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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Support : Money

Cherry blossom

from Monkeyranch - Sunday, March 28, 2004
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Attention to everyone in Japan, time to give the money harvesters a hard time.

One way to help bring the Family down is to cut off their means of income.

For example: Josiah uses YA's in Japan for clowning, paying them a meager pittance and pocketing big money for his so-called missionary work in Africa. There are also others coming now during the "Cherry Blossom Season" to get the Japanese yen.

Well now here is the idea: When you see any of these teams around parks or arcades, just call the police and they will be asked to move along. Usually those teams do not get permission from the local authorities but rather pay the mafia for protection.

Ha! Does this surprise you?

Well, the Family and the Mafia have done business in different countries, for example, that's how The Family stayed so long in India, by buying fake visas through Mafia contacts. Nothing really to do with "God's supernatural supplies", more like using the arm of the flesh to push your way through.

What about where the Bible says: "If they do not receive you in one city, move and shake the dust from your feet." The more I think about the Family and it's ways, the further it dives from the light and into the darkness.

Like the Bible might have said: "A certain way seemeth right unto Family leaders but the end thereof is destruction.

Well, have a happy time disturbing the greedy clowns.

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from afflick
Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 17:57

I did that last weekend when I saw some canners at a light near where I work. Called the police to bust them and still made my dinner reservations on time. No muss...
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