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Life in Dad's House

from surfer - Thursday, October 14, 2004
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By A. Nonimus
June 2001

Life in Dad's House


By A.Nonimus

A gentle breeze wafted through the lush tropical garden and into the open screened window of the Prophet's bedroom. Jacob Schieskoff's portly, naked, body lay sprawled on the purple satin sheets of his king-size bed. Able, his chief of security, had just given him the 10th barometric pressure reading of the day. Satisfied that he knew the exact pressure for both the front and back yards, Jacob rolled his fat frame to the edge of the bed, placed the walkie-talkie back on the night stand, and sat up. "C'mon over here Marielamb" he gently commanded a tall french women sitting on the other side of the large bedroom, "c'mere and kneel before the scepter of your king." Marie, at once, pushed her chair back from the pile of work at her desk. Clad only in panties, her large breasts bouncing, she practically skipped over to "Dad's" bedside. She felt so blessed, beyond all the other women in the Family. As she knelt, she felt like a little girl again, going to the altar for communion.

"You're my great big french filly aren't you honey" the Prophet gasped as Marielamb took his limp penis in her mouth. "You want to be Daddy's Queen honey?" he asked, as he stroked her hair. Marielamb bobbed her head excitedly and mumbled something that sounded like a yes. The Prophet, slowly raised his eyes, as he ceremoniously lifted his half empty bottle of Cyprus Cream Sherry toward the ceiling. In what sounded like a Russian accent, he whispered theatrically, "You hear that Jesus? You hear what this little one say? She wants to be Jacob's Queen." Then looking back to Marielamb, he continued, "But we don't got no ring do we honey baby? How you marry great King if you don't got no ring?" Jacob waxed enthusiastic with his little accidental rhyme and pressed on, "All the birdies sing, hear them sing? They are not on a fling, they look far to find a ring to bring, but they find nothing for the King and that is why they sadly sing". At this couplet, he suddenly remembered the drawer full of forsake-all rings in the Lock-Down room and abruptly leaned forward and boomed, in his sonorous voice, for the one person in his realm that had the Lock-Down key: "Mama come here!!"

Unbeknownst to the Prophet, in all his knowledge of things occult, was the fact that Marielamb, had recently began to suffer the effects of spinal sclerosis. Besides extreme back pain, which Marie was often asking for prayer to be healed, she was also losing the mobility in her back. What she hadn't experienced yet, was the strange spinal sclerosis symptom called jaw jerk; the involuntarily clenching of the teeth when pressure is brought to bear on the lower jaw. Today she would. For as Jacob bent forward to yell, the downward thrust of his body had put increased pressure on her lower jaw. Marielamb reacted by, biting down hard on the Prophet's still limp penis. Immediately overcome by a rush of pain, Jacob opened his mouth to scream but only a silent, almost gagging "aaaaaaahhhhhhhh." sound came out. Already off balance, he convulsed in agony, and all 265 pounds of him, fell off the bed landing on top of Marielamb who still had his penis clenched firmly in her teeth. It took about 20 seconds for the Prophet to find his voice again, and when he did, he began screaming "Yaaahhh, Ohhh God, yahhhhhhhhh". He was, thrashing around on top of Marielamb, looking like some great fat fish flopping on the floor when Mama Madia burst into the bedroom door.

"She's a witch! OOOhh God! Yaaaahhhhhh! A witch! a witch!!! Ahhhhhhhh!" Jacob was screaming at the top of his lungs between gasps of air where he would make strange gurgling noises from deep in his lungs. Marielamb, was buried beneath the soft rolling fat of the Prophets belly and thighs. Deprived of oxygen, she was nevertheless elated that "Dad" was so excited "He must be getting a prophecy" Marie thought. She could only hear the Prophet's voice muffled through the fat, but knew he must be shouting at the top of his lungs. "It's probably Abrahim speaking through Dad" she reasoned in her oxygen starved brain, " the gypsy king always seemed to visit when Dad drank a lot of sherry. Wow, the entire home would hear how Abrahim was getting a prophecy over her, Marielamb, Jacob's new Queen". With that thought in her mind and her teeth clamped firmly on the Prophets penis, Marielamb succumbed to oxygen starvation, and passed out.

