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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Real : Tea for Two


from Tea - Friday, November 01, 2002
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There he stands
(If you call that standing)
His head not quite off…
But not quite on either
And he wonders this
And wonders that…

As much as you can wonder in a case like this

She was supposed to give him the goods
And then take his life
Or so the script he read said…

But then she changed the rules

She told him he knew things would end this way
That he knew from day one
She said things always end this way
I love you, but shit happens

Adam. Samson. Caesar.

He made those comparisons
She didn’t, but was awfully quiet when he did
Yet he didn’t notice
And she noticed that…

And that’s where it all began

She changed the rules
Because she could change the rules
Because she wanted too change the rules
Because she does that
She changes the rules
He should have anticipated
He should have planned
He did
But he didn’t…

He does now

Next time… ha ha ha

He doesn’t so much mind death
Just the manner of death prescribed
Of not quite dying
Of not quite living
Of not quite loving…

But not quite hating… her

Oh, he did love her
He really did
No man falls this hard for naught
But men
They all fall this hard
Every fucking time
Especially if you fuck them…

What’s new?

She wasn’t about to give him the honors the gods enjoyed
That silly grin of a man who lost the world and wound up losing his girl too
That’s following the script
That’s following the rules
And she breaks rules
That’s her rule
She was about to let him die, true
But she wasn’t about to let him go with that silly grin of the gods

It wasn’t so much that he gave her the world
Or that he was willing to give his up for her
It’s just that she wanted him never to consider that
I don’t want to mean so much to you
Although I know I do
But I never want you to admit it
Because then I would never quite know, would I?
And then neither would you, would you?
But then if you confess
I confess…

And then everyone starts to cry

Him not quite getting her
Was not the same as her not getting him
Oh, she got him, all right
Left, right, and straight down the center
And she shouldn’t have
And he should’ve known
But she did
And he didn’t…

And she was gone that night

So… here he stands
(If you call this standing)

My eyes… my eyes… my eyes…

But that’s so typical of the dying male species
To worry about your eyes
When your whole damn head’s falling off

© 2002 Tea

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from marai
Thursday, January 20, 2005 - 00:44

tea, who are you? where do you come from? beauifully written, can relate.
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from Joe H
Thursday, May 13, 2004 - 13:25

I don't know why I didn't comment on this before 'cause it's fucking brilliant, spelling errors notwithstanding! And if something's good enough to make Joe overlook the spelling errors... well it must be pretty damn good.
(reply to this comment)

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