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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Real : Faith No More

Not His Mother's Son

from noregrets - Sunday, April 15, 2007
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I can't stand hypocrisy, and people who treat their kids like shit just because they choose a different path in life all the while preaching about loving "the lost". With parents like this; these kids are lost.

My boyfriend left the Family almost two years ago, we've been dating for 4 and 1/2 years, we started dating in TF and kept on after I left (crazy sneaking around ) until he finally left almost a year and a half later. Ever since he left, he's been trying over and over AND over to see his Mom and brothers and sisters and this is where what I like to call the: "Big Bad Evil" (his dad) comes in. The guy is the biggest prick on earth!!! He's the type that Family sheperds think is perfect, always into witnessing, feeding the sheep and whatnot. The guy is the most selfrighteous son of a bitch that ever lived. He prances around preaching about how good he is, and how he's such a missionary and blah blah blah...."By your fruits ye shall know them" is the only thing that comes to mind. He has the most fucked up family in the face of the earth. I remember the first time I saw him, I hadn't even met my boyfriend yet, and we were visting the home he had just moved into with his huge family (His wife is this skinny little thing that if pops out another one will most likely die...but he won't give her a rest), and I heard him rattling on about his former "mission field" and how much he loved the animals, oooops, sheep and on he went, from that moment on I didn't like him. A few months later, I was at CEASA (a huge fruit and vegetable place we went provisioning every friday) and his home was coming to help, he shows up...I was in the car but close enough to see him come walking with his son (my future boyfriend) and telling him off about something, and this grown man was crying. That's it. One more point to the "I really don't like you" list. Anyone that can make a grown man cry, specially in public is one nasty fucker. My heart went out to the guy (son) and I started talking to him, at least trying to, since he was withdrawn and extremely shy. After being around them for a while I realized that was because of his dad, who was constantly putting him down, bragging about how much better he was than his son, and stuff like that and always when his son was around. He is very competitive with his son, about looks, body, even girls. I became friends with the son, and we started hanging out, his dad wouldn't let him have contact with other young people (because they were such a bad influence) so I was pratically the only young person he ever talked to. It took me 3 months to actually convince the dad to let him come spend a weekend at our home. When he saw we were becoming friends, this creep starts hitting on me! Saying stuff like: "When are you gonna practice the Law of Love with me, cuz I can't wait to have those breasts rubbing all over my face" YUCK!!!!! He would say stuff like that, and then turn around and brag to the "contacts" about what a wonderful married life he had... He grossed me out, but I would just put up with him or else he wouldn't let his son, who I was dating come visit. Finally one day he tried grabbing me in the car...that was it. I told him off real good. From that day on I became a bad influence and blah blah blah. I left shortly after that. Found out I was pregnant. All hell broke loose. Making a long story short. My boyfriend finally left, and went to live with his brothers in a different state, he simply forbade him to see, call or have anything to do with his family. He says stuff like: We really love you, but if you're not serving the lord 100% we can't have you around contaminating the little ones.

WTF???!!!! He's you fucking son (he does have 15 other kids...from his LOL praticing...whom he doesn't give a fuck about) and he can't see his mom, or his brothers and sisters because he choose to live his life differently????? And his mom? Well, she's so terribly afraid of loosing her husband, or that he'll walk out on her, that she puts up with all the shit that domineering shitfuck throws her way. He's had affairs with some of his "Supporters"(The woman's husband left her, because he couldn't take the guy fucking his wife under the disguise of "ministering" to her), so she feels she has to do everything to keep him happy, including rejecting her systemite son. She won't talk to him anymore, and condones with everything that guy says. He won't let her or anyone from that family see his granddaughter (my youngest) even tho' he comes to this city once a week. His oldest daughter who finally turned eighteen is saying she's gonna sneak away to see her niece, it's kinda hard to work out since he monitors ALL e-mails..and my address is a big no-no...hehe. She's completely fucked up in the head, in desperate need of help...but a real love. My boyfriend is crazy about his brothers and sisters, and they won't let him see them. Every time he tries to go there, he has to humiliate himself and ask "permission" from the home...who the hell needs permission to see their own MOM!!!! His mom is a sweetheart, when she's not around his dad. She's the type that freaks out when she hears him coming home, and makes sure everything is perfect, and it's like: "Hi honey..." SHUT UP AND GO TO THE ROOM!!!..."yes honey"...seriously...I watched that happen.

Right before I left,the letters coming out were about how everyone had to treat those that made a different choice (leaving the amily) with love, and PARENTS should help their kids get set up and make sure they were on their way to get an education....and BS BS BS!!!! What I've seen, is everything but that. Not only from my BF's parents who just left him to his own luck, and have treated him like a fucking leper ever since he made a choice that ACCORDING TO THE LETTERS they worship was his to make and should respected. But I watched another family wait for their 15 yr old son get a job, then hit the road leaving him alone to take care of a falling apart house, with over 1.500 bucks worth in bills to pay. (you can pay since you have a job, and we're missionaries) 15!!!! the kid was 15!!!! All of this because he didn't want to be a full time missionary. God this pisses me off!!!

Then they wonder why they have so many "bitter" and fucked up kids becoming "enemies". HA!!! Even out here in the "BIG BAD WORLD" people that put anything in front of their kids are considered loosers. They are supposed to be a shining example, and are the first ones to reject and throw away their own flesh and blood. FUCK!!! How could they sleep at night?? I remember something from the letters, something like: How can you say you love the Lord or the lost if you can't love your brother who is right next to you? Or something to that effect. WHAT ABOUT YOUR OWN KIDS?????

Good news is that now my boyfriend is finally becoming a person that is allowed to think own his own, and do whatever the hell he feels or doesn't feel like doing... it's been hard to watch that painful transition, one that his parents have no idea about and couldn't care less. They just rather think he died, or worse...wish he was it wouldn't reflect so badly on them. Once again "By your fruits..."

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from Falcon
Monday, April 16, 2007 - 04:54

Join the V.A. support group... (Vandari Annonymous). Great place to rage, sharpen your fangs and have a bloody good time.
(reply to this comment)
from rainy
Monday, April 16, 2007 - 01:15

Good on you. It's great you both got out and almost unbelievable you're still together! To quote a special song for you:

Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now, when the world comes in
They come, they come, to build a wall between us
You know that they won't win.
Don't ever let them win.
Hey now, hey now.

That song helped me keep my sanity when they were trying to get 'in', when I lived in India. Don't ever let them win.
(reply to this comment)
From noregrets
Monday, April 16, 2007, 09:00

txs rainy...that song took a whole different meaning. sweet. =)(reply to this comment

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