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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Sex parties among the FGAs

from dragonslayer - Wednesday, March 09, 2005
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Now it can be told

Can't give details yet, but I do know people who were involved in harsh treatment, abuses, do not know any first hand acounts of sexual abuses except for the disgusting FGA relationships I saw going on and parties. After Ban The Bomb came out it quiteted down for a while, and was restricted to inner home, and secret relationships.


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from Fish
Saturday, March 12, 2005 - 07:19

Average visitor agreement is 1 out of 5(Agree/Disagree?)
Wow....Dragon slayer... Go back to watching buffy or something. I really hope (for your sake) that your under 18.
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from SeanSwede
Saturday, March 12, 2005 - 04:45


Yeah, I rememberd in 1996 when I went up to the attic once at Rockies, Japan, just curious about what was up there. To my surprise while sifting thru stuff like videos and such I came across this one video which looked suspicious and I snuck it down stairs and went to my room and put in on and to my surprise I saw this orgy about to take place. There was several "adults" in a room with tatami mats, about 8 people or so and they where about to have a sexual orgy together. A couple of the people who where there, where Faithy, Solomon(Costarican), Josiah and several well known "leaders" from that time.

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From Shackled
Saturday, March 12, 2005, 23:39


It happened alot in Japan in the 80's. Last I remember was 88' at Heavenly Heights. (reply to this comment

from Sir Rantalot
Friday, March 11, 2005 - 08:19

Well, after that short commecial break, let's get back to our programme, a beautiful, morning psytrance mix by DJ Rantalot(Shivan):

To insanity and beyond

Good morning Bologna

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From Joe H
Friday, March 11, 2005, 21:08

That was brilliant. I want to have your babies!(reply to this comment
From Sir Rantalot
Saturday, March 12, 2005, 04:14


OH, Joe!! You naughty, naughty boy.. *winks*
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From Hands off, Joe!!!
Saturday, March 12, 2005, 05:32


That boy is mine! Grrrr!

'To Insanity and Beyond' is a well sexy mix, babe. Well done!(reply to this comment

from Joe H
Thursday, March 10, 2005 - 17:05

Average visitor agreement is 1 out of 5(Agree/Disagree?)

What a fascinating, in-depth, and original article! Thank you so much for sharing your unique insight with us, Mr Pipsqueak!
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from roughneck
Thursday, March 10, 2005 - 16:58

Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5(Agree/Disagree?)
As long as it's between consenting adults, who gives a shit?

Please note that the above should not be construed as "Family friendly". I have basically the same opinion of persons in gay relationships, S&M-ers (to Xolox: this isn't a Metallica reference. Eeasy there big fella. j/k :D) et al.

You *do* know that not everyone (gasp! even out here in the systemite world!) ascribes to the view that "If It's Not Missionary Position With Your Husband/Wife Then It's Disgusting", right? That being said, most of what FGAs were into in The Family *was* pretty fucking wack even by degenerate hippy standards.

The major beef that I have with (context here: consenting-adult-on-consenting-adult) 'sharing' as it was practiced back in the 'bad old days' is the fact that FGAs were NOT anything even remotely like discrete about their swinging or 'relationships' as you (somewhat euphemistically term them. Instead they chose to flaunt their 'freedom' in every child-frequented place possible in the average labyrinth-like family home. This IMO makes the difference between a bit of harmless fun between adults and criminally sexualising children. As long as they aren't still doing this, I could give a shit what "sex parties" those freaks engage in, so long as what goes on behind closed doors stays there.

The point of the above verbiage? I'm merely suggesting that perhaps we focus on Family practices (sexual or otherwise) that are actually contrary to law as opposed to which slatternly saggy-tits Auntie is doing wrinkly & bald Uncle Weenie this upcoming scaring night. Yeah, I'm still traumatised at the thought of Uncle Weenie getting some (even if it is (especially perhaps?) with 12-kids-4-miscarriages-and-still-going-for-the-gold-taking-loads-for-Jeezus Auntie Fertility), thanks for asking. Drugs and other strange Spirits can help with the mental images though, YMMV.
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Thursday, March 10, 2005, 17:29


Excuse my ignorance, but isn't having orgies in front of children illegal???

I remember being tramautized the first time I saw fellatio being performed when I was about 6. It gave me nightmares for months.(reply to this comment

From Oddman
Saturday, March 12, 2005, 04:36


Yes, it is illegal as far as I know. But that's what the above comment says...... or isn't it?(reply to this comment

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