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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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The Familys attempts to overthrow the Filipino Government 1980's

from Ralph Crayon - Tuesday, January 18, 2005
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The Family's attempts to overthrow the Filipino Government in the 1980's

This may be a good time for someone to give the journalists visiting this site a brief outline of the Family's involvement in coup attempts in the Philippines during the 1980's.

Gen Almonte, Head of the Military

Franklin Drillion, Head of Dept of Justice Editor of the Manila Bulletin,

Victor Lazatin of Accra Law Firm

I believe Mr Lazatin has at least one child by a Family member, the rest were recruited by the cult.

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from MeMe
Saturday, June 07, 2008 - 09:20


Ha, so that's one way they got Filipino elite to stay faithful and protect the F in the Philippines. The F girls bore their children.

Anyway, Mo the coward wanted a safe haven during his misquided interpretation of prophecy, so in his demented mind figured he could take over the Philippines by stealth.

He figured he could control a Christian country like the Philippines by winning and bearing the children of military and political leaders. WHY, because Filipino men like to feel macho by having white girls around them, and surely having white girls bear their sired children. I was in the F back then, so I do know this truth. This is why the white girls in the F got so arrogant and lifted up, proud and boastful over even white brethren in the Family. These white sisters were extremely lazy and aloof, and so only would relate and love those of higher positions leaders in and out of the Family.

Anyway that is the background and their motivation and mind set in winning these Filippino leaders. By doing so, these girls won special priviledges from leadership like the evil Sam Perfilio and it ensured their place in the F.

Hence when enough were won, Mo found the opportunity when he thought he could start a civil war, and ordered his girl to tell the Filippino general to 'FIRE' the first bullets that would kill and start a whole civil war. This was probably the worst and most demented order Mo ever gave. He literally wanted to kill others for his comfort and future pleasures. Fior in his heart, he deemed Filippino's 'banana pickers' even at the highest level. he was a rasict as his letters showed, and so being one thought he could take over a whole country.

Ask Ed Piebe the details.

But it is in writing now, but the Filip[pinos surely he not want their citizens to realise how precarious the whole country was, because their leaders were so easily seduced by white girls. They were controled for sex, and it could have literally started a whole civil war where thousands or maybe even a million people died. No wonder MO died such a horrible ignomanious death. No wonder he sufferred dementia, no wonder he became more and more of a tyrant, heartless and soul-less. He was willing to sacrifice the lives of others for his pleasure and comfort. Is there any worse sin or crime ever committed ?



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