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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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which apologies?

from melzar - Friday, February 11, 2005
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The claim that apologies to us have been made are absolutely preposterous, considering the following:

I recently got a hold of a portion of the Conviction and Compromise GN series from September 2001 (Maria #583 CM/FM 3364 9/01). Normally I try not to pollute my mind with or waste me time on all the nonsense GN's hold. This time, I read because this portion of the GN was blasting someone I know (who has since left) for requesting, among other things, why it was that The Family has to publish GN's about what goes on sexually in Zerby and Co's home.

Following is an excerpt of what this person wrote to Zerby:

"I am only talking as a witnesser. In my last six years of discipling, I have seen that these things [Loving Jesus, and other examples of sexual activities in the latest pubs including, mention of a strip dance for Peter's birthday party, Zerby's date with Steven, sexual sharing on Valentine's day, etc.] hurt us more than they help. We are having more success now by putting these things on the back burner and just preaching Jesus and the Bible. As soon as I mention The Family, these things mentioned above are the things that I have to defend, instead of teaching the Bible and teaching the sheep to love Jesus and witness. I don't think that these things should even come into the picture, as they're not part of what is needed to be saved and learn to be a missionary."

Zerby's response just goes to show what she still strongly believes and how regretful she really is! In this same GN, she acknowledges that TF publications are no longer only read by CM members, but instead also on the Internet. So in essence, I'm accepting the below response from this GN as her response to all of us, the vitriolic apostates and Vandari.

"Now any little mention of sexual freedom or sharing or anything that might stumble someone is hooted down as unreasonable, unwise, unnecessary, and a lack of discretion! What in the world do you want? Do you want all the unique doctrines of the Family to be forgotten, or to be just for your private personal enjoyment, or even to be relegated to the shelves in our older Volumes as a part of our "history" which we'd just as soon forget? I'm sorry, but all of those options are impossible!...It's this watering down of the message and compromise through cover-up or deliberate denial that we cannot have in the Family. Of course, there are plenty of things about the Family that a lot of people won't like, especially if you're witnessing to churchy, narrow-minded, got-their-minds-made-up religious people. Just to name a few: the fact that we believe in David, our Endtime prophet; our history of FFing; our belief in and practice of sexual freedom as per the full truth of the Law of Love that Dad taught us...But I want to make it clear that the radical elements of the Family and the meat of the Word are not going to disappear...While we regret that these [CM] Letters have fallen into [our enemies'] hands...we don't regret the words and truths themselves!...We acknowledge that some of those purged in the lit purge lacked the needed safeguards, or were easy to misconstrue, and for that reason they are no longer in our Homes."

The meaty, unique truths, including all those "truths" you supposedly recanted for Lord Justice Ward...they don't regret any of it! They believe it all the more, because, even if it means saving lives from complete destruction, "I'm sorry, but all of those options are impossible!"

Ummm...the pubs "lacked the needed safeguards"? "Were easy to misconstrue"? Yeah, just a bit!

And that history? Yeah, let's just forget about that bit.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006 - 16:12

well well.

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from thinker711
Sunday, February 13, 2005 - 19:41


It is interesting that the latest crap coming from Queen Peter, Zerby and Claire are doing just the opposite of what she writes here, that is, they are saying that all of the sexual aspects of the family are in the past. However, in the GN above she says the will never forsake those doctrines.
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from DarkAngel
Sunday, February 13, 2005 - 06:58

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Maria says

"But I want to make it clear that the radical elements of the Family and the meat of the Word are not going to disappear."

What is her idea of the meat of the word?

So far the meat or basic ,straight from the bible teachings are gone from the fam.

I recently talked with some of those "Most dedicated disciples ",they barely know the bible and are shaken up with this new turn of events, were is their firm foundation?

I guess for Fam. leaders the meat of the word is sex ,more sex and sex agin ....

What about the meat of the word that stipulate

"For and occasion of the flesh destroy not the work of god..."

Maria should learn to balance the scriptures and use a bit of wisdom before opening her white sepulcher full od dead men bones....
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From Lance
Monday, February 14, 2005, 06:31


I agree completely! I've always said that the family abondoned their bibles for dictaphones a long time ago.

They're more in love with the sound of their own voice then the voice of the scriptures. It's pathetic really.(reply to this comment

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