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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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The MyConclusion Brats

from Skanska - Thursday, February 10, 2005
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Ignorance is bliss!

After browsing the many articles (or "testimonies") written by current second-generation members, I noticed what most of you have probably also noticed: These articles were written by relative children . . . 15-19 year olds! A 15-year old today would have been born in either 1989 or 1990!

Reading articles that start with, "Hi! I am 15-years old and The Family is the best place in the world to be. I was never abused nor were any of my friends." Well, of course you weren't. It had all stopped by the time you came around. Is it really the "best place in the world to be"? How do you know? Do you really expect us (your much older brothers and sisters who grew up in your same group and are now living very different lives) to believe you know what you are talking about?

One of those 15-year olds happens to be my little brother. We rarely communicate these days. However, he sent me an email a few weeks ago and asked why we former members were so bitter and making up all these stories. I have always loved my little brother and any anger those questions conjured was quickly replaced by sorrow of his ignorance of his group's history. You see, I am almost 15 years other than him. I could show no more anger towards him than any parent would show towards their child's mistakes.

I wrote him back with "Hey there little brother . . . so, you think we are all just making up these stories? Why is it that, out of us eight children, only you and our oldest sister are still in? . . . Here is a math question for you: You know how our sister is 31? And you know that her oldest child is almost 17? How old do you think that would make her when she got pregnant? Yes. That's right. 14! Did you ever wonder why she [the child] doesn't look like the rest of her siblings? That is because her biological daddy is not her current daddy. Her real daddy is much older than her mommy . . . You see, you aren't old enough to remember BAR pubs. You weren't around when some of us were on Sharing Schedules. No. We are not speaking figuratively here. These were actual schedules that were posted on the bulletin board in the kitchen. You weren't even born when our older sister turned 12 and part of her birthday present was a date with a 35-year old man. I was there and I remember it well. Was this just way back when? What about our other sister? She turned 12 in 1987. Guess what she also got for her birthday present? That's right, a date with man our parent's age. You were born two years later. You were never on or viewed videos of girls dancing naked (some of these "girls" were my age). By the time you could read, books and letters like the "The Story of Davidito", "The Devil Hates Sex", "I Dream of Grandma", "My Childhood Sex", "The Little Girl Dream", "The Mene Series: The Last State", etc. were already removed from the libraries and burned. You never went to bed at nights knowing that our mother was going out FFing most the night (and would explain the bad mood our father was in the next morning). You never had to wear a sign that read, "I can't talk but I can smile!" You were never spanked on your bare butt in front of the rest of the kids your age. You never witnessed an "exorcism". You were never told, "I can see the Devil in your eyes and I am going to beat him out of you!". Your group can call the above whatever they like ("hard love", etc.) but the "System" calls it abuse! . . . The difference, little brother, is when you finally decide to leave I will still take you in. I will not let your ignorance destroy a brother's love. I will not turn my back on you. I will not give up on you. You will always be my brother. I am always ready to talk and listen. Notice how Mom and Dad don't talk to me anymore? Notice how they call me and the rest of your brothers and sisters liars? Notice how your leaders call us "vitriolic apostates" and pray against us? I will never do that to you! No matter what you do or say, you are my brother and I love you!" (end).

Well, I haven't heard back from him yet. Hoping to though.

To all of you: How many here were either on a Sharing Schedule or actually saw one? How many here actually read books like "The Story of Davidito"? How many here were on Silence Restriction or saw someone wearing a sign? How many here were spanked in front of others or witnessed it happening to someone else? How many here can relate to what I wrote to my little brother?

We simply can not hold it against our little brothers and sisters still in. They don't know any better. They aren't old enough to know the truth.

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from twosides
Friday, February 11, 2005 - 13:05


Yeah i can relate to that.....

i mean i'm only 19(just), and i had only one odd experience with an uncle in TF, and i was paired up with another kid my own age when i was five(although that was done by my teen overseer-cuz he thought that's what he was suposed to do) ...every other bad experice was with close "friends" of TF. Although i do remember sitting in the girl's room at night and hearing them talk about shit that happened to them, and the victor programs, etc.

However, i have only been out for a a little over a year now, and my reasons for leaving was simply because i didn't believe the BS coming out in the pubs. But the image of TF in my mind was(and still is no doubt) very different then that of the older SGAs. This "gruesome evil empire" must seem so far-fetched in the minds of those even younger then I, having never experienced or wittnessed it, which would serve to renforce the opinion they have that their beliefs must be right, seeing as how "the devil is fighting it so fiercely...with such outrageous acusations".

I have no problem with them believing that as long as it makes them happy,......but my concern is that in the future they'll wake up and it will be so much more difficult for them, having believed everything they've been taught for so long.

I wish TF no harm....i have no personal vendettas against them...and i still have friends in it(even i think they are deluding themselves somewhat, they have the best of intentions). I do understand those that do.....but i do hope no one else would go to the same extremes as ricky....or let themselves dwel on the past on the point where they have such an extreme inner-turmoil.

As for my other sibblings still in it, i hope they get the best experience they can whille in it, but do see things clearly before it gets too late...and they will regret the decsions they're making now for the rest of their lives!

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from Haunted
Friday, February 11, 2005 - 08:15


I agree, the point has been brought up many times that by the time these children were born, it was those of us who were older who were caring for the younger children. I had my first "group" on my very own when I was 14. The group consisted of children ranging in ages from 8-10. This age group was also known as "OC's" or Older Children. There was an "auntie" who was my direct overseer and would check in on me from time to time, but mostly it was I who spent the entire day with all 13 of these children. Although I know that I tended to be (as I was taught) pretty strict, I can honesty say that I never abused these children, so no, they didn't experience what I went through, mainly, because I made sure they didn't.
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from Gothsmack
Friday, February 11, 2005 - 05:19

To paraphrase: "If Ignorance is bliss, the the myconclusion brats must be orgasmic!"
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From Lance
Saturday, March 05, 2005, 04:34

I like that one! Brilliant and so very true.(reply to this comment
From Skanska
Friday, February 11, 2005, 05:42

Nice!(reply to this comment

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