in Your eyes so close, so personal, that I couldn’t look away from it if I tried—and I don’t want to try.

34. (Jesus:) Look around us for a minute now, and see how these dancing flames are forming themselves into a beautiful and comfortable divan couch where we may lie together and love. Doesn’t that look inviting? This is a unique heavenly couch, whose use is reserved solely for Me when with My Bride. Elijah was taken to Heaven in a fiery chariot, but this fiery couch is an even more exciting ride! It shifts its contour and shape to accommodate our every move, providing a little assistance, and absolutely no interference, to our loving in whatever fashion and position we desire.

35. We’re in it now—you can’t really be on it, but in it—and I’m leaning back. You’re astride Me and again looking into My fiery eyes with that beautiful loving and longing look that makes Me unable to contain Myself.—That look that makes Me have to have you, to love you, to give you all I’ve got, because I can see that you want it, that you need it, that you’re hungry for it.

36. (Bride:) Yes, Jesus, I am so hungry for You! I thirst for You! I want to drink You in, to consume You! I want to take in everything that there is to take in, every last drop of You. I won’t be satisfied until I have done so. I won’t be happy to just take a little bit of loving and leave. I want so much more than that. I want to touch every single part of Your gorgeous self, and I want You to touch every single part of me. I want to explore every inch of You with my kisses, and I want You to do the same to me. I want You inside me and I want You to stay there a long, long, long time, giving me all the heat and fire and passion of Your loving.

37. (Jesus:) Tell Me more! Tell Me more! I love to hear your words of love to Me. You may think they are insufficient, ineloquent, and incapable of expressing what you feel, or what you would like to feel, or you think you should feel—but I love them.

38. I want you, My Bride—every one of My brides in this room—to lift your face toward My eyes now and tell Me, out loud, how you want Me, how you crave Me, how you need Me, how you have to have Me, how you want Me to love you all the way with all the fire and power and passion I have to give! Tell Me, tell Me! I want to hear it!

(Pause to say audible words of love and passion and desire to Jesus. If you are in a group, everyone can say their praises and love words to Jesus at the same time, out loud, but more quietly.)

39. (Jesus:) What a bride you are! You’re gorgeous, you’re naked, you’re unashamed, you’re passionate. You’re here with Me, you’re on Me, I’m in you, and you’re really letting yourself go. I love how you lean into Me, I love seeing you undulate, I love seeing that look in your eyes as you make love to Me. Your movements when you’re loving Me like this are the ultimate dance of love. There is no more glorious sight to feast My eyes upon than your gorgeous and naked self, when you have fully abandoned yourself to Me and are focused on nothing else but giving yourself to Me, body and heart and soul, with all the love and passion you’ve got!

40. (Bride:) And my God, what a God You are!—The God of love, the God of sex, the most passionate and sensual and sexy creature ever. You are love itself; You are sex itself. You define power. You define passion. When I’m with You, when You’re inside me, there is nothing else in all the universe. It simply doesn’t exist. It’s gone. All there is, all that matters, is You. All that I long for, all that I hope for, all that I dream of is right here, in this universe, within this flame of fire, on this couch, with me and inside me.

41. I could never ask for anything better ... but I could ask for more—and I will. Give me more! Give me more! I can’t get enough of You. I can’t get enough of Your loving! I can’t get enough of that incredible and overwhelming sensation that is You in me. It’s more than an orgasm—so much more! It’s an explosion of pure love, pure heat, pure power, pure spirit! Oh, I want it! I must have it! I need it! I’m feeling it! It’s happening! It’s coming! It’s there! I’m there! You’re there! We’re there!

42. (Jesus:) Oh, My love, what a thrill you give Me! Now we are in that place where time is no more, where the material world is no more, where the cares of life are no more, because that material life itself is no more. We have gone beyond life as you know it, beyond the confines of reality as you know it, beyond the material dimension as you know it.