The room soon filled with disciples who had scrambled to the King's Chambers from all areas of the large villa, drawn there by the Prophets agonizing screams. They stood around looking helplessly at one another, the cook with banana bread batter on her hands, the wading pool boys dripping sweat from their construction, a nanny with a three-year-old on her hip, still sucking at her naked breast. All eyes were riveted on the strange scene on the floor where Mama Madia and her consort, Dickie Dorkkeeper, were desperately trying to pull the Prophet off of Marielamb. Jacob was no longer screaming, now he was only gurgling between great gasps of air and his entire body was twitching in spasms. "Dammit Gene, get over here and help us!" Madia screamed. Galvanized into action, the photographer leaped from the throng of gapping disciples to help Madia and Dickie. Spurred by his example, Able, and Suzanne the cook joined in the effort to flip the Prophet on his back.

The Prophets flesh was covered in sweat making it difficult to get a grip on him but finally, in one great heroic, on-the-count-of-three-heave-ho effort, they rolled the corpulent prophet onto his back with Marielamb still attached. "Let go of him you goddamned witch!" Madia. shrieked. "Satan, loose him and let him go", Dickie commanded, as he grabbed the unconscious Marielamb by the hair at the back of her neck and wrenched her free from the Prophet's penis.

For seconds there was absolute silence. The Prophet lay there naked as a beach ball gurgling and twitching. All eyes were riveted on his limp penis. Marielamb had sucked on it so hard that it was almost white. The color almost immediately returned, and as it did blood began to squirt from two teeth marks. All eyes turned to Marielamb, who had returned to consciousness and was groggily leaning up on one elbow. With the Prophet's blood smeared over her lower face, she spotted Mama Madia and smiled. "You stupid idiot" Madia screamed as she leaped on Marielamb. "You stupid idiot" she screamed again and again as she slammed Marielamb's head against the King's bedroom floor. . Dickie grabbed Madia in his skinny arms in an unsuccessful effort to stop her. "Help me Able" he said in a voice that seemed almost void of emotion . Together they pulled the screaming, writhing Mama Madia, Jacob's number one Queen, from the sobbing hysterical Marielamb.

"Stop it Mama" Dickie whispered "we've got to get help for Dad". Immediately, Madia regained her composure. "Able" she barked "I want you and two strong men to take this witch to Confinement, and chain her to the bed! We'll deal with her later!"

Madia turned back to her husband and king who lay gurgling and jerking on the deck. "Oh Jacob" she moaned as she dropped down beside him and cradled his large white-maned head in her lap. She gently whispered in his ear "Jacob, can you hear Me!?"--With no response, she screamed in his ear, "Can you hear Me!!?" The Prophet jerked and fluttered his eyelids. Madia looked up hopefully to Dickie. "Look Dickie, he's waking up!" she exclaimed excitedly. The Prophet opened wide to reveal two white eyeballs. His eyes had rolled back in their sockets. Madia let out a gasp and lurched backwards, letting his head thud to floor.

The enormity of the situation hit her hard, "The Prophet is dying" she thought "And I haven't the slightest idea what to do!" She felt her confidence leave her like air from a burst balloon. "Whatta we do now" she said in her little girl voice, to no one in particular. "Well, first of all I'd put a tourniquet on it" Suzanne said briskly "Then I'd get on the phone to Manila Central Hospital and tell them we're bringing in an emergency patient! Tell them we are rich Americans and to have their best surgeon there--Money is no object!-- Then I'd get a robe on him, get him into the limo and down to the hospital as fast as we can. Also" she added as a quick after thought, "call up the Army base and have General Ignacio give us a police escort". "OK, Let's do it then" Madia commanded. Maria turned to smile at Suzanne. Madia really admired the big Aussie lesbian that had come to be her cook and lover-"Suzanne always knew what to do in a jam" she thought " just like Jacob ."

Dr. Bendicio Mendoza was never so glad to be finished with an operation. In his internship at Loma Linda Hospital in Southern California, and in his 15 years of residency at Manila Central, or for that matter his entire life, he never had an experience as weird as this!

Leaving the scrub room, the doctor pulled himself up to his full five foot five height and attempted to assume his usual professional bedside manner as he approached the three people in the waiting room. But his mind was buzzing with the strangeness of the last two hours and he totally failed in his attempt to hide it.

