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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Time Is Up!

from familyrat - Tuesday, March 16, 2004
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I'm reposting the article I wrote. Its the sentiment that a large quanitity of YP in TF feel right now.

For years Family leadership has weaseled their way out of trouble very cleverly. Even though individuals have been leaving the Family for over 30 years, the leadership still refuses to even sincerely apologize for all the abuses that they have condoned, and who even now, continue to persist in their abuses in spite of all that has been said and done.

All of us have tried to do our part. Whether the minority who strives for a new Family who will respect the rights of individuals and make assurances that such abuses will never happen again, or the majority who have done what they could to help our younger brothers and sisters find a way out of the fanatical religious insanity that they have come to know of as "discipleship" in The Family. People like myself in TF are tired of the perpetual rhetoric we hear day in and day out that has been parroted from the GN's. We're told that TF is the best place to be. We've been told since we were young of all the miserable things that would happen to us if we left. Throughout our entire lives, fear has been the tactic used to not only keep us in TF, but to keep us from discovering the truth.

I once had brief access to a CIA manual on interrogations. Its interesting to relate the surprising similarities noticed between the tactics that the CIA unofficially uses to not only get information, but also to keep loyal their moles who gather information for them. The one word that describes the tactic used is FEAR. One section I remember in particular recommends alternating between beatings and affection. This breaks down the victim quickly since never knowing what to expect, coupled with the fear of further pain keeps the person in a constant state of submission. The confusion experienced is similar to what many of us SGA's have experienced in TF. How many of you can remember being beaten severely to the point of the pain being unbearable, and then being told again and again that they loved you and that it was all for your own good? I'm sure that every one of us has had this happen to them at some point. Not to mention the numerous sexual abuses that have been condoned by Family leadership for decades.

But things have changed, thanks to all of those who were brave enough to leave, start a brand new life from scratch and not stop there, but then proceeded to face down the biggest fear of all. That of being entirely rejected by their family and loved ones, by actively doing what they could to stop the abuses and to assure that such evils would never be committed again. This has given them the infamous titles of "detractors" and "apostates". This was in the hopes that the further humiliation would cause those who fought the injustices of the family to shrink away and hide and cease in their persistence that the wrongs be made right. The hope was also that public examples would be made of these people, so any departing members would instinctively stay on good terms and not talk about the things they saw, heard and experienced in TF.

However, slowly things are now beginning to change. Masses of people are not easily kept silent for long, and Zerby and co would have done well to study the historical ends of tyrannical rulers. From Adolf Hitler to Pol Pot, and from Lenin to Saddam Hussein. ALL POWER must at some point end. Notice the similarities: dictators have always had strong idealistic theories and policies which kept them in their places for a surprising length of time. But every one of these leaders failed to foresee that people will never willing accept dictatorship and the blinding propaganda that follows it. People will rise up. People will take charge of their lives sooner or later. And if they are unable, then others will rise to the occasion and liberate them. A new war is now beginning.

The Family has been stricken with outside attacks for years, "persecution", "lies from our detractors", (who are now proud to wear the title of "Vandari!") and the endless stream of people leaving as a testimony to TF's abject failure. Now, those of us who hate the injustices have decided that we will not leave TF! We will stay on, and fight from the inside. A general once said: "One enemy on the inside is worth 500 on the outside." The family's leadership has failed to see this dangerous trend and is even now oblivious to the hundreds and more of Family young people who have become angry at the years of persecution they have so freely received at the hands of their "shepherds". We have suffered it for years...all of us. And now we will return it 100 fold. We aren't fearful anymore. We've experienced the worst that they can give us, and have seen that we could survive it.

To Zerby and the family leadership I say this. This is just the beginning of a new war. You hoped to make us into your soldiers. The "hope of the future", weapons that you could wield to excuse your insanity and triumphantly display in front of your enemies. Now, these same weapons have been turned against you. Everything you taught us has been to "fight the good fight!" Its been driven into our minds so well that now its become a part of us. We are natural warriors, having been taught how to fight to the end without surrender. (aka the John Paul Jones story) We've been preparing for "the endtime" for years. Well, sorry...some of us just got tired of all the waiting. We will now put all that we have learned to use...AGAINST you. The beatings you gave us. The abuse we experienced, will all be repaid.