43. When you love Me like that—with naked abandon and passion—then you enter this place, where there are no boundaries or limitations or obstructions of any kind. Everyone here is free. Everyone here is naked. Everything here is clear. Everything is in order and in its perfect rhyme and rhythm. Everything makes perfect sense. Everything is beautiful. Everyone is beautiful. You are beautiful! You are even more beautiful here than when you first came to Me—as gorgeous as you were then.

44. Look around you, My love! Feast your eyes on this place that we find ourselves in. The flame still burns and the golden glow remains, but also within that glow is a cool and refreshing mist, swirling about with a silvery white glow, creating the perfect balance of color and texture and temperature.

45. Do you know what this mist is? This is the mist of wisdom, of knowledge, of the secrets of My Spirit. Drink it in! Drink in the sight, the sound, and the feel of this glorious place that we have reached together! Revel in the afterglow of our loving!

(Pause to revel in the “afterglow”...)

46. (Jesus:) I’d like to tell you something about this place we are in right now. Do you want to know where it is? It’s the Chamber of Heavenly Fire, and each bride of Mine has a chamber like this of your very own, within the mansion that awaits you in Heaven. But this chamber is also available to you, to a degree, while you are still there on Earth. It is the part of your heavenly mansion that you can enter and visit now, at will—that is, whenever you come to love Me intimately. There are many ways and means and places and times where we can love, and this chamber is one of them.

47. Whenever you wish to enter this chamber, you can, and the warm wind of My Spirit will blow away your cares. The heat of My passion will remove any vestiges of self that hold you back. The couch of ultimate comfort and ultimate pleasure will be your support, and I will completely satisfy all your longings.

48. Then, in the twilight of the afterglow, you can see and sense the mist of My supernatural and secret knowledge and wisdom. The knowledge of this special chamber is one of My secrets that I wish to reveal to you now.

49. (Bride:) I love being here with You, Jesus! I love this place and I will come here again, be assured! I certainly won’t wait until I join the heavenly realm to partake of this little piece of Heaven that I can have here and now—this sacred chamber where I can be one with You, consumed by You. I will be back for more, I promise!

50. (Jesus:) I look forward to it! I always look forward to seeing you—anywhere, under any circumstances. I love doing anything and everything together with you. I love traveling with you, working with you, playing with you, talking with you, listening to you, but I love nothing more than ravishing you with My love in our times of passion!

51. (Bride:) I’m looking into the beautiful silvery mist, and I can see that it wants to show me something, or even to speak to me ... I can see something taking shape, but I can’t entirely make it out. What is it, my Love? Can You tell me, please?

52. (Jesus:) Ah, you see the dancing shapes in the mist. Aren’t they beautiful? They’re fascinating and captivating too, and once you start looking at them, it’s almost the same sensation as looking into My eyes. These gorgeous creatures—those you are just seeing an outline of now, and not in their full glory—are the fairies of fantasy. Does that break your bottle a little? Yes, fairies and fantasies are both something we have plenty of here in Heaven, and these fairies have the special commission of inspiring My brides with beautiful, pleasant, and sensual fantasies!

53. Some of My brides have the natural ability of being able to picture such things—to conjure up scenarios and settings and fantasize of their love for Me. They can visualize what is happening in spirit in our times together. Others would like to, but don’t have that natural ability. Well, that’s what these fairies are for. They are a relatively recent creation, for until recently no one would have called on them much, for they would not have seen the need or use for them. But now, since you, My brides, the children of David, have partaken of this heavenly treasure of loving Me intimately, I have seen how some of you would like and enjoy this heavenly gift—and so I have created them for your pleasure, and in turn for Mine.

54. If you want one, place your order for a fairy of fantasy, and one will come to you. I didn’t say if you need one, call on them—but even just if you want one. Most of the spirit helpers available to you are for the purpose of filling a need, to somehow help you in your spiritual warfare or enable you to do a better job for Me. But sometimes, like in the case of these fairies of fantasy, their sole purpose is to bring pleasure. They are “just for fun” creations, you could say—and I do want you to have fun with them and let them have fun giving you exciting and exotic and fantastic fantasies, ones that you and I can enjoy together! And if they get very popular and every one of them gets called on, I will happily create more of them. I want everyone who wants one to have one.

