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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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from itsxena2u - Saturday, December 27, 2003
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I need to know if anyone has any suggestions on how to best put together a decent resume based on any training and/or experience we had in the Family, so I can get a good job.

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from link
Monday, December 29, 2003 - 07:58


Check out this article by Jules:
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from mikio
Monday, December 29, 2003 - 02:35


A resume of FAMILY experiences??? I'd have a hard time there, do wish you the best though, what did you do in TF? Think about this though, will you be able to list those former Fam "employers" in your resume, or will they do more damage than good -- "X did a good job when she finally yielded to Zerb"? I guess childcare might get you in a daycare center, maybe say your foodprep experience is "line cook" or "sous chef" experience, but yr still kind of stuck there without any references from former employers.

Here's what to do: figure out how childcare work gives you the necesary skills to be a loan officer at the local Citibank, a CPA at Ernst & Young, or a broker at the local Merryl Lynch and put that down on your cover letter -- if you're very convincing, maybe the employer wont care that none of the phone# you put down for the now non-existent Fam homes work, or that he can't verify your "degree" from TF's Christian Vocational "College".

As far as a good job, everybody's gotta start somewhere and there are plenty of jobs that don't require a resume -- or sign up for the SATs and go to college.

OKAY SOAPBOX TIME: I graduated from college finally a week ago, 5 years, 2 degrees and NO DEBT!!!! I didn't know if my luck would hold through school, but I got enuf grants and scholarships that it paid for college -- just gotta scrooge and skimp through college and put in the damn hours studying and filling out grant applications.
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From itsxena2u
Monday, December 29, 2003, 10:42


Yeah, I agree with you on that. I didn't do much childcare though. I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. I have done many translations including out here. I am curently getting another job as a Spanish teacher for different companies who want their employees to learn it.

Its kinda hard to put a resume together based on what we did in TF if we try to put it into "family terms".

One thing though, and maybe its because I had a lot of experience with phone "provisioning", is I'm very good at customer satisfaction/relations. I have very good people skills, touch typing, computer knowledge, languages. I am very dependable too which is something a lot of companies look for in an employee.

A lot of Government jobs are available here too but require a Bachelor's Degree. Now if I could just get all that good stuff I have together and back it up with a degree, I'll do just fine!

P.S. Congrats to your finishing colledge, I'm sure it was hell of a lot of work but worth it. My sister got her bachelor's in Psycology and is going on to get her Masters. Good luck!(reply to this comment

From Christy
Wednesday, December 31, 2003, 14:36

Although I'm no expert on resume writing, I did just get through putting together my own. I also just graduated from college two weeks ago so am in the job hunt process. From the skills you mentioned, it sounds like you could put together a resume that focuses on skills. List your work experience after you've listed your abilities. You may need some references but you don't have to put these on the actual resume, you can provide them upon request. An afternoon in the business section of your local Borders should probably get you the info you need to put together this type of resume.(reply to this comment
From mikio
Monday, December 29, 2003, 22:10


Okay, you definitely left with better skills than I did -- man oh man is the world unfair. Spanish translation work seems to be a marketable experience in the US, but that doesn't do too much good for those of us who speak Asian languages.

Sales, or public relations pay pretty well. The other things you mentioned should get you a job as an administrative assistant (that wonderful new word for secretary), give the WPM for touch typing and do specify what computer knowledge -- is it business computer applications such as the MS Office or WP suite? You wrote "computer knowledge, languages", which sounds like application programming or scripting, if TF has really been allowing people to become proficient in C++ or SQL, then alot's changed since I was in.

But good luck to you, sounds like you'll do well. My roommate's about to graduate in Psycology, he wanted to do a Master's in Psyc and I finally convinced him to take the LSATs and go to Law School where at least he can get a job with his degree. My advice is always to get a professional degree (BS), not an academic degree (BA) since a BS is designed to get you a job, not just qualify you to apply to grad school like a BA -- if U don't believe me, look in the help wanted section at all the jobs for Philosophy majors (yeah right) -- "WANTED: philosophy major to sit in the corner and philosophise for our company"

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