Would you like to know the beauty of this war? The beauty of it is that you cannot see your enemy. You will never know whom of us it is. You know, I really hope for your sake, that all the things you've told us about prophecy and the "power of the keys" are real, because once the information we have gets out, and the real damage're going to be calling on everything from your kitchen mugs to the toilet plunger trying to find out who we are. And don't even think that kicking out the "rotten apples" will do the trick. We aren't bad kids by any means. To the contrary, we are very law abiding citizens. There are CO secretaries, computer programmers, office workers, and even VS's who are on our side. Information is our weapon, and we will use it to ensure that justice is dealt. Time has simply run its course, and now the day of reckoning is here.

We begged you, we pleaded with you, we cried for help when we needed it. It all fell on deaf ears, and now we have grown strong. We have also grown angry, angry and vengeful. Angry that you justify the abuses you committed, and angry that you would dare to try and repeat these injustices on our brothers and sisters. True, most of the sexual abuse has been stopped. And yes, the physical abuses have been diminished to a relative degree. But the greatest abuse of all continues, and that is the abuse of deception. Of attempting to gain power through the (ab)use of masses of individuals who have been brainwashed for so long, that they will accept anything you say, no matter how bizarre or insane.
How can we accept simple apologies for these serious crimes. We want compensation. I would consider sufficient compensation the solemn oath that you would never again commit or approve of such heinous crimes against humanity as you have done, and the severe punishment of any who do such things again. To all of you who have left: I salute you. We on the inside are fighting just as you are, and together, we will never again let such abuses and injustices happen if we can prevent them.

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from Jerseygirl
Thursday, March 18, 2004 - 15:01


CIA manuals? Wow! What home were you in? It seems like a jolly good plan except seeing as how TF leaders patrol this site quite frequently, I think you may have blown your cover no? Anyways I liked your tone--it made me feel like I was in that prison movie with Robert Redford and James Gandolfini for a brief moment. Keep the pep talks coming!
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from anovagrrl
Thursday, March 18, 2004 - 12:34

Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5Average visitor agreement is 5 out of 5(Agree/Disagree?)

I believe that SGAs will eventually have what they need to file a lawsuit for damages. If victims of Roman Catholic priest pedophiles can do it, Family SGAs should be able to do it--eventually. SGAs on the inside can contribute to this by locating internal evidence & records of the coverup by Family leadership.

If you are who you say you are and serious about working with other SGAs from within, develop the capacity to collect information about Family finances and the locations of the Zerby-Kelly homes. Where is the money is kept, who controls internal accounting, how are large sums moved around?

There is an existing civil court ruling in Franklin County, Ohio, for which Berg and the COG were held liable for $1 million in damages. I am no lawyer, but it seem significant that there is a precendent for a civil suit already in existence. The bigger problem has always been locating the leadership & Family accounts in order to file suit in their juridiction.
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from Shaka
Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - 23:50


Wish you the best in taking those pervs down. And to Zerby and Co., a little something from Metallica; "Die, die, die my Darlin'! I'll be seein' you in Hell!"
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from GoldenMic
Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - 22:51


Ok rat, assuming you are "the real deal", I admire your willingness to "fight the good fight" from the inside. I am personally fighting from the outside against my own cult-of-origin, Isot (a small cult in No. Calif. that started about the same time as TF, with VERY similar history minus the heavy emphasis on sex), and I am very interested in where you're coming from.

In general terms, what can an "outsider" like me do to assist you in your efforts? What would mean the most?

Also, why don't you, on the inside, ever use your knowledge of ongoing horrors by secretly getting that information out to us activists on the outside? I sit here day after day looking for current material to go after, but I am unable to establish the trust that it would take for an insider to give me a head's up. What would it take for you to trust an outsider, an ex-cultite, with the kind of info that could seriously weaken the power structure of your evil leaders?

