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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Family YAs & SGAs in Brazil

from Lauren - Wednesday, July 09, 2003
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On July 1, 2003, the following letter was sent to the public and leadership email addresses for the Family. We requested that this information be forwarded on to young people in Brazil through the Family's own methods of communication. We have not yet received a response from any of these people, and we understand that these things can take time to coordinate and publish.

However, due to the urgency of this topic and in order to start the process of coordination for young people wishing to leave the Family from Brazil, we are posting this correspondence here.

If anyone has friends in Brazil who are planning to leave the Family, please feel free to send them this information. We do ask however, that it not be sent to people that you do not know, or spammed to anyone.

Safe Passage Foundation
676a 9th Avenue #239
New York, NY
10036, USA
Fax: (212) 957-9191

June 23, 2003

To Representatives of The Family:

In light of the recent events that have taken place within The Family in Brazil in regards to the partial excommunication from Family membership, we have received some indication that there are current young members that wish to leave your organization.

It is our understanding that with the Brazil economy in a poor state, it could be very difficult for some young members choosing to return to their country of origin to find the means to do so.

Safe Passage Foundation (SPF) is a non-profit organization founded in the spring of 2003 by young adults who grew up in the Family. SPF was established in part to support young people who wish to leave isolated communities during the transition period.

SPF does not discriminate on the basis of religion, belief, gender or race. A requirement for those offering support through our network is that religious beliefs or opinions on the Family or Family beliefs and practices are not relevant or attached to any support that is offered. It is our committment that the beliefs of young people leaving should be respected and not infringed upon nor should any attempt be made to influence their faith or opinion of The Family, whatever it may be.

We would appreciate your help in forwarding the attached communication directed to the young Family-born members of your communities in Brazil (aged 18 and older) via the normal means of communicating utilized amongst your communities.

If you have any questions or require additional information from us, we can be contacted at the addresses provided above.


Lauren Stevens
Safe Passage Foundation

Julia McNeil
Safe Passage Foundation

Safe Passage Foundation
676a 9th Avenue #239
New York, NY
10036, USA
Fax: (212) 957-9191

June 23, 2003

To YA & SGA Family Members in Brazil:

While some people may choose to wait out the partial excommunication in Brazil and rejoin when the six months are over, there are others that may decide that the Family lifestyle is one that they no longer wish to lead. This information is specifically for non-Brazilians who may wish to return to their country of nationality.

Due to the economy in Brazil, young people who are not in contact with their non-Family relatives, or without access to other means of support may find it difficult to leave the country. We wish to make these options available for those who wish to leave Brazil and the Family. Please note that we are not suggesting that anyone should leave the Family. However if you have made this decision already yourself, and are in need of support with the transition, please let us know how we can help you.

Safe Passage Foundation (SPF) is a non-profit organization founded in the spring of 2003 by young adults who also grew up in the Family. SPF was established in part to support second generation members who wish to leave the Family during the transition period. SPF does not discriminate on the basis of religion, belief, gender or race. Your opinions regarding the Family and your personal religious beliefs are irrelevant to the support we wish to provide, and whether you are favorable to the Family or not is no one’s business but your own. Although some people within our network who offer support may have religious beliefs while others may have none, a requirement for being part of our network is that these beliefs are not a part of the support they offer, and your own beliefs are respected and not infringed upon, whatever they may be. While we are a New York based organization, we do have contacts in many other countries who may be able to provide assistance if you are a citizen of that country.

SPF’s services are provided to you free of cost and any requirements on your part will be clearly outlined in the below document. If you would like more information on Safe Passage Foundation, or have any questions regarding our practices, policies or structure, please contact us at

1. Ways to Leave

Some ways to get the money you need to return to your national country are:

a. Relatives.

If you have relatives who are outsiders whom you do not have contact with, if you need assistance, we can help to locate them and put you in touch with them. It may be easier for people within the country your relatives are located with in to do this.

