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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Real : Speak your peace

A Rant, A rave...or none of the above???!! eh...

from noregrets - Monday, April 16, 2007
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Insomniac at your disposal...well not totally...then again...

OH never spilt insomniacal (is that even a even a word??!!All you walking dictionaries and internet argument fans..COME FORTH!!!Bash me or enlighten me...) personality is at it again.

Wee hours of the morning, and even tho' eyes are heavy, my body tired and worn ( What a drama queen...I scare myself sometimes) I sit in front of this machine, and type away, useless non-sense.

I hate not being able to sleep.

Fuck off and go to sleep!!! I was so sweetly told last night as I was leaving the chatroom, after saying I was leaving only to leave half an hour later...didn't get it?!! That's not the point anyway...the point is: I will evetually fall for this creature of evil...if he keeps on treating me that nice...=) Me and my fetishe (how in hell do you spell that?? too lazy to google it..) for "Bad Boys" damm it!

I have the feeling I will eventually go crazy, if it hasn't happened already, and sadly but as it happens all to oftenly (another made up word?) I'll be the last to know. Maybe not even know it at all.

My brain gets all fuzzy, and then that's where my SIP comes in. I wonder if that is a medical condition?

So I made up a stupid list. I'll call it stupid before any of you geniuses bash me for it.

It's called "10 Things that are." Fill in the blanks Ladies and Gents, according to what it means to you...IF it means anything at all.

10 Things that are _____________ (fill in the blank)

1 - When people find out I have kids I ALWAYS get the: "You're a MOM??!!!" Googled eyes response.

*What?! Is there a hidden book of rules called "Mothers are not allowed to be Cool"?

2- Crappy TV shows which you can't break away from

* Ah! greatest guilty unspoken trashy delight...

3- The phrase "I think we should take a break"

* Okay mother of ALL bad excuses for breaking up...I should know, used it a few times...

4-Getting into internet arguments

* Hard to have a say on that one...I like the thingy that goes: An internet argument is like running in the special olympics....

5-Ramdom acts of Chaos

* My daughters are really good with that, and I must say I enjoy practicing some of those as well

6- Getting told off by your 3 yr old

* Sad, the fact that she can ouwit me sometimes, but hilariously funny

7- Messing with people's head

* Awfully easy

8- Giving your guy friends relationship advice

* I get a kick outta doing this...BAD advice if he's hot, good if he's not that doable...this goes both ways, but guys suck at relationship advice...and they normally think all female forms are doable after a few drinks *start throwing the rocks now, I'm ready*

9- Going to work and telling your dumb boss off

*Sweeeeeeeeeet Dream of mine...will you ever come true

Last but not least (thank all heavens for that)

10- Writing an abslutely useless piece of trash, with no literary value whatsoever.

*eh, who gives a flying fuck. I quote one of my favorite "Bad Boys" the lovely in his own nasty and scary way; Russel Crowe:


wow, I actually managed to get trough over half of this without being a "Pottymouth" I'm so proud of meeeeeeee!!!!

At least I know I won't be mistankely called a genius for this (Damm you, you brain eating lackofsleep molecules....DAMM YOU!)

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from Oddman
Tuesday, April 24, 2007 - 02:38

A thoroughly enjoyable article. Why did I not see this one before? Me being the self proclaimed adonis that I am, I shall never run to you for relationship advice. Of course I'd need to be in some relationship to need relationship advice, so I think I smartly and safely avoid the risk of finding myself receiving bad advice from you, as dashingly perfect as I am. As for internet arguing being annoying... sometimes annoying others is fun. Really fun. Sue me.
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from Lithium
Wednesday, April 18, 2007 - 14:13

Oh, I know, I know! Ten things that are annoying yet unavoidable. Or annoying because they are unavoidable?
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From Lithium
Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 14:15

No, let me paraphrase that! Ten things that are stupid, yet annoyingly unavoidable.(reply to this comment
from madly
Wednesday, April 18, 2007 - 13:37

Noregrets, I like you… you are my kind of people! 10 points for making me smile when I was having a rough day. :) I liked what you said about an internet argument being comparable to the Special Olympics… thought that was great.
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