You do know, don't you, that outside intervention would be very helpful in de-stabilizing the cult, and make room for new voices and ideas to be presented? Mike M.
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From familyrat
Friday, March 19, 2004, 12:25

(Agree/Disagree?) usual, teamwork is the essential element required in accomplishing any goal. But I believe that as far as your strategy goes, as reversal would be appropriate. As of now, we almost have a glut of information. What you can do is let me know what area you are working in towards destabilizing, and then I can provide the information needed that would assist you. Naturally however, looking on this site for material to use is ineffective, since no intelligent individual who possesses sensitive information will freely post it on an open website such as this. It would be better done privately by E-mail.(reply to this comment

from Anamorph
Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - 09:26

While admiring your will power to stay on in the Family, if you truly feel the way you do how can you keep your mind from going crazy? What with the two hours of word and ninety minutes of intercessory prayer time you have to have every single day! Not to mention the new two year plans…. What is the point? If as you say there are that many on your side, (although I am surprised there are young people left in those positions, considering that SGA’s have given Zerby so much trouble). Why not just leave?

I am sure we all suffered varying degrees of abuse, I managed to get into the DT’s in Macao and got my fair share of punishments. So anger is understandable, you want someone to pay for the injustices suffered, but I think it would be much easier to accomplish this from the outside now. I don’t think Zerby and Co. are going to put out any new GN’s saying let’s abuse kids! At which point you will jump into action and all those years of clandestine work will pay off!

Or is your point to try and change the FGA’s still in, who are not guilty of abuse?
Get them to rise up and change the leaders, so the Family can move away from all these accusations?
Our parents’ generation will not change, how can they? To do so would involve a complete change of how they have thought for the last thirty years, quite a few will say that mistakes were made… BUT this happens to all parents, no one does a perfect job raising children. In my personal case there was physical punishment, but my Dad was also spanked by his Dad but that had nothing to do with the Family. As far as all the psychological damage, I dare say almost anyone in the world could sue someone for some kind of psychological condition. Unfortunately we were born into a group that gave us the kind of upbringing which was far from ideal.

As far as sexual abuse goes that has to be punished as it is illegal, that is a separate issue. If you can get names/locations to the people that can prosecute them, I am sure that would be useful. Otherwise what’s the point? Do you want the Family to continue? A new reformed Family? Or are you going to leave as soon as you finish your undercover work? Or will you work your way to Zerby’s home and then unmask yourself as the police break down the door?

You should just all leave. That way you can start to get on with a real life. Get all your friends to leave as well. That’s the way to hurt them, there are thousands of crackpots and crazies in the world, the difference is that they don’t have anyone listening to them.

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From Mydestinyismine
Thursday, March 18, 2004, 02:09


Not everyone obeys the charter. That's why they keep having purges. It's really easy to just look good when the VS's show up. I know exmembers that left as CRO's so I wouldnt be surprised if SGA's in high positions are turning anti. However, I have my doubts about familyrat. And what is there that he can get for us? Old and new gns - already got it, home locations - i think those are already known too. What else is there? I'm not knowledgeable on this so I could be wrong. (reply to this comment

From cassy
Thursday, March 18, 2004, 05:08

There's a lot. I worked as a secretary for CROS and in WS and they have special missives that circulate in just the top leadership (including VSes) where they would discuss information that perhaps they would never say in a GN or to regular family members. I only wish I had kept some of the stuff that I was aware of. So I think that there could be some interesting inside views if indeed there are some VSes and secretaries in high places keeping copies on record to use.(reply to this comment
from cassy
Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - 09:10

You're right. We do need insiders and it will be probably be the only way to do the most damage--especially if we work together (those in and out). Good for you. How about sending some stuff the way of that documentary that's being done? An "anonymous" package.
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from frmrjoyish
Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 16:59


TF will never change. It's very essence is abuse, lies, and deceit. It will never be anything other than a child abusing, decietful, parastic scourge to every society it infects. The way to compromise TF is to reveal its true identity and nature to any community it resides in, to not allow front's like the FCF to recieve support from the unsuspecting taxpayers that support it or allow them to continue to swindle money from people in third world countries who have it much worse than they do.

