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Saturday, January 31, 2009    

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Getting On : Faith

Reach out and touch Set

from Fish - Wednesday, December 08, 2004
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“Hear me, Lord of the stars,
For thee have I worshiped ever
With stains and sorrows and scars,
With joyful, joyful endeavor.
Hear me, O lilywhite goat
Crisp as a thicket of thorns,
With a collar of gold for thy throat,
A scarlet bow for thy horns.”

All this debate about Christianity vs. Satanism has me somewhat puzzled. If one is to think deeply about any of this one would see that they are essentially the same thing. Worshiping the stain merely deifies the cloth, while worshiping the cloth will but draw attention to the stain. In the traditional sense (Judea-Christian), the devil is equated with evil, while “god” is good. He most obvious flaw in this theophany to me is the fact that not only are “good” and “evil” highly subjective, they are also by nature HUMAN.

As the bible clearly states, “god is not a man” it then follows “can a man judge god?”
No of course he cant. It follows then that the Judea-Christian god is neither good nor evil, not by human standards at least. Perhaps god was “good” to make man while the serpent was also “good” to grant him sentience.

However, all of this is neither here nor there, as I am currently of the opinion that they are all one. The devil is the personification of earthly power, just as god is the epitome of universal power. Just two poles of the magnet, both the same, yet not. Every culture has had its “devil”, however in most cases he was just another force of nature. Set vs. Osiris is a good example. Osiris was the civilizer and ruler of the dead, while Set was the desert storm and ruler of the beasts. Solar vs. Phallic. The Egyptians worshiped them both. To quote Crowley “All the double phenomenon are only two ways of looking at a single phenomena; and that single phenomena is peace.”

The reason I even bother to bring this thelemic/zen rhetoric up is that frankly, extremists irritate me. On the one side we have the righteous Solars, with they’re “I’m so enlightened” attitude, and on the other we have the even worse Phallisits (sounds like and STD ), who think they’re “bad”. It’s very well and all to be a Satanist, but there’s no reason to run around wearing pentagram bling-blings, saying Ave Satanis, hoping to impress someone. While were on the subject there’s no call for supposed “Christians” to try to force their ideas on others. If they are right we will all know soon enough. Furthermore, there’s nothing more nauseating then an argument based on a few fragments of some set card.

Personally I don’t believe in much of anything, but I try to “hear with an eager heart, and think with an open mind”. I find this to be a wise attitude given the available facts.(Or lack of them) So the point to this lengthy doggerel is that you should all be more like me. Yep, that’s it!

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from Professionals
Monday, December 13, 2004 - 07:41

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