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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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from Webel - Saturday, September 02, 2006
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My reason for choosing this title is because it means a person or thing accursed or consigned to damnation or destruction. (Source:

I have spent quite a long time away from this website. Nevertheless I saw the documentary and so as always, I was drawn back to to see what my friends here are saying. I try to live an ordinary life and take it one day at a time. I try to forget the abuse and the pain that I suffered all those years, and most of the time I am successful but it has taken many years.

I suppose some may wonder why on earth we still talk about our past in TF. For one, there are still little ones that are stuck in the cult as we speak. Whether or not they are not suffering sexual abuse TF claims the fact remains that they are being deprived of leading the life they choose. They are being deprived of a proper education and a sense of normalcy. They are growing up feeling like weirdos and having no concept of the world. They are abused psychologically through fear and mind control, which I believe, can sometimes be worse than any other kind of abuse. As long as you are in possession of your faculties and your mind is free to think, it is possible to break away. We have a responsibility to speak out and raise awareness and tirelessly work with the media until this cult is disbanded and they leave those children and babies alone. Strange isnt it how Berg wrote that letter called The Pied Piper taking away all the children from the city? Well, that is exactly what they have done, they have taken the children away what they failed to realize is that one day, those children would become adults.

When our dearly departed Ricky left us, it broke my heart in a million pieces. I never met him personally but his entire life was an open book if I may use the term, for all of us to see. This must have increased his feelings of isolation, vulnerability, embarrassment and anger. Although we all have the right to feel the way we do, our response is a firm decision we need to make. We have become to them an anathema an accursed people destined for destruction because we rejected their control and their abuse and refused to say "uncle". Therefore, they expect us to self-destruct, they expect us to become losers who are totally incapable of living a normal life. It may seem simplistic but our greatest revenge is to get out there and rise above our circumstances, as many of us have already. We got that education we were deprived of and have our own dreams, ambitions and opinions. TF will use failure to scare our little brothers and sisters into staying in the cult, just like they tried to do with us with their stupid "Traumatic Testimonies". Our tenacity and will to live is what will make us triumph and justice will find a way, but it can only happen if we hang on to life and refuse to give up. As long as we are out here making it, it gives those that are stuck in TF hope.

In conclusion to this article I want to say that the damnation and destruction they want for us will ultimately fall on their own heads. I believe in a justice higher then ourselves. I believe in God.

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from gragon
Monday, September 04, 2006 - 19:40

I don't believe in God. I believe in me. I believe in my will to survive. I believe in my sheer will not to become what they said I would. Sometimes that's all that's held me together, but it is enough for me. It may not be enough for some and I mourn for them, they take little pieces of me everytime they go away. But, I have no choice. I will not become what they told me I would.

I remember Dawn, cross eyed witch that she was, subconciously messed me up for a long time. She gave me the Gene Mason prophesy, said that I would marry for money and not for love. Because of that if I had ever met someone who happened to make mention of how much they made would freak me out and I would drop them like an old shoe. Simply because of something that an old hag had told me to keep me in her grips. Never again. Not for God, not for an old hag, only for me, my son and those who grace my life with their presence.

One thing I will say about the documentary is that I finaly felt dignified seeing Paul Peloquin on there. That was something that I was very glad to finally see. Kudos for that.
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