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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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A day in hell

from Solo - Thursday, June 30, 2005
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Ok you all probably heard it but it is worth Repeating if you haven't

A man dies and gets to the gates of heaven. He is an Atheist so he is denied entry. He goes down the steps to hell very frightened and confused. He gets down there and meets a man in a suit. "Hello, says the man, I am Satan. Welcome to hell!" The man looks around and to his surprise there are rolling hills, animals and topless women running around etc. He is pleasantly surprised and just when he is about to enter a person comes falling from the sky into a chasm in the ground which opens with flames reaching out and demons arms grabbing at the person and pulling him down into the fiery pit. The pit closes and the Atheist and Satan are left standing there. "What was that?", the Atheist asks. "Oh don't worry", says Satan. "That was just a Christian... they insist on being treated that way".

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from Nick
Friday, July 01, 2005 - 07:47


Two mates were both killed in a car crash and one goes to heaven while the other goes to hell.

About a month later the one in heaven gets a letter from the one in hell telling him just how horrible it is and how he just can't stand it any more! After much pleading and begging the guy in heaven convinces Saint Peter to let him take a short trip to hell to comfort his friend.

When the good guy gets down to hell he finds it filled with the hottest, smuttiest nude women all around and cases of the finest booze money can buy are laying everywhere.

About 10 min into his visit he takes one of the hottest chicks and a bottle of the finest scotch to a back room in hell for a little unheavenly fun. He is in there for no more than 2 min when he comes funning back out to his friend complaining that neither the bottle or the girl have any holes in them.

"Yeah", said the poor dude. "This is hell!"
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From Solo
Friday, July 01, 2005, 08:18

There is a guy and he goes to hell and he is all depressed the Devil meets him and is like no Hell isn't that bad I mean you like alcohol right?? "Well yeah" Says the man "Ok well every Monday we drink until we pass out" says the Devil "And do you like Gambling" "Yes" says the man "Well we do that every tuesday" says the devil "and do you like drugs" "Yeah" says the man "Ok well that happens every wednesday" says the Devil "What about Woman?" "Of course" says the man "Ok well that is every thursday". "Oh and are you Gay?" Says the Devil "NO!!!" says the man "Absolutely not!!!" "Oh" says the Devil "You are gonna hate Fridays"(reply to this comment
from SeanSwede
Friday, July 01, 2005 - 01:53

I liked that one. Its so very true.
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