If you need assistance contacting or locating your relatives, please send us as much information as possible. Information that would help locate them would include information would include:

i. Full Name

ii. Last known location (City or Town)

iii. Phone number (if no longer active then any previous ones you may have)

iv. Social Security Number if available

v. Occupation of your relatives

vi. Photograph if available

b. Your Embassy

The US government (and possibly other countries as well) has an assistance program that they use to repatriate their citizens that get stuck while abroad. They will pay your ticket to the States and will keep your passport until you pay them back. The embassy is in your country not only for relations with the government, but to aid its citizens. Be calm, be honest and tell them the truth about your life and your current situation.

Before paying your ticket, your embassy may possibly ask about relatives and friends you have in the States in order to try to get them to offer support first. If you have already tried to contact these people for a place to stay once you get there, or for assistance in leaving, you will be able to explain where these people already stand in helping you.

c. Individual sponsors

Through SPF, an individual may be able purchase a ticket for you. We recommend this as a last option, but if you need sponsorship to leave, please contact us. Let us know where you are and where you need to go to. We will contact the people in our network who have offered to help with this. If we are able to locate a sponsor, they will purchase a ticket for you, and will send the details and confirmation number to you and us.

2. Temporary Housing

a. Relatives, siblings or friends are preferred.

We can help try to contact them if it is difficult for you. Even if staying with relatives and/or friends, knowing what is expected before you get there can help the process for both you and your host. Getting a list of your host’s house rules, knowing how long you can stay with them, and what the facilities and expectations of privacy are can help to clarify expectations on both sides.

b. SPF Referrals to Hosts

Individual people or families through SPF may be able to take you in. People offering this assistance must provide references to SPF to verify their identities and that they can provide a reliable and safe environment.

i. Families may have a list of house rules that would be a criteria for staying with them.

ii. This is a short term option and arrangements should be made for more permanent housing as soon as possible. The host will clarify how long they can provide free housing, and if they can provide housing for rent after that period.

iii. Information on the facilities your host can provide and if they have children, the level of privacy you can expect, and other information will be sent to you.

iv. We recommend that you contact SPF every other week once you have arrived, to ensure that things are working out and that you are in a safe and supportive environment.

v. Once the host has been verified by us, we will put you in touch with them, so that you can get a sense of who they are and how you will get along with them before arriving.

c. Non-intrusion

As previously stated, a requirement for being part of our network is that people not infringe on your personal beliefs. If your host is referred through SPF, they should not pressure you into talking about the Family, your faith or any other aspect of your private beliefs. You have the right to your own opinions, and to come to your own conclusions, and if your hosts do infringe on this please contact us.

By the same token, your hosts also have the right to their own beliefs. They may have different views than you on the Family, Christianity, or Family practices. Their own right to believe and practice as they see fit is something that should be respected.

3. Contact Information

If you need assistance with relocation or temporary housing, we ask that you send us the following information. All information sent to SPF is confidential, and will never be disclosed to anyone without your explicit consent.

Personal Information you should send includes:

a. Full Name

b. Date of Birth (must be of legal age)

c. Nationality

d. Contact info

i. Email address

ii. Phone Number

iii. Address

iv. Preferred time and method of contact

e. Preferred location or area you wish to relocate to within your country of citizenship

f. Preferences for hosts (families, type of facilities, religious beliefs, etc). Although we cannot guarantee a match, we will do our best to accommodate preferences and send you information on your hosts beforehand.

g. Do you require free temporary housing, or can you pay rent to your hosts? (Some hosts may be able to provide free housing for a short period of time, with the option to stay on as tenants).

We hope that these services are helpful to you and that we can assist you in achieving your goals of a safe and successful transition to your new life.

Lauren Stevens

President, Safe Passage Foundation

Julia McNeil

Director, Safe Passage Foundation

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from jjworld
Sunday, September 14, 2003 - 05:31

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Man try to sound a little more genuine cause at the moment anyone with a head on their shoulders can see u r all screwes up
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from Alf
Thursday, July 10, 2003 - 19:42

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