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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Real : Speak your peace


from conan - Friday, January 28, 2005
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If you haven't read the wonderful letter by Techi on the My Conclusions web site, and feel the urge to see what Ricky's darling little sister has to say about it, don't bother!

On the My Conclusions web site (, Techi "speaks out" about Ricky Rodriguez's acts. I am appalled at the nerve she has to sound so distraught about Angela and to have such seemingly little regard for the loss of her brother. She seems more intent on destroying her brother's legitimate accusations then even attempting to show her sorrow for the mental anguish he was so obviously suffering from or from losing a family member for that matter.

She acts as though the loss of Angela was the worst part of the entire ordeal. I can understand maybe a member of Angela's flesh and blood family getting upset about the victim's rights or whatever. But for the sister, even if it is a half-sister, of the killing party to show so much anguish over the victim is just too overdone if you ask me.

Ricky made it clear to those who knew him that his mother rarely if ever showed him any sort of love or affection as a child. Only in TF is she seen as the loving mother who would do anything for her children. Yet Techi, not surprisingly, portrays Zerby as a caring, saintly mother, fit to be nominated in the world's top mom competition. I can only hope for Techi's sake that she didn't write this letter but merely agreed to its being posted in her name. Of course if she is the author, and worse if she believes what she wrote, then I would have to say that the future is dark for my younger siblings still remaining among the strangle-hold of the cults grasp.

Ricky made it clear that helping Techi and her son to get out was one of his biggest concerns. To see Techi show such little regard for what was his hope that he could in some way help her is just tragic. If he knew how his memory and his causes were betrayed by someone he loved so much, I think he'd be mortified. I hope Techi is happy with her "perfectly, wonderful husband" and as such is no longer in need of a big brother to care for her. She doesn't seem like the person who would deserve his care anyways after reading this letter.

So the words that Ricky spoke on the video regarding Techi's mother, our fearless leader Zerby, and her cronie, or sidekick should I say, Peter, were "unbearable". Hey! I'm glad she can bear his actions!

Of course, Techi still has Angela. She is still there but in "another dimension". PATHETIC. She doesn't care what happens to her brother but is happy Angela is still haunting her in her sleep, or whatever happens in those other dimensions. I pity you Techi. You are more deluded then I thought. You have rendered your brother's sacrifice to be meaningless to you. Congratulations. I hope you can sleep at night with these thoughts peacefully invading your sweaty dreams starring Angela Smith.

On a slightly different topic, it is amusing to see that almost every posting on the My Conclusions web site is so similar sounding. If that doesn't help prove that we were all mindless, brainwashed, order-taking idiots as members and that those still in are clearly under some sort of mind control....I don't know what will.

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from exer
Saturday, January 29, 2005 - 13:39

Techi says she was never abused but I have an unedited copy of *Techi's Life Story* that proves differently. This one missed the lit purge. While not as hot as *The Story of Davidito* it shows several nude photos of Techi at ages 1 & 2, including one after she did a videotaped dance for Berg.

The caption of a picture on pg. 229 shows her with a top but nothing on her bottom & reads, *Our Bahama girl! A tangerine as a reward for a good performance!*

The caption of a picture on pg. 236 reads, *A drape to cover her pubic area would have been better!* (Yet the photo displays her pubic area for all to see.)

*Dancing Before the King!* (DT 36, Dec.81) chapter 36, paragraph 39 reads--

39. DAD, AFTER VIEWING THE CHILDREN'S SHOW, warned us that it wasn't very wise to film Techi all naked. At that time we lived in South Africa, which has real strict laws regarding pornography! Dad advised us to put away this video. "The Lord probably has us in a country such as this, in a situation where we have to be more careful with nudity, so that we'll learn to have more considerate for other Family members who now live in conservative countries with laws regarding nudity & pornography." Dad then also reminded us how he likes drapes, & how it's even MORE sexy & revealing than total nudity. We learned then to use pretty coloured scarves in many diferent ways to drape, as you can see!

A nude picture of Techi on pae 239 has the caption, *A Techi pin-up! (1 year, 3 months)*

Page 208 has the title, *SEX & CLEANLINESS--From a Talk by Dad* & says--

32. "CHILDREN CAN GET LITTLE THINGS FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE CARRIERS. It may not bother you, but it may bother them! You must protect the children from any kind of infection which you might carry & they can get from you. You may carry it & not even know it!

33. "PLEASE BE AWFUL CAREFUL ABOUT CHILREN HAVING ANY KIND OF SEXUAL ACTIVITY WHICH WOULD INFECT THEM. I wouldn't encourage it too much. What comes naturally, that's up to them, but don't try to sic them on each other & encourage it. I like things just to come naturally in due course, in due season. Whenever they are investigative or curious or something, well, that's another thing, but trying to sic them on each other or trying to make some kind of sport out of it, I don't go for it, particularly anything which could possibly transfer a disease which might even be harmless to you but might be harmful to them!

I'll see if I can scan these pages or maybe get someone else to do it.

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from frmrjoyish
Saturday, January 29, 2005 - 11:28

Techi was Berg's pride and joy! You can bet that even the perviest uncle thought twice before they touched her. I don't begrudge her that, though. I'm glad that there is one more of us who managed to escape, but her own words show that she is also a victim of the cult and doesn't even realize it. The cycle will probably repeat with her son! It's sad.
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from Regi
Saturday, January 29, 2005 - 11:01


You have to remember that Techi has never been away from the Inner Circle of the cult where the brainwashing is at its peak. When she says she was “never abused” it’s because she’s been programmed to believe that the abuse was “done in love” and that “Mama” and “Grandpa” can do or say no wrong.

It would be interesting to hear what Davida has to say about growing up with Berg and Zerby.
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Saturday, January 29, 2005 - 10:38

Beat me to it. I think if someone could ask Techi if she would alow her son to be treated in the manner she and Davidito were, including being sucked off from 2 yrs old, would she say yes or no. She is lying when she says she was never sexually abused. It's so sad!
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From FGA with sis still in group
Saturday, January 29, 2005, 11:06

You've gotta remember that as long as they are still in there, they are GOING to believe a lie...otherwise, they would leave. They have convinced themselves that the truth is a lie and that lies are's as simple as that. We need to separate them from that and pray that they will wake up and stand up for what is right and true and just...before someone else makes them do it. (reply to this comment
From xolox
Saturday, January 29, 2005, 11:39


What Family youth are exhibiting could easily be an offshoot of what has been termed Stockholme Syndrome. Granted they have not been physically kidnnaped as most of them have been born into this perpetual state of mental highjacking.

Most children in TF haved live in a constant state of mental oppresion, particularly the older generations. Consequently, any small favors, or kindness would be magnified out of proportion. I know this for a fact 'cause it happened to me. There was a time when I defended them myself, and further, truly believed most of the defence I offered. With no yardstick against which to measure your inculcation, how can you ever really know up from down? Such is the effectiveness of The Family's disinformation machine.

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