The biggest weapons we have in our fight against TF is the truth and publicity. The more the true nature of this cult is revealed, the better the chance of destroying it. If your serious about what you say, the best thing you can do is to leave. IMO, staying in to try to weaken from within won't be very effective. You'd be better off to get out now, get a life, and hopefully set an example to your siblings and friends of how good life in the real world can be. Every sucessfull, happy, and fulfilled former SGA is another nail in the coffin. The quicker all the nails are in place, the quicker we can bury the SOB's!!
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From Wolf
Thursday, March 18, 2004, 14:02

I don’t know if this guy is for real, but I can see how what’s he’s proposing could accomplish something … there are current members I care about, and Vandari bells start going off whenever I tell them anything, but maybe they’ll listen to a current member. Also getting the leadership would require inside info.(reply to this comment
From Wolf
Thursday, March 18, 2004, 14:02

I don’t know if this guy is for real, but I can see how what’s he’s proposing could accomplish something … there are current members I care about, and Vandari bells start going off whenever I tell them anything, but maybe they’ll listen to a current member. Also getting the leadership would require inside info.(reply to this comment
from exister
Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 16:43


Is this a bluff? Naturally I am suspicious of your true capabilities. May I propose a test?

Post some "new wine" on this site. Then someone with a different Family contact can verify its veracity and consequently your legitimacy. I just can't shake the sneaking suspicion that you are an exer on an Internet power trip.
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From familyrat
Tuesday, March 16, 2004, 18:51

existor...suspicion is only natural after having been in a cult for so long, so its excusable. But posting a GN is really not a valid way of determining wether or not I am still a family member. GNs can be found anywhere, and I'm sure there are alot of you who still recieve "new wine" from your friends still in TF. If u still want "new wine" as your evidence I can E-mail it to you privately.

(reply to this comment
From wanted: spies. Some paranoia may be required
Tuesday, March 16, 2004, 23:36

Average visitor agreement is 1 out of 5(
(snip)I can E-mail it to you privately.(/snip)

hey familyrat..

You're probably already aware of this, but in case you're not: you can be "found out" by your IP address, (which is contained in the "header" of all email that you send out.) This applies even if you're using Hotmail, Yahoo et cetera. This could even apply if you're at an internet cafe, as the "netblock" (block of IP addresses assigned to Internet Service Providers, which are then rented out to customers) is usually traceable to your country, and can often be used to even pinpoint your city of location. For an obvious example, at
DeMan posted an IP address of an unpopular former movingon member. Since it's already out there, I'll tell you what you'd see if you typed "whois" at a Linux bash prompt

inetnum: -
country: GB

voila! We now know that this person lives in the UK (well, we already knew it from the article, but obvious, like I promised.). Of course, the "location" as listed in a whois search is generally not going to be very precise, but many a good plot has been spoiled by less. If you happen to be living someplace where there are a limited number of Family homes, your location isn't going to be such a secret anymore, right? :)

A decent solution to this potential problem is to use an anonymous remailer. If you don't have a computer that only you have secure access to (to install a r/m client), you can try out one of the free web-based remailers. (a link to one included below) A remailer, as the name implies, re-mails your message, stripping out all information that could identify you (like your email address, IP address et c.), and replacing it with the information of the server that's doing your remailing. This ----> is one remailer I found. Downside is there is often quite a bit of latency (time elapsed between sent and received) due to the number of times that your messages will be shuffled from secure server to secure server, but it's worth it if you need to be anonymous. Of course, a message sent anonymously can also make some SPAM filters think that it's another ad offering affordable member enlargement, Your Mileage May Vary as always.

All the best in your mission, soldier. As for me, I'm taking off my tinfoil hat. :)

PS: for everyone else out there, you may find that not posting your email address on webpages in canonical format (ie will cut way down on the amount of SPAM that you get. One solution that's popular these days is to write out your address including all punctuation using words, (ie "some underscore luser at somewhere dot org"). This prevents automated email-address harvesters from collecting your address to add to a SPAM list, or at least makes it more difficult.

(reply to this comment
from venus_fly_trap
Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 16:30


I thought about rejoining the group simply to become a force from within. It's nice to know that it exists. I wish you the best. Can you give us more detail?

An attempt to convince Zerby to confess or feel any sympathy for the evil she has inflicted on our generation has and always will be futile. Why? She herself is a molester. She herself is an abuser. She is part the evil. She cannot apologize.

Her physical blindess personifies her mental condition...

Please tell us what you plan to do.
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From don't tell us
Tuesday, March 16, 2004, 16:44

Do your works in the darkness. Together we will win. Then we will have years to write about how it was done. Good luck.(reply to this comment
from Banshee
Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 16:17


"Every Revolution carries within it the seeds of its own destruction."
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