55. (Bride:) This is so much fun! Loving You and being one with You is the best! I couldn’t have asked for more than just knowing You want me and love me, and receiving the power and passion of Your lovemaking. But then to have You tell me and show me things about Your realm, and reveal these beautiful aspects of Heaven and the spirit world that I haven’t known until now, it’s absolutely fabulous!

56. (Jesus:) Do you want to know more? Can I tell you something about your Elerian? You know that the Eleria were designed to give you freedom in the spirit, and that each of you has one who is the guardian of your personal revolution. But I think you haven’t quite understood why they’re represented by a horse, have you? I’ll tell you why. It is because it is on their back that you can ride and on their wings that you can fly, in order to come to My deepest intimate chambers.

57. When you call on your Elerian, you can be transported into My presence more quickly than when you do not, and they can bring you further into the spiritual realm than you could get without them. They are intended to enhance our intimate love and our lovemaking, and if you call on them to carry you to My presence, including to carry you to this Chamber of Heavenly Fire, they will do so speedily.

58. The reason I have created them to appear as a horse is to remind you that they transport you from your realm to Mine. They are in fact angels, as you know, but knowing that they also take on the form of a horse will make it easier for you to remember to use them for this very important purpose of riding the wings of the wind of their spirits to come into My arms. This is not their only purpose, and they also help you in many other ways, but this is one of them, and one that I’m revealing now for the first time.

59. (Channel:) Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I was experiencing flying as a bird in the currents of the wind and Spirit. I was flying, but also experiencing the weariness of the “flesh” and my own wings—feeling the beating of my heart and the tiredness. Is this why, dear Love?—As a foretaste of sorts to being whisked into Your presence and receiving Your supernatural strengthening on the wings of one of our beautiful Elerian horses?

60. (Jesus:) You and your own little wings can only fly so high and bear so much. And so I have given you your Elerian, that you may lay your own “wings” of the flesh upon their wings so you can be borne into higher currents of My Spirit and used even more greatly of Me. On their wings you will be carried instantly into My presence—where dwells the realm of miracles and the realm of supernatural help and strengthening.

61. (Bride:) Wow, that’s awesome! I’ve always known the Eleria were very special and mine has helped me already, but I will make better use of this power now. I look forward to riding on the back of a majestic heavenly horse that will speed me to Your presence and help me enter more deeply into Your realm!

62. Is there anything else, Darling? Any more You want to show me tonight?

63. (Jesus:) I enjoy showing you some of the sights and sounds of Heaven—even “showing off” a little sometimes. It makes Me feel so good and grand, so strong and so loved when I see your delight at the little things I show you... and these are really “little things” compared to the full grandeur and glory of Heaven. But I simply can’t and won’t show it all to you now. You couldn’t understand it, you couldn’t begin to comprehend it all right now, because of your earthly limitations.

64. And besides, I have to save some surprises—and some of the best ones—for our glorious and complete reunion, when you join Me in this realm and when we celebrate our wedding feast together!

65. But if you’d like, I could tell you something about the stone with your new name. Would you like that?

66. (Bride:) Oh, yes, please!

67. (Jesus:) At the time of our wedding feast, I’ll have given you your special stone with your new name—that name that no one knows but you and Me. It’s also like a positioning beacon, in that it always tells Me exactly where you are; and whenever I call it, you will immediately sense it and be in My presence. It’s more than a name—it’s a connection, it’s a power, it’s a bond between us. It’s somewhat the equivalent of a wedding ring on Earth—a symbol of our marriage.

68. Those of you who want a ring can have one too, or, you can have the stone itself set into a ring if you want it that way, or you can set it into some other piece of jewelry—but every one of My brides will receive that special stone.

