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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Support : Been There, Done That

I know how it was

from Esther - Thursday, January 31, 2008
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I remember what it was like.

I believe from my own past experiences that the children who were taken by Docs were drilled to say all good things and deny what was really going on at the homes. Each time before we went out or saw a member of our family who were and never had been in the group. We were given a lecture about exactly what we were and were not allowed to say or talk about. It would make me feel nervous and I could not really relax. My 'outside' family have sense told me that things didn't seem right. Especially when we would go to one of their kids birthday parties. They said they were very concerned but didn't say anything out of respect for our mum.

[Update from Esther:] This is an answer to the question That was asked..Docs means Department of childrens Services. They are the ones who would have been involved in removing the children from the homes.

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from teri
Saturday, March 22, 2008 - 10:28

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I remember those sessions. They would sit us all down and drill us on exactly what to say and how to act and we were warned that if we didn't convince them that we were all happy and there was nothing going on that we would all be taken away and ourt parents would be punished and we would be made to live a life of misery with people who would mistreat us and raise us as (god forbid) systemites. They used to try to scare me as well by saying that when kids left the family then we would be subject to people wanting to inject us with drugs and brainwash us so it was really important that we followed procedure and answered questions correctly.

I don't know about how it worked in other communes but we used to have flee drills and drills to cover if they came by to make sure we were up to speed.

I remember praying at the time for it to happen to me as i couldn't imagine it being worse than what i was going through at the time. Have lost any religious beliefs i may have held a long time ago but still remember desperately praying for someone to raid our home.... at the same time tho i used to feel really guilty and selfish as i would be directly responsible for seperating all my brothers and sisters, getting the kids sent to childrens homes and my mum possibly sent to jail.
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from Phoenixkidd
Friday, February 08, 2008 - 08:54


Esther I so know that feeling! I personally hate to Lie I get super antsy. There was an extreme double standard in the Family regarding when to cover up, I thought for years the Police were my enemies, Remember "Decievers yet true?"

I couldn't stand lying anymore, especially in border crossing--lying about why I was in a foreign country, what money I had, who I knew etc..where I lived. One time I tried to "smuggle" 40 video tapes and numberous CD's to Singapore and I got stopped, I felt so rotten afterward.

I remember having this fear instilled in me from the numerous run-ins with cops, who didn't want us to poster, who questioned the adults with the children, etc...One time we went on a camping trip and this small town cop got all upity with this French Foreignor and what we were all doing, I saw him up there when I was on the beach, being interogated and I just didn't want to do anything I just refused. I was already so sick of it by age 17. When I was a kid, they hid us in a closet because one adult male, who was leaving the cult was looking for his kids but his wife took them somewhere else and not at our place. We knew they were coming to our house, so all the children hid in closets. I could hear him getting very upset and kicking that old wooden house with the cops there. There must've been 30 children hiding in the closets in that small Japanese house.--oh well such memories
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from murasaki
Tuesday, February 05, 2008 - 04:52

And the family wonders why in the world anyone would think they run a "spin machine" when all they're doing is getting the "truth" out there.
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from rainy
Monday, February 04, 2008 - 01:03

We certainly did. We had to memorise hundreds of pages of BAR pubs with possible questions and the correct answers. It really made us look like brainwashed idiots when we ended up being questioned. It would have been much better for the Family if they hadn't coached us. We had to say stupid things like we didn't know what our organisation was or who ran it.
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from Big Sister
Saturday, February 02, 2008 - 19:53


I agree this is an interesting start and I would like to hear more.

Our family reminds to my nieces and nephews still in TF that they have our phone number and address, that we will never move away, they can always find us here and they are always welcome if
they want to visit or need some help.
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from neez
Saturday, February 02, 2008 - 18:58

This is a very vague fragment of an article. You'd get a better response if you gave a few more details, and try explain yourself a bit clearer(like what "Docs" is etc).

Try and read it from the perspective of someone who doesn't know anything about your personal situation(which we don't) and see if it still makes sense.

You are aboslutely correct though, but I only know what you're on about because I was there.
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