"Is his penis OK" the woman with the Australian accent demanded to know. "God, she must be over six feet tall", Mendoza thought as he looked up at the masculine woman who had skipped any formalities with him and had bluntly asked the question. With her left arm the big woman clutched a smaller somewhat homely woman tightly to her bosom. "Are you his wife?" Mendoza asked the tall Australian. "No, I'm Suzanne Strong, Mr. and Mrs. Schieskoff's personal chef, this is his wife" she said as she gently brought her large right hand to Madia's tear- stained cheek, pulling Madia even tighter as she did. "And who is he?" Mendoza asked nodding at the bookish man seated in the corner, who seemed to be completely absorbed in what appeared to be financial reports. Instantly Dickie looked up, "Hi Doctor, I'm Dickie Dorkkeeper" the man replied in a soft voice, "I'm Mama's consort". Then thinking he'd better rephrase that for this systemite doctor, Dickie quickly added, " er, I mean I'm Peter....Peter Hamsterman, I'm Madia Schieskoff's personal helper."

"The craziness continues" Mendoza thought as he responded: "Well, we managed to sew up the teeth punctures. And barring complications it will function to relieve his kidneys, But as for sexual function..." his voice trailed off leaving no doubt that it was not a likely possibility. Maria sobbed even harder, but Dr. Mendoza could have sworn that, for an instant, he thought he saw a slight smile cross the face of the tall Australian.

The Doctor had his own questions, and he figured he would be as brusque as they had been with him: "Just who in the hell is Ivan Ivanovitch, Abrahim and Mocumba?" Mendoza demanded--"And where is the Grandma who was trying to cut off Mr Schieskoff's penis with a paring knife?" Suzanne, Madia and Dickie reacted as if the doctor had just found a dead body in their closet.

They quickly glanced at each other and stared at the doctor in a guilty, stupefying silence.

"Is your husband prone to violent hallucinations, Mrs. Schieskoff?" the doctor asked. "Uh, no, I don't think so" Madia replied almost under her breath. "Well, we had to restrain Mr Schieskoff both during and after the operation." Mendoza said in a curt voice revealing the exasperation he felt.. "After anesthesia he went to sleep. Then, five minutes into the operation he woke up. My nurse was holding my scalpel and a pan. Your husband screamed at her, ‘Grandma, please don't cut off my penis, I won't play with Virginia anymore'. Then he suddenly jumped from the operating table and backhanded my little nurse clear across the operating room telling her to go to hell and that he would masturbate as much as he wanted too. He was ranting in some foreign language and calling for Abrahim and Ivan Ivanovitch to come fetch him from these demons, meaning us. It took three orderlies to restrain him.

"We had to replace my nurse with a student nurse from Nigeria . Your husband kept calling her Mocumba telling her to come down from Mt. Tiede and deliver him. His exact words were "Jump on my weenie and deliver me from all these infidels". I know, because he must have repeated it at least 30 times.. He also began to urge my nurse to "suck my scepter". Finally, we not only had to bind him to the table but also gag him in order to continue.--I'm afraid he is still in that condition in the recovery room. You can see him if you'd like."

When they entered the recovery room and Madia saw the end-time Prophet bound and gagged she let out a little shriek and ran to his bed. Jacob was straining so hard against his bonds that you could almost see his muscles beneath the fat. Madia quickly undid his gag.

"You demon-possessed bitch" he screamed at her as his gag came off. "You foul bird, God will destroy thy progeny and bury you beneath a dunghill." He let loose with a torrent of swear words punctuated by "demons" -"demons"--"demons" and ended with a screaming chorus of: "BITCH"--"BITCH"--"BITCH" all directed at Madia who ran crying from the room. "You better go help her Dickie" Suzanne said. As Dickie ran after her, Suzanne struggled to replace the Prophet's gag. Finally, getting it in place she bent over as if to kiss his cheek and whispered, "I'm going to fix your wagon you bastard!" Then straightening up she smiled saying "Bye Dad, we'll be back to fetch you real soon, don't go away". On the way out she found Dr. Mendoza and told him that Mrs Schieskoff wanted to take her husband home but felt she would need some restraining devices and sedatives to keep him from hurting himself or others. Dr. Mendoza said he'd be more than happy to help.

Madia was hysterical. Suzanne told Dickie he should take her home and give her some wine and put her to bed., which he obediently did. "Don't worry about me" she said " I'm going to stay here with Grandpa, he needs me". After Madia and Dickie had gone, Suzanne went downstairs and out to the front of the hospital. Flagging down one of the colorful and unoccupied Jeepneys she told the driver to take her to the Lady Luck disco. The driver raised his eyebrows at the name, but from the looks of her he figured she knew where she was going.. After 15 minutes of the usual wild ride through the crowded, noisy, smog-choked streets of Manila the Jeepney pulled up to gaudy neon-lit disco.

Suzanne knew the place well, for Jacob had often come here to Forny-Fish some of the low-end hookers that plied their trade with the bar's sleazy patrons. Jacob said he needed the love-up time when Mama Madia was at the base Forny-Fishing the army officers. "And besides," as he often told her and Able on his many trips to the disco, "Jacob's love always flows to the neediest. I could go to a fancy hotel and pay some proud high- priced hooker, but would the Lord bless that?" Suzanne thought the real reason was, as he confessed one night in a drunken stupor, that the girls reminded him of the prostitutes he knew as a young salesman working for Jed Fordan back in the States. Putting that all out of her mind, Suzanne approached one of the tough-looking Filipino's who ran his business from the bar. After about 20 minutes inside she returned to the waiting Jeepney. In her wallet she had a piece of paper with 5 Mickey mouse pictures on it.

Stopping at a pharmacy she bought a small beaker and a hypodermic needle. At a rented hotel room near the hospital she filled the beaker with distilled water into which she put the 5 Mickey Mouse faces that she had carefully cut out of the paper. After 2 hours of soaking she strained out the paper and brought the beaker to a boil over the small kitchen stove. When it cooled she filled the large hypodermic with the contents.

That evening as she visited Jacob in his private room Suzanne injected the contents of the hypo into the plastic bag of sucrose that was being intravenously fed into the Prophet's, arm. "Mickey Mouse is going to take you on a trip to Fantasy land" Suzanne said to Jacob, "or should I say 5 trips all rolled into one" The gagged and bound Prophet was staring at her in bug-eyed horror unable to move or say anything. "There's enough LSD in there" she said pointing to the IV to blow your brain to bits" Then bending over to kiss him on the forehead she added sweetly ‘and there's lot's more where that came from. Have a nice trip" she said as she waved to him sweetly turning out the lights as she left the room. Outside she hung a "do not disturb" sign in both English and Tagalog. Suzanne started giggling as she walked down the corridor. By the time she had hit the front door she was laughing uproariously. ‘This is going to be fun she thought as she climbed into the taxi. Between fits of hysterical laughter she managed to tell the driver, "Take me to the Beverly Hills section of Manila."

The thin Philippine driver cast several worried glances at his passenger who laughed almost continually on the way to her destination. The thought crossed his mind several times that she might be crazy and he unconsciously felt for his gun as he measured up the huge woman in the back seat, wondering what he would do if she attacked him and worried that she would probably overpower him if she did.

Soon they came to the gated entrance to the most exclusive suburb of Manila. The armed guard recognized the taxi's passenger and didn't check her ID. He did look at the drivers though, and gave him a pass, after noting his license plate in his notebook. "Always keep the pass in the window. You've got 30 minutes !" the guard told the driver as he waved them through. Winding down streets with walled villas, some with stationed sentries in front, the driver was as curious as a tourist for he had only once before had a fare to this exclusive enclave. Here lived the senators, judges, generals, heads of business, wealthy landowners and reportedly even one Chinese drug lord— the very cream of Philippine society.

Following his passenger's direction, he pulled up into the driveway entrance of the highest walled villa he had ever seen. "Honk twice, then wait a couple seconds and honk once." the giantess ordered from the back seat. At the second honk, a small door opened in the middle of the large double-doored steel-plated l gate.

A large muscular man stepped through. "Pay him Able" his fare ordered as she slipped out of the car and disappeared through the opening in the giant steel doors.

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