69. And, here I go telling more secrets, but you know, your stone already exists, and it’s here now, close to Me, in a special treasure vault in My heavenly chambers. You don’t have it in your possession, but it’s already created, ready and waiting for you.

70. Those who have come to this realm have already received theirs, and as soon as one of My beloved ones on Earth receives Me, accepts Me as their Savior, and therefore as their Husband—though they may not yet know that I am their Husband—their white stone is created and their heavenly name is destined. You can’t pick your own name, but you can be sure that it will be a name that you will love. You will love it because it represents Me and My love for you personally, and there is no greater beauty or honor or glory in all the world and in all of Heaven.

71. I know, that earthly body of yours is getting a little tired and you need to go to sleep soon, but before you go, I have one more thing to share—and that is, a personal secret for you, an individual special personal revelation. This is something just between you and Me—something that will come to you through the power of your special heavenly stone, which is already activated. Even though you don’t know your name yet, when I touch your special stone, you feel Me and My presence, and it immediately brings us together in spirit. That’s another little heavenly tidbit for you.

72. Pause now, My loves, for a few minutes. Let the sparkling mist of My heavenly secrets and wisdom wrap itself around you, and open your heart and mind to the personal secret I have for you—just you! Then, after I have whispered in each of your ears—one by one and yet all together at the same time—let your praises and your words of love to Me ring out once more across the halls of Heaven, and across the boundaries of time and space, before you close for the night.

(Pause for a few minutes to listen to the Lord, and then praise Him for His wonderful words and this delightful spirit trip.)

73. Rest well, My darlings. Sleep well. You have been loved and replenished by Me, and there is so much more loving and replenishing to come, and there is also work to be done and battles to fight.

74. Relax in My arms. Take comfort in My love. Rest in My presence. I will not say “until we meet again,” because I am not leaving you, not for a moment. But I will say “until next time”—until the next time we meet one another in the intimacy of the Chamber of Heavenly Fire and share another time of passionate and consuming love. I love you, with all My being!

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from Nefarious Nosferatu and the Mystic Mefist
Wednesday, April 18, 2007 - 23:04

um, ok, that's gross...
(reply to this comment)
from valhalla
Wednesday, April 18, 2007 - 09:30


give me a minute to barf!
(reply to this comment)

from jez
Tuesday, April 17, 2007 - 14:48

The wind you feel beneath your wings and on your face is in fact just that, the inevitable effects of a diet consisting primarily of lentils and beans, less politely referred to as farts.
(reply to this comment)
From jez
Tuesday, April 17, 2007, 14:48

May the fart farce be with you.(reply to this comment
From ange
Tuesday, April 17, 2007, 15:14

PTL. I think the most inspiring part was when jeebus says that "Elijah was taken to Heaven in a fiery chariot, but this fiery couch is an even more exciting ride!" Couches are fun. (reply to this comment
From Falcon
Tuesday, April 17, 2007, 15:19

Do you think Jeebus would mind if a few of the Elerian join in the action? (reply to this comment
From ange
Tuesday, April 17, 2007, 15:37

When has jeebus ever said, "no thanks, that's enough sex for me. I don't want to be guilty of greed or lust or any of the other deadly sins..."?

(reply to this comment
from rainy
Tuesday, April 17, 2007 - 13:18

Thankyou Jesus halellujah seet jesus blessed blessed jesus thank you for relieving me of the need ever to think for myself again you're too good to me lord thank you that I can strip of the robes of logic, thought, and dignity, and come before you mentally raped and naiive as a baby. what a gift you've given me. you're so merciful jesus hallelujah! what a love session! what a subsitute for all that filthy carnal lust of the system! praise you jesus! now everytime I feel sexual I'll be indoctrinating myself as well! what a precious gift you've reserved for us, your true bride! (Strong tongues and cumming)
(reply to this comment)
From Falcon
Tuesday, April 17, 2007, 15:13

...pause to revel in the afterglow of rainy's cumming...(reply to this comment

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