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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting in Touch : Connections

anyone know David and Phoebe??

from bunnyfaith - Wednesday, April 16, 2003
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I would love to get in touch with a family that I knew when I was younger we First met in India...

Then went on to pakistan and they followed! the last time I saw them was on a flight back to England and they went on to Switzerland. they had a few older sons David (he was ginger), Merlin, Jonny and so on. Does anybody know where they are now? Any clues let me know! Thanks

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from cloe_v
Monday, October 04, 2004 - 05:56

why you´d ever want to get in contact with david and phoebe is beyond me...they were horrible people who took pleasure in making other peoples lives miserable..
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From camilla
Saturday, December 25, 2004, 18:34


hell yeah! havent seen him in years,but just the thought of him makes me wanna hit something ... he made my life a living hell. the only favour he ever gave me was kicking me out. love u "cloe",from your big sis...

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from tudaisy
Saturday, July 24, 2004 - 15:30

Hi, i lived with David and Pheobe in Pakistan, I never really stayed in touch, but last I heared, both David and Merlin got married, Merlin is in Mexico and David, I have no idea, he was in Brazil, but his where about's right now I'm not sure of, as far as David and Phoebe no Idea
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from smittyfan78
Tuesday, May 27, 2003 - 18:41


I do know David & Phoebe, I lived with them in Switzerland.

The day they left Pakistan they came to our home.

Their sons & I became good friends.

I left the home & never heard from them again.

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from Anthony
Thursday, April 17, 2003 - 16:34

Well, when you guys find them, bring me word that "I may also come and...", that man caused me so much pain and grief! 
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From Anthony
Tuesday, May 27, 2003, 18:15

Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5(Agree/Disagree?)

So, I went with my younger sister and my elder sister, her husband and kids to this Memorial Day gathering of several Family homes, which took place in Escondido, San Diego County, as my sister’s mother-in-law lives at the FCF. And whom did I run into? None other than David and Phoebe. They were up from their home in Tijuana for the event. It was all I could do to behave like a civilized American citizen and not let the flood of anger, pain, and emotional memories of suffering at their cruel hands get the better of me and lead me down the road of vigilantism.

Whether they were faking or not, they wondered if I remembered them as it’s been 10 years since we last saw each other. For decency sake, how do you forget the faces of terror? Yeah, I’ve moved on in my life, but I haven’t forgotten, and never shall. Why couldn’t they just apologize? Instead, they acted as if nothing happened. Then again, I guess they’ve screwed so many young people over that it’s hard to keep track and my sister’s and I were just another statistic to them. Or, they don’t feel they did anything that calls for an apology as they indeed were doing God service. Oh well, who cares?

I don’t need any reinforcement that I’ve made the right decision to leave, but if I did, that gathering sure would’ve been it. These old losers and aging parents, still running around with multitudes of infants, seem like they’re hoping for the second coming to occur real fast before they all end up in retirement homes. But as those tend to be costly, it’s more likely they’ll be spending their last discrepant years in shelters, unless their kids forgive them and care for them in their final days. I lived in a rather dumpy area of Dallas when I first left the cult, Garland, Texas, and after I moved to a much nicer area I would sometimes go back to Garland on business and I would remind myself where I’d lived and how much progress I’d made, how I’d never want to live in a dump like that again. Well, that’s what it felt like, intellectually and emotionally, being that close to the cult environment, and I must say, it was a great feeling, in a way.

It was pretty sad to see some of our "dedicated" peers and younger kids still living that life. I mean, it all seemed like nothing has changed. They got together to have a little "holy ghost sample" singing all the same old boring songs, hey, the even played a Simon Black song as if hoping that it would bring me and my younger sister into the fold, LOL. I saw some old buddies of mine, but of course since I am now a systemite, it wasn’t the same, oh well. I can’t for the life and death of me imagine living that life again.

Finally, perhaps what was most disturbing is that those bastards were dancing around, partying and singing because they’re getting away with crime. All the "god bless yous," "we love yous," and "praise the lords" don’t mean a thing. There was the usual sexual lust and free-for-all in the air, and the more I think about it the more I’m convinced that people joined simply, or primarily, for the sex.  You couldn’t tell who the couples were because they all… well, you all know the deal; some things don't change I guess.

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From Jerseygirl
Wednesday, May 28, 2003, 20:01

Did you at least get to close your eyes and join the multitude of off- key harmonies in that old beloved song "Behold, Behold, Behold" ? (reply to this comment
From frmrjoyish
Friday, May 30, 2003, 12:50

Oh my God, I remember that now!  I remember opening my eyes (how out of it!!) and seeing everyone arm in arm swaying to the "music".  Then everyone would start freaking out and speaking in tounges and all that good stuff!!  Boy, those were the good old days!!!  Yuck!!!!!!!(reply to this comment
From Prisma
Wednesday, May 28, 2003, 01:18



For the life of me I’m still trying to understand why you would willingly go to such a miserable event? Are you truly that bored? Or are you just a glutton for punishment?  I did something similar years ago and it cured me from ever wanting to deliberately associate with “family” people. They are in another world and no rational could convince them otherwise, you are just one of their “fulfilled prophecies” since anyone who leaves becomes a “goat”, “systemite” and a “backslider”.

Seriously Tony, seek help elsewhere but for the life of Buddha please stay away from that kind of torture.

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from faeriraven
Thursday, April 17, 2003 - 16:10

Last I heard Merlin was in Mexico - don't have for David, he's pretty well known around Europe - give me time and I'll find him for you Mel.
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from Joe H
Wednesday, April 16, 2003 - 20:02

I think "Phobe" is a pretty cool-sounding name, though it might encourage some people to inquire what exactly it is that you're phobic of.
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From thepersoniamnow
Thursday, April 17, 2003, 01:40

Did you think she was asking for ur "expert" analysis or just hoping to find someone?(reply to this comment
From bunnyfaith
Wednesday, April 23, 2003, 00:49

I know I wasn't looking for chat back babe!!(reply to this comment
From Joe H
Thursday, April 17, 2003, 13:13

So now that spelling mistakes are off the list, do you mind telling me what topics are still okay to joke about?(reply to this comment
From Jules
Thursday, April 17, 2003, 13:33


Joe, IMO, it's just that you've sort of worn out this particular type of joke.

BTW, when I was doing research on flaming for the trailer park, I came across this humourous site (Guide To Flaming).
Here's one for you:
and TARGET="_new">">
and one for me:">>(reply to this comment

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