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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting Real : Faith No More

A Mavilin Thought...

from Mavilin - Sunday, July 16, 2006
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I'm very new to this site so tell me if someone has already pointed what I'm going to talk about.

Starting from the beginning of the Family, David Brandt Berg chose the desperate, the lost, the "off in their own little world", and the horny HIPPIES. Why did he choose them? Because they were naive, dumb, "sheepy", depressed, and HORNY! You know human nature with sex...we humans can sometimes get totally (I mean TOTALLY) obsessed with sex that we even kill (hardcore rape) for it. If we get horny enough...

Now, that said, do you know why they chose FFing as a useful tool do "hook" humans into The Family?

You got it...

See, in human nature, we all want and NEED a lover and partner in our lives, and so the Family used sex to bring lonely humans in. Do you see your dad or mom looking or acting pretty geeky? Well, not all of them look or act like that...some hippies are sensible and they just USE the Family for their own personal needs...(like sex, free food, and free shelter etc. etc....). They don't give a damn if they think that what David Brandt Berg says in his doctrines is total BULL **IT (Well, maybe most of the hippies who joined the Children Of God didn't think it was nonsense because they were pretty dumb and naive...) because most of them were DESPERATE!!!

It's